Everything About Targeted Email Advertising [Real Examples]

Targeted email advertising, as the name suggests, refers to sending tailormade emails to every individual based on their preferences. It increases subscriber engagement by building relevance in the email campaigns, thereby imparting a pleasant experience to the reader.

Many companies carry out batch and blast email marketing and fail to adhere to the marketing triad of sending the right email to the right person at the right time.

Targeted emails consider specific criteria and help you craft engaging emails that would appeal to the subscriber. It also builds a strong rapport with the prospect and encourages him or her to respond to your emails or take action.

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Let’s delve deeper into email marketing personalization tips that will let you implement targeted email advertising in your marketing strategy and propel conversions.

Create effective lead magnets to capture email addresses

The first step to targeted email advertising is building a quality email list. For this, you need an effective lead magnet that will attract the right users who are actually interested in your products or services.

Your lead magnet should address a potential challenge that prevails among the members of your target group. Have an honest and compelling copy that persuades the leads to connect with your brand.

You can use opt-in forms, exit intent pop-ups, slide-in forms, chatbots, subscription bar at the top or bottom of the page, or a dedicated landing page to capture email addresses from the website visitors.

Take a look at the form by Jeff Bullas. The headline and copy, both, are interesting enough to convince the reader to share their email address.

Example of an effective lead magnet to capture email addresses

Another example is by Really Good Emails. They set the expectations for the subscriber in the form itself.

Example of an effective lead magnet to capture email addresses

Ask the right questions to the subscriber once they sign up

If you want to get a clear idea of what your subscribers are looking for, you must ask them the right questions once they sign up.

Accurate data is of the utmost importance when it comes to email marketing personalization. It will allow you to understand the subscriber preferences and enhance communication with them.

You can even ask for the subscriber’s birthday to send out an incentive-based email and entice him or her to avail of the exclusive offer.

Here’s an example from the welcome email series by Office that asks for the subscriber’s birthday to “plan their birthday treat”.

Email marketing automation tips – example of use case

Additionally, you can ask the subscribers to share feedback for your newsletters. It will help you send better emails and excel at email marketing advertising.

Here’s a newsletter survey to help you with email advertising. You can also use it in your marketing strategy.

Free-to-Use Newsletter Feedback Survey Template

No Credit Card Required • Cancel Any Time

Segment the subscribers on the basis of predefined criteria

Segmented campaigns bring a 14.31% higher open rate when compared to non-segmented campaigns. You can segment the email list based on details like age, sex, and geographical location to send relevant content that makes sense to the reader.

Nordstrom targets their subscribers according to the weather conditions that boost the open and click rates for their campaigns.  

personalized targeted email advertising examples

Another idea for effective targeted email advertising is considering the past purchases, resources downloaded, and products searched for.

UncommonGoods considers the shopping activity of the subscriber and sends out a product recommendation email.

Uncommon goods targeted email advertising personalization example

This tactic will help you define the customer persona and approach them accordingly. For example: If a user has not yet purchased from you, you should educate him or her about your products or services.

You can share webinar invites or free resources that would create brand awareness and encourage them to avail of your services.

Email on Acid sets a perfect email advertising example with a webinar invite for the subscribers who have not yet tried them out.

targeted email advertising on acid personalization example

Incorporate the principles of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has allowed marketers to send humanized emails that enhance the subscriber experience by predicting human behavior.

With the help of predictive analytics, marketers can retrieve a huge volume of information and analyze it to reveal the most significant findings.

Amazon and Netflix are two brands that have successfully incorporated artificial intelligence in their email marketing strategy.

Here’s examples from the respective brands to inspire you.

Track the email metrics regularly

Monitoring the email campaign performance is as important as devising an effective email marketing strategy and executing it.

Track the email open rates and click-through rates at regular intervals to determine what’s resonating the best with your target audience.

Keep optimizing the emails according to the results

If you see a dip in the open rates, you should work on the subject line of your emails and try to make it more personalized and interesting for the recipient.

Phrasee is a great tool that would allow you to draft relevant subject lines with the help of artificial intelligence.

To enhance your click-through rates, you should work on your email copy and CTA. Keep your copy crisp yet engaging with an actionable CTA.

A good idea is to carry out A/B testing and figure out what kind of emails work the best for your subscribers.

You should regularly clean your email list and remove the invalid addresses to mitigate the bounce rate. Email sunsetting strategy is a good practice to follow to keep a check on the unsubscribes.

The main idea is to remove the disengaged users to make sure that your subscriber list only includes genuinely interested prospects.

Wrapping Up

Targeted email marketing comes off as a complicated affair at the outset, but it is totally worth the investment (of time and money). The more targeted your emails are, the better will be the outcome.

As your emails are already facing cutthroat competition in the inbox, it is incumbent upon you to send out targeted emails and stand out in the race.

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