Surveys for Intercom

Advanced surveys integrated with Intercom. Collect users’ responses and add them to Intercom as tags, events, or attributes.

  • Surveys different groups of users and customers.
  • Use answers collected to segment users in Intercom.

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surveys sent in automated Intercom e-mail campaigns

Use surveys in your automated email communication

Paste Survicate surveys to your automated communication to get qualitative insights with automated actions.

  • Segment customers based on their NPS scores.
  • Find out why users churn, don’t activate, or how they assess trials.
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Embed survey questions in your in-app messages

Paste a single-choice survey into your Intercom messages. Arrange questions with skip logic for follow-up questions.

  • Make surveys an integral part of your communication with users or customers.
  • Find out how to improve customer service.
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surveys embedded in Intercom messages
in-message surveys for Intercom

Trigger in-message surveys integrated with Intercom

Uncover in-the-moment insights with quick, unobtrusive surveys similar to Intercom chat for a seamless user experience. Target them based on user behavior or Intercom segments.

  • Choose from over 10 types of questions.
  • Arrange questions in a logical order and ask follow-up questions with skip logic.
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Collect data and build segments

Survicate enables you to collect survey responses as Intercom tags, events, or attributes. Use them to build more precise user segments and trigger personalized messages or even use answers in your communication.

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build segments in Intercom
benefits of surveying users

Benefits are endless

Survicate surveys for Intercom allows you to:

  • Identify cancellation reasons to reduce churn rate.
  • Prioritize roadmap by asking what to build next.
  • Collect insights to personalize onboarding.
  • Improve activation by discovering Jobs-to-be-Done.
  • Research and segment using Net Promoter Score® surveys.
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For businesses looking for actionable customers insights


50 responses per month

Add 500 extra for $49/mo$39/mo

  • Web & email surveys with skip logic
  • Clear and lucid reports
  • Essential survey customization
  • Single workspace for a team or project
  • Analytics, support or marketing integration

Most popular solution for growing business

2,500 responses per month

Add 500 extra for $10/mo$8/mo

  • Advanced survey targeting
  • Email reports & notifications
  • Full survey customization & branding
  • Workspaces for multiple teams
  • Multiple integrations
  • Autoreplay for integrations
  • Data export

A perfect choice for high volume processes


20,000 responses per month

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  • Reporting API
  • Dynamic survey personalization
  • Workspaces package
  • Premium integrations
  • Access rights management