Augmented Reality: New Way To Improve Customer Experience

There’s no doubt about it – having a strong connection between your customers and your brand is truly necessary. If they feel truly connected with it, only then will they buy it. To make that connection strong, you need to continuously come up with creative ways to make your product visible.

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To make that connection strong, you need to continuously come up with creative ways to make your product visible. It can be either through advertising, word of mouth, one-on-one sessions, having good-looking stores, a quality product, website, social media, celebrity endorsements… The list goes on and on.

But recently, we can also see a shift in communication where brands are turning away from traditional forms of marketing and gravitating towards technology-ridden solutions such as virtual and augmented reality. The following article focuses on augmented reality and how it can be best used by businesses to improve customer experiences.

If you are a struggling business, then this one’s for you. Keep reading!

What is Augmented Reality?

Before we delve into the actual article, we must understand what Augmented reality (AR) is. It is certainly different from Virtual Reality (VR) which enables you to step into a completely different virtual world through the help of a VR headset and a controller device.

AR, on the other hand, enables you to blend computer-generated reality with your actual environment. This can be done by generating 3D visuals and sound effects that act as AR markers in the real world and can be viewed with the help of your smartphone camera or a mobile application.

Why Should Businesses Switch to Augmented Reality?

Now the real deal is how can you as a business owner benefit from it? Don’t you think smartphones have made our lives fairly easier as they fulfill almost all of our needs? There is nothing you cannot do using a mobile application.

You can find all kinds of applications on your phone that enable you to shop, travel, cook, eat, meet your friends, earn, spend, share, etc. Businesses are coming up with interesting mobile application ideas that not only provide their customers with the ease of shopping but also a great experience. As a result, happy customers help them grow.

One of the interesting ways is to use AR technology. Many mobile app development companies in the UK provide AR application services to businesses that care about their customers having unique and the absolute best experience.

With all of the above in mind, I have listed down six reasons why you need to invest in AR technology.

Why its worth investing in AR technology

I’m sure you’ll admit that, while shopping online, you must have felt the urge to physically view and try the product before purchasing it. You must have had doubts about the size, quality, color, and the overall look of the product. No matter how many videos and images of the product are put side by side, nothing can beat the satisfaction of experiencing it first-hand. This is the sole reason why most people do not shop online.

However, in this modern-day and age, nothing is impossible. Hence, if you own a business and want to make the entire process easy for your online customers, you can make sure that all their uncertainties and doubts can be cleared by incorporating AR technology. It will not only allow your online users to have better visuals of your products but will also provide them with the opportunity to virtually try them along with having a 360-degree view.

To make sure that your customers engage with your products interactively, come up with interesting ways to make their experiences personal. As a result, your online customers will be satisfied with their shopping experiences and will return for future purchases.

Easy Access to Information

You often struggle to find relevant information on the product that you are looking for or you find it difficult to purchase without having a valued opinion. You either call a customer care representative to get you the information or ask someone else. But what are some other fun ways businesses can provide you with the necessary information to help make your purchase easy?

If you are a business owner and love to make your customers’ struggles easy to resolve, introduce an AR application that will help them find relevant information related to your products. Your application would require to place a camera on all of your products.

As a result, all the relevant information will be displayed. The information can be anything: a how-to guide, reviews, user manuals, a story of your product, a fun and quick recipe if it is a food product, etc. You can display information by incorporating games and activities through AR.

Virtual Connection Regardless of the Place

If you own a business and want to make your customers’ experience better, come up with a mobile application service that can provide them with remote support.

A lot of people are unable to reach a certain location or a point for whatever reason they may have, but they still require help to get their work done. Through your application, you can provide them with virtual services or a tour of any location through the use of AR technology.

In the case of a virtual tour, it can be either a property tour, city tour, campus tour, etc. By adding various AR markers, customers can travel anywhere and everywhere by using your AR application while sitting at home.

In the case of virtual services, you can provide your customers with online solutions to their problems. For instance, you can come up with an AR mechanic bot that can help customers with mending their vehicles. Similarly, you can come up with an AR Nursebot who can provide virtual assistance to the patients accessing your application.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the key for your business to thrive. You cannot provide your customers with a good experience until and unless your customers are fully contented with your services and your products. The factors discussed above and other factors such as quality of the product, quick delivery, seamless payment process, etc. contribute to customer satisfaction.

Being a business owner, you definitely would not want your customers to leave you a bad review. Hence, you can make sure that they leave the happiest they can be. Incorporating AR technology through interesting ways can you provide an edge over other businesses.

You can come up with your AR application which will provide your customers with access to fun activities and games whenever they visit your store or make an online purchase through your website. The games can be based on mundane tasks such as “finding your product,” “pay your bills,” etc. Or you can have activities related to your products that will engage customers with your brand more.

Brand Awareness

There can be multiple ways to create brand awareness. It can be either survey, promotion, advertising, website, social media, application, or word of mouth. These ways will only work if you provide better service and better quality products. Once you achieve that, people will be automatically attracted to your brand.

To make sure that your customers remain loyal to your brand, you can introduce your AR application through which you can create hype about your products. Since your application will be accessible to every smartphone user, they will try it. If they find it good and valuable enough, they will certainly talk about it which will only result in your brand awareness.

Another interesting way you can incorporate AR is through advertising. You can either provide personalized ads for your customers using AR or you can come up with one huge AR ad that will not only help grow your brand but will keep your customers attracted to your business. Or else, you can come up with an interesting game where your products can be AR markers.

Examples of Augmented Reality Businesses

I am assuming that by now you have made your mind that having an AR application can take your business to newer heights and surely provide you with an edge over your competitors. Here’s how other businesses have incorporated AR in their business model:

Specsavers is a UK-based eye-care and hearing service provider. They have introduced virtual try-on glasses, where their customers can scan their faces into a 3D model. Then, they try on different frames that the website offers and decide which one suits them perfectly. This enables them to buy their choice of glasses without having to visit the store.

IKEA Place lets you virtually place 3D models of its furniture in any corner of your house. Built using AR technology and IKEA’s smart home solutions, customers can customize the size and color as per their liking. If they like the setting, they can add the furniture to their carts then and there.

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Sephora Virtual Artist is exactly like Specsavers. It lets you put makeup on your face. You can try-on different dresses with that makeup look. The app even offers an AR-based virtual tutorial from which you can learn. If you love any of the virtually applied makeup looks, you can add the items to the card and place an order.

customer experience augmented reality


To sum up, Augmented Reality can be a great solution to provide your customers with memorable experiences. As we have seen in this article, it will not only allow your business to grow but will also enable your customers to have the satisfaction of experiencing the product first-hand. If your customer is truly satisfied, only then can you ensure soaring sales.

Emily Williamson

Emily Williamson is a Technical Writer at Goodcore Software. It is a bespoke software development company in the UK. We focused on helping entrepreneurs, small, and medium businesses create competitive and winning software. I’m passionate about exploring and writing about technology innovation, mobile apps, and software solutions.

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