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Looking for ways to get closer to your customers and understand their wants and needs?

You can do customer research in many ways. From surveys to social media listening, these voice of customer tools will assist you along the way.

If you’re just getting started or searching for new techniques to add to your toolkit – this VOC tools list will help you get the insights you need. 

Today, we’ll list the best of the best, each tool with its pros and cons and pricing so that you can make an informed decision rather than a wild guess.

voice of the customer tools banner 1


NPS, CSAT, CES surveys – you don’t know how to begin? No worries, Survicate offers many survey templates you can use immediately. They are all designed by customer research experts who know how to collect valuable insights and get customers talking.

Voice of the Customer Tool - Survicate
Use Survicate as a voice of the customer tool to create beautiful and functional surveys

Would you like to create your survey from scratch? You can change colors and layouts with the easy-to-use visual editor in as many ways as you need. That's fine too.

When it comes to collecting customer feedback, this tool goes the extra mile. For example, you can use answer piping to personalize customers’ survey experience or trigger web surveys based on user behavior, such as exit intent or scrolling. 

It's not even half of its capabilities. Using Survicate's many integrations, you can build an ecosystem of powerful tools for thorough customer research. And it’s also great for teams – you can assign different permission levels to different users without a struggle.

Best rated features

  • Unlimited number of responses (even on the free plan)
  • Variety of highly-customizable survey templates designed by experts (NPS, CSAT, CES, and many others)
  • Simple and easy to master survey visual editor
  • Skip logic to customize the survey path depending on the answer
  • Bug-free, uncluttered interface
  • Conditional notifications (get informed about the answer based on rules)
  • Seamless integrations with, e.g., HubSpot, Intercom, Mailchimp, Zendesk
  • Reporting and analytics (easy export of data to your Google Sheets, XLS, or your CRM)


Survicate offers three main categories of plans – the basic, forever Free plan (unlimited survey responses); Flexible plans ($89, $129, $179, $269/mo) suitable for all sizes of companies and Scale plan – mainly aimed at websites, products, and mobile apps with lots of users (from $299/mo). 

Flexible plans vary in price depending on how complex they are, whether they streamline team workflows, and how advanced your customer research is.

Free plan

✅Yes, Survicate does offer a free plan.


Probably you might have stumbled upon this tool before when they named SurveyGizmo. Alchemer presents itself as a great solution for CX professionals – and we must admit that it is fairly accurate.

Voice of the Customer Tool - Alchemer
Use Alchemer as a voice of the customer tool to do detailed market research

While it might not be a perfect solution for starters or small business owners, it works as a tool for businesses that need a detailed market research tool. It provides a documentation library covering every capability and result. On top of that, it has tutorials that can guide you through customer data collection.

Even though the tool is a great source of different survey questions, it can’t be excessively customized. It’s worth saying that Alchemer surveys are basic in their design, and in the highly competitive landscape, they might not capture customer attention enough.

Nevertheless, it’s a flexible solution, especially if you have developers on hand. 

Best rated features

  • Complex exports with statistics
  • Detailed library of questions available
  • Intuitive interface
  • The Alchemer University (tutorial library)
  • URL customization


Alchemer provides three plans – Collaborator ($49), Professional ($149), and Full Access ($249). They vary mainly by the number of responses available. Pricing is billed per user per month. The demo and a free trial are available on request.

Free plan

✅Yes, Alchemer does offer a free plan.


“Grab yourself a cup of coffee, and let Mopinion take care of all your online customer feedback needs.”

Voice of the Customer Tool - Mopinion
Analyze your customer feedback with Mopinion

Mopinion is a user feedback platform that focuses heavily on feedback analysis. It can be a good add-on to CRO experts and growth marketers by letting them listen to what customers have to say. With this tool's help, you can easily manage your website and app feedback.

This platform lets you track the sentiment of the reviews – it will automatically detect whether it’s positive, negative, or neutral to get a better overview of their context. It also provides customer segmentation that helps to divide them into groups based on common interests, gender, buying habits, or demographic. 

What we like the most in Mopinion is that it provides highly customizable feedback reports. By dragging and dropping, you can create fully visualized reports that can be your great source of information.

Best rated features

  • Feedback aggregation that transforms feedback into actionable insights
  • Negative feedback management to track unwanted input and respond to it
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Easy to set up and start working with
  • Feature-rich interface


Mopinion pricing plans start at $289 up to $699 per month. There is also an option to choose a customized plan and support. The demo is available upon request.

Free plan

⛔️ Mopinion does not offer a free plan.


How to empower the customer feedback gathering in the field? Confirmit might be the answer in this case.

Voice of the Customer Tool - Confirmit
Collect all of your customer feedback in one place with Confirmit

It’s an insight technology suite that helps manage the voice of the customer data collection, especially the one you want to gather offline. Using this solution, you can automate the entire data entry process of paper questionnaires while reducing the errors that may occur.

Repurposing questions from multiple sources is another handy feature – thanks to that, you can automatically generate surveys from Microsoft Word (though you cannot tweak them visually in any particular way). 

Even so, you should know that it might not be the most straightforward tool to use and master. Confirmit user experience and user-friendliness received only 3.4 stars on Capterra. So, this solution might require a long learning curve – you need to expect that it may take some time before you become familiar with it.

Best rated features

  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) for obtaining feedback over the phone
  • Paper survey software to deploy paper questionnaires
  • CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing) enables face-to-face and field interviewing
  • Panel management to manage panel discussions


A demo is available upon request. The vendor does not provide pricing.

Free plan

⛔️Confirmit does not offer a free plan.


In the journey towards a better customer experience, Qualtrics seems to be the trusted partner. This tool helps you listen to your customers and react quickly to any negative feedback to fix faulty experiences before they cause more damage.

Voice of the Customer Tool - Qualtrics
Capture customer feedback where it matters with Qualtrics

Among its helpful features is a predictive intelligence engine for detecting patterns and trends and perspective insights to focus on areas with the most impact.

It also provides integrations that let trigger actions in your CRM, ticketing system, or messaging app to create more robust solutions for feedback monitoring. 

Best rated features

  • Complaint monitoring to react to negative feedback faster
  • Workflow management for creating and designing automated processes
  • Predictive intelligence engine for uncovering trends and patterns of customer loyalty
  • Recommended actions sent automatically to the respective teams to improve customer satisfaction


There is only one pricing plan offered by Qualtrics CustomerXM that starts at $1,500 billed per year. You can get a demo on demand.

Free plan

✅Yes, according to Capterra, Qualtrics does offer a free plan. The vendor does not provide information about it. 

voice of the customer tools banner 2


QuestionPro is a simple platform that provides a range of applications for measuring and managing customer experience – basic survey tools, market research tools, CX software, and Workforce to streamline employee collaboration.

Voice of the Customer Tool - QuestionPro
A range of different ways to collect customer feedback - with Questionpro

It provides an intuitive interface that should be easy to learn and master. Creating surveys is not complicated there as well. They are simple in design, and if you don’t need many customization options – they will do the trick.

As it’s quite a complex tool, and it might sometimes be overwhelming and take extra time to find specific features or learn how to navigate the interface easily (especially for new users). 

After all, QuestionPro seems like a good option for larger businesses. 

Best rated features

  • Question branching to show participants specific questions based on their previous answers
  • Question library with prepopulate common questions
  • Analytics component with statistical testing and crosstabs 
  • Help sections that streamline the learning process


A choice of three plans is available from QuestionPro – Free ($0), Advanced ($99), and Team Edition (pricing provided on request). A demo and a 10-day free trial are both available. Plans vary based on the number of responses and features being added. 

Free plan

✅QuestionPro does offer a free plan.


Verint is best known for its Verint Messaging component – which integrates messaging across digital customer journeys and facilitates overall messaging interactions through different channels.

Voice of the Customer Tool - Verint
Close the feedback loop easily with Verint

What does it have to do with customer feedback? It provides so-called “Experience Management” to capture, analyze and act on customer feedback in a closed-loop process

This tool allows you to combine customer feedback, work, and data while providing social media monitoring features.

Although it is a relatively complex solution, many users complain about its usability. On Capterra, it has just 3.7 stars, indicating that many users have difficulty navigating through the platform and setting up the interface the way they want to. 

Best rated features

  • Social media monitoring to extract actionable business insights across social media
  • Influencer identification to find the most engaged customers
  • Customer-centric roadmaps for digital channels
  • Sentiment analysis to get the context of the brand’s mentions
  • Templated responses for most commonly asked questions


A demo is available upon request. The vendor does not provide pricing.

Free plan

⛔️Verint does not offer a free plan.


SurveyMonkey is one of the most popular survey software on the market. But is the best one?

It’s a suitable solution for individual users or companies that want to build a simple survey. However, it's not the tool that'll help you create great surveys or questionnaires that capture customer attention. They will disappear among the crowd.

Voice of the Customer Tool - SurveyMonkey
A bit dated but very functional, SurveyMonkey still delivers in 2022

Even though it is a really good tool, sadly, it might not be the best choice if you need something more from your survey's design than predictable, outdated layouts.

Across Capterra and other review platforms, people say that the survey structure is “boring,” causing customers not to complete the surveys, or they are just “a little too simple.” 

Best rated features

  • A range of categories available in the template library
  • Helpful support, available 24/7
  • Multilingual surveys to create surveys in multiple languages 


According to the target audience, SurveyMonkey offers three main types of plans – Team, Individual, and Enterprise. Each Enterprise plan is valued individually. Prices start at $25 up to $66 (per user per month).

Free plan

✅SurveyMonkey does offer a free plan.


Medallia is an omnichannel platform for capturing customer voices at every touchpoint along the customer journey. It can help with analyzing the feedback and managing the customers’ interactions. 

Voice of the Customer Tool - Medallia
Add AI to your customer feedback analysis with Medallia

It’s a solution that, among its offering, has AI and machine learning that helps companies uncover trends and patterns, predict customer behavior, and understand the customers’ voices even deeper.

What distinguishes Medallia on the market is its dynamic dashboard for analytics and real-time reporting, helping get better insight into what customers think about the brand. 

However, users may feel overwhelmed by the amount of feedback, as the tool cannot sieve the valuable one and tend to gather everything it finds on its way (especially regarding social media monitoring). 

Best rated features

  • Customer Lifecycle Insights to create individual overview profiles for each customer
  • Real-time feedback management through different channels
  • Medallia Social for social listening and managing the online voice of the customers
  • Integrations for common systems and APIs


A demo is available upon request. The vendor does not provide pricing.

Free plan

⛔️Medallia does not offer a free plan.

Grow with VOC tools

There are no doubts. By leveraging the voice of the customer tools, you can improve the customer experience, deliver more appropriate solutions to buyers' problems, and increase your ROI.

That's enough to convince you to give VoC tools a try, right?

Start from tool #1 from the list above. Survicate is free and can give priceless insight into your customers' thoughts. Get your buyers' opinions at the right time of their customer journey. Sign up today!