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Are you on the hunt for the best customer experience platforms but find yourself wincing at Medallia's price tags? Or are you're tangled in the brain-frying setup and red tape of enterprise hustle? You're not alone. While Medallia has carved out a name for itself in the customer experience arena, its premium pricing is only for some.

Let's take a look at the best Medallia alternatives that enable you to manage and gather feedback. The market is filled with Medallia competitors that can help you achieve your goals–without sacrificing your budget or begging the tech team for help

In this article, you'll find Medallia alternatives such as survey software, customer service tools, and more advanced software with predictive analytics and management capabilities.

Table of contents

About Medallia

There are many options in the experience management sector for businesses that take customer feedback seriously and need comprehensive insights. Medallia is a good choice as it offers multiple solutions for a variety of insights. The platform offers advanced analytics and detailed reporting that can help shape strategic decisions.

When it comes to features, Medallia provides everything from real-time feedback collection to deep sentiment analysis. It's built for companies ready to invest in understanding every facet of their customers' journey, providing tools that can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

With Medallia, you can use solutions such as customer experience data, tools to gather feedback, Employee Experience Cloud, Market Experience Cloud, and text and speech analytics, enabling you to evaluate the entire customer lifecycle.

Why look for Medallia alternatives?

However, let's not beat around the bush: Medallia comes with a high price tag. It's an investment, especially geared towards larger enterprises that can absorb the cost and complexity.

Plus, setting it up isn't a walk in the park. You might need a dedicated team or some outside help to get everything up and running smoothly. For those not ready to leap, looking into the best Medallia alternatives might be the smarter move.

There are no excuses to stop listening to your customers–only this will provide you with a complete picture so you can make data-driven decisions.
Multiple Medallia alternatives offer unparalleled depth in key touchpoints and have the potential to enhance how businesses interact with their customers. But it's vital to assess what features and capabilities you need most.

Is your business at the stage where it can fully utilize and afford a more sophisticated insights platform? For those not ready to leap, looking into the best Medallia alternatives might be the smarter move.

About Medallia competitors

Depending on your main goal–collecting customer feedback and actionable insights, improving employee engagement, or speech analytics, there are plenty of Medallia alternatives to choose from.

In the comparison below, we've considered online surveys, customer experience software, customer support quality assurance programs and more, so keep reading for the best Medallia competitors.

1. Survicate

Survicate is a compelling Medallia alternative that empowers businesses to send surveys effortlessly, harnessing the power of indirect feedback to make data-driven decisions.

With its intuitive interface, Survicate allows for the creation of recurring or one-off surveys that adapt based on user responses, thanks to advanced skip logic capabilities. This ensures that respondents are only presented with relevant questions, increasing engagement and the quality of feedback received.

Additionally, real-time alerts notify teams immediately when specific responses are received, enabling immediate action and fostering a more dynamic, responsive customer feedback loop. If you're looking to gather direct insights, Survicate offers a flexible, powerful platform for enhancing your customer experience metrics.

Good fit for: Companies looking to improve customer experience
$59 monthly in annual billing

  • Enterprise-grade security and data protection
  • Easy setup and no-code integrations
  • AI-created surveys for all channels: Email, link, website, in-product and in-app, Social Media, QR code


  • Video research not supported
  • Doesn't offer quality management and team coaching solutions
  • For session recordings you'll have to integrate with third party tool

2. Zendesk Suite 

If your main goal is to upgrade your customer service game, you might be interested in another Medallia competitor–Zendesk. Zendesk shines as a multifaceted platform that services businesses ranging from small startups to large enterprises. Its strength lies in streamlining customer service processes and providing an integrated suite that includes ticketing, live chat, and call center solutions.

Additionally, Zendesk's ability to integrate seamlessly with other business tools makes it a practical choice for companies looking to centralize their customer service operations.

The platform is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring a smooth experience not just for customers but for service agents as well. However, as businesses grow and their needs evolve, adding more Zendesk features can increase costs. While it offers essential feedback capabilities, companies looking for in-depth analysis might find it lacking compared to specialized feedback platforms.

Good fit for: SMB looking to manage and improve customer service experience
:  Starting at $69 a month

  • Easy to setup
  • Single platform for all customer support team needs
  • Native integrations (collect reviews with Google Play, Jira, Klaus, and Survicate)


  • Only CSAT survey built-in
  • Limited support options
  • Too complex for smaller teams with little needs

3. Klaus

Klaus is a quality management software that serves as an innovative Medallia alternative, particularly for customer support teams looking to enhance the quality of their service interactions.

This platform is designed to bridge the gap between customer feedback and internal quality standards, providing teams with the tools needed to assess, improve, and maintain the quality of customer service.
By integrating with existing customer service platforms, Klaus allows for seamless evaluation of support interactions, enabling supervisors and team members to conduct in-depth conversation reviews and provide constructive feedback.

Klaus help to ensuresthat every customer support agent receives targeted, actionable feedback based on the company's specific quality standards. Moreover, Klaus's analytics dashboard offers real-time insights into performance trends, highlighting areas of excellence and those needing improvement. This focus on continuous, data-driven improvement helps organizations to make informed decisions about support processess.

By adopting Klaus as a Medallia alternative, businesses can foster a culture of transparency and continuous improvement within their customer support teams, directly impacting the overall customer experience.

Good fit for: SMB focused on customer service

  • Clean and intuitive
  • Combining CSAT scores with internal feedback from support agents


  • Limited to QA of customer service
  • It has to be combined with third-party tools for more comprehensive customer feedback, session recordings, or user interviews.

4. HelpScout

HelpScout shines for small to medium-sized businesses seeking an intuitive and cost-effective solution for customer support. Its easy implementation and simple onboarding process make it accessible for teams without extensive technical resources. It's a great choice if you need a customer support inbox, help center or messaging tool.

HelpScout may not offer the depth of customer experience insights or the scalability that larger enterprises require, which is where other Medallia competitors might step in with a more comprehensive suite for analyzing and managing customer feedback across numerous channels.

Good fit for: SMB aiming to deliver exceptional customer support
 Monthly plans starting at $25

  • Easy to implement and intuitive
  • More affordable than other options
  • Comprehensive knowledge base features


  • Customization might be too limited.
  • Less analytics and reporting features
  • No feedback management features

5. Qualaroo

Among all Medallia competitors, appeals to digital product teams and marketers focused on gathering targeted user feedback through microsurveys. It stands out for its ease of use and quick integration, making it ideal for businesses looking to implement immediate customer insights without a significant learning curve.

In contrast, while it doesn't match Medallia's depth in analyzing complex customer journeys, it offers a streamlined alternative for those not requiring the breadth of functionalities in larger platforms.

Good fit for: SM businesses focused on website and user experience
 Monthly billing starting at $39.99

  • Easy to use
  • Automatic survey translations
  • It can be integrated with a variety of analytics tools


  • Limited survey types
  • No embedded email surveys
  • Limited to website and user experience feedback

6. SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow is an engaging survey platform known for its conversational interface. The platform is user-friendly, making it an good choice for small to medium-sized businesses or those new to customer feedback tools.

Its quick setup and ease of use will let you collect feedback and stand in contrast to more complex systems, enabling faster onboarding and implementation.
SurveySparrow can help you to gain insights to work on your customer journey strategy.

Good fit for: SMB aiming to collect customer feedback and employee assessment
 Monthly plans for businesses starting from $79

  • Support for multiple use cases
  • Collecting feedback via different channels


  • UI might need improvement
  • Price for smaller businesses

7. InMoment

InMoment focuses on providing cloud-based customer experience management solutions, integrating feedback across various channels. It is particularly favored by retail and service industries. While offering robust analytics, InMoment may provide a different level of detailed journey mapping or real-time feedback capabilities than Medallia, making Medallia more suitable for organizations seeking a deeper dive into customer data.

Good fit for: Medium and large businesses 
: On demand

  • Comprehensive customer experience solutions
  • Advanced analytics
  • Feedback collection via multiple channels


  • Complex setup and onboarding
  • Cost

8. AskNicely

AskNicely is designed for service-oriented businesses looking to improve customer satisfaction through real-time feedback and NPS scores. Its simple interface and straightforward implementation make it ideal for companies looking for immediate feedback without extensive customization.

However, if you’re looking for more comprehensive software to get actionable insights across the user journey, there are better experience management tools you can implement.

NPS is a standard metric, but to fully replace customer experience software, you might need to expand your customer loyalty program, omnichannel feedback, CES surveys and custom reports. This way, you can more easily convert leads and fulfill business requirements.

Good fit for: Small, medium and large businesses looking for NPS tool
: On-demand, paid annually in advance

  • Intuitive to use
  • Closing feedback loop
  • Access on mobile devices


  • Limited to NPS surveys
  • Limited reporting and text analytics features

9. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is widely recognized for its general survey tools, catering to educational institutions, businesses, and individuals. Its flexibility make it attractive for various uses, from academic research to customer satisfaction surveys.

While it provides valuable insights for multiple use cases, such as customer experience, website feedback or employee engagement, you will still need additional tools for session recordings and messaging platform.

Good fit for: Small, medium and enterprise businesses for multiple use cases
: Starting at $25 a month billed annually

  • Multiple use cases supported
  • advanced analysis and reporting
  • Integrations


  • Complex advanced features
  • Expensive for small businesses
  • limited support on lower plans

10. Qualtrics

If you want to consider more comprehensive Medallia alternatives and focus both on customer and employee experience, consider enterprise software such as Qualtrics.

It's the go-to platform for those who need more than just basic survey capabilities, offering a rich suite of services, including survey design, analytics, and advanced reporting features. Qualtrics's robust approach to data collection and analysis sets it apart, making it good fit if you have complex research needs.

However, if budget and complexity are main factors discouraging you from Medallia, Qualtrics won't be the best alternative. While it offers flexibility and a wide array of features, its pricing might only fit some's budgets.

Similarly as Medallia, potential users should be prepared for a learning curve and consider the investment in time and resources needed to unlock their full potential.

Good fit for: For enterprise businesses that need advanced analysis option
Pricing: Custom, on demand

  • Advanced reporting and analytics capabilities
  • Customer feedback, market research and employee management in one tool


  • Expensive
  • Complex implementation and onboarding

How to choose the best Medallia alternative?

There are plenty of options on the market, so after reading this article, you might wonder–if making informed decisions in such cases is even possible.

Before deciding which Medallia competitor you want to choose, consider your company goals and what you want to achieve. Suppose your main focus is to capture feedback and real-time insights and use customer data to make strategic business decisions. In that case, you might want to opt in for survey tools, such as Survicate, Qualaroo, SurveyMonkey or AskNicely.

Want to capture feedback faster with AI-survey tools? Check out our list of Top 7 AI Survey tools.

For focusing on customer support, tools such as Zendesk and HelpScout might be the best Medallia alternatives.
For enterprise businesses and more robust solutions such as predictive intelligence, employee communication, and experience intelligence, you should consider tools such as Qualtrics or InMoment.

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