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Contrary to popular belief, surveys don’t have to be boring. Your surveys can meet research goals AND be enjoyable to respondents.

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The tips below will help create fun surveys or make your surveys more fun. As we’ll cover below, that’s not necessarily the same thing.

Some surveys are crafted for the sheer joy of responding to them, exploring lighthearted topics like go-to movies or favorite food. Conversely, you can add engaging questions to a survey with a mission beyond just enjoyment - like collecting customer or employee satisfaction info.

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How to make surveys fun?

These five tips will help you make your surveys interesting.

1. Add an introduction

Adding a survey introduction is a great way to encourage people to take your survey. Here, you can add information like

  • How long the survey will take
  • How many questions there are
  • Why you are collecting data in the first place

You can also add icebreaker questions like

  • Describe yourself in 3 words.
  • How cringey was your first email address?
  • If you were to get 1 million dollars for spending a year in solitude, would you?

These random survey questions can make a respondent sit up and pay closer attention.

2. Use friendly language

Have you ever taken a survey that was so academic you nearly fell asleep?

While surveys can contain serious information and valuable customer feedback, there is a balance to find. You don't want it to be so serious that your respondents close the window because they get bored. Strike a tone that is friendly and informal.

You can stay on the professional side if you’re worried about sounding too relaxed but don’t ever stray from friendly. It’ll work wonders if you want to give your respondents a more entertaining survey experience.

3. Ask fun survey questions in the middle

Your survey will get dull if it’s just question after question on a serious topic. Yet, it can fly by much faster if your participants are surprised with some fun questions here and there.

Try some interesting survey questions and alternate them with your more serious ones to break up a dense questionnaire. Examples of poll questions for fun:

  • How well did our team do in yesterday’s game?
  • Which of your childhood memories would you like to forget?
  • If you were a vampire, would you attend high school for the rest of your life?

You can turn a simple questionnaire into a quiz, skyrocketing its engagement rate. It was incredibly popular in the golden age of apps like Instagram or X. Ask funny poll questions in your reels and Tweets for an extra engagement boost.

Interrupting the survey flow with a surprising question can make your respondents regain attention, prevent question fatigue, and make your survey “cool.”

Humor That Works, a company that consults businesses on using humor to achieve success and happiness in the workplace, recommends utilizing a ratio of four serious questions to one funny question.

If you are worried you'll annoy your respondents by providing silly answer options, you can always give the option to skip the funny questions through a customer feedback tool like Survicate.

Dropdown questions can be made mandatory or skippable in Survicate.
Respondents can submit questions without an answer, unless you make them to required.

4. Use emojis 👏

Also, don't shy away from emojis. We're not saying you should make rebus puzzles and ask your readers to decipher them, but if you want to come across as less formal, it will be okay to throw in an emoji or two.

How come? Well, we live in the day and age of emojis. They’re everywhere. Even recently started using emojis.

Emojis are becoming a natural part of written language in the digital sphere.

Emojis can boost survey completion rates without hurting the quality of the data. 

In this day and age, they don’t even take away from your professionalism. Think of popular tools used in the workplace like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Notion… What do they all have in common? They utilize emojis!

Using emojis and shorter questions and response formats can help reduce drop-off rates. The World Advertising Research Center (WARC) has also found that emojis could boost survey completion.

5. Provide conversational answers

When you’re polling about your business, there are many opportunities for ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers that you can jazz up by providing conversational answers.

For example, if the question is:

‍“Would you like to receive a complimentary chocolate bar with your next delivery?”

Don’t do the typical “Yes” and “No”; make it fun by creating more unique options.

The responses could include:

As long as it is clear what you mean, answer choices can add a bit of spice.

You could also experiment with open-ended questioning. Remember that this can make answering questions longer and survey analysis more difficult. Unless you take advantage of Survicate's AI open-text analysis, of course!

Fun poll questions for work

Fun employee survey questions might include inside jokes. These are probably harder to develop when we all work from home. You can still mention things all employees hate or love, like:

“How much are we loving Slack’s new “save for later” feature?!”

Based on the popular customer satisfaction survey.

“On a scale from 0 to 10, how likely are you to turn off your camera during the daily sprint call?”

Based on the famous Net Promoter Score survey.

But remember who your target audience is. Make sure no one feels left out or picked on! You don’t want your funny poll questions for work to become fodder for a meeting with HR.

Topics for surveys

All the above information shows you how to make informative surveys fun. But what about good survey topics that have a completely different goal? In some cases, the sole purpose of a survey or questionnaire is to entertain or put a smile on somebody's face.

‍Heck, isn’t this why BuzzFeed was created? People started looking for surveys to take… just for fun. Have a look at some of these random surveys from their website:


And some have… really funny survey questions. 

Create fun surveys with Survicate.

Making your surveys fun to fill in can boost your customer satisfaction and response rates. However, if you don't want to go all out, shifting to a more friendly tone can change your polls from dull to inviting.

Making poll questions funny in the middle is a good way to surprise and encourage participants to keep answering them. Remember emojis, too! 😹

Once you decide what you'd like to ask your customers, pick a tool to customize the survey templates to suit your needs fully. With Survicate, you've got access to hundreds of ready-to-use templates, but you can also create your surveys from scratch! Or have the AI builder do it for you.

The free trial offers ten days of access to Business plan features and up to 25 survey responses. Sign up today and ask the funniest poll questions!