Survey Introduction: Checklist & Tips [Real Sample Inside]

Companies are becoming increasingly more obsessed with the best customer satisfaction metrics and having the mechanisms to discover how to improve themselves. Yet, while you’re figuring out whether or not to ask open or closed-ended feedback questions on your surveys, you may be missing one of the most crucial parts: the survey introduction or you can also say: survey disclaimer

What is a Survey Introduction

Survey Introduction is an outline of what a survey respondent can expect from the people/company taking a survey. Survey introduction is also known as a Survey Disclaimer.

A good survey introduction is one that reassures them of everything they need to know about your company and why you’re looking to gather this information. It acts as a guiding reference and will put you at the front of all other companies looking to gain feedback.

No matter the content, each survey should begin with a Survey Introduction. You have spent your time creating a survey and now, you need answers.

Having the right survey introduction will set you on track to have your customers at ‘hello.’

Here’s everything you need to know!

What to Include in Your Survey Introduction

#1. Who you are

If you’re running a survey outside your webpage or on your social media, remember that your customers might not automatically know who you are.

Even if it’s quick, make sure you give an introduction to yourself, your company, and what you’re about.

Who are you? Make a splash with something simple yet catchy so that you can get off on the right foot.

#2. Why you’re asking for input

Let’s face it, we’ve all filled out surveys and wondered if anyone was going to actually look at them. Reassure your clients that their input won’t go to waste.

Explain why you need their input on this topic and why it won’t be a waste of their time.

It probably isn’t a good enough reason that the survey will “curb your curiosity.” It needs to really have an impact on the products and services that they’re receiving.

Disclose the goal and purpose of the survey and watch your response rate improve.

#3. How the data will be used

It’s one thing to tell them why you need to know this information but a whole other thing to tell them how their data will actually be used.

What is your privacy policy? In the day and age of data leaks and the illegal use and purchase of data, keep in mind that you should be compliant with GDPR and other local policies. The last thing you want is for someone to inspect your company.

Always strive to use your client’s information responsibly so that you can benefit from the information they give you, and they can receive improved products and services.

#4. How long the survey will take

Have you ever started a survey, couldn’t see how long it would take to finish, got 20 or so questions in, and ended up clicking out of it?

It happens to everyone. If you don’t know how long a survey will take, it’s hard to commit to the entire thing because you don’t want it to take up your entire life. Taking an hour-long survey isn’t that rewarding for a client unless they’re invested in the outcome.

Best practices in survey introduction

When you tell your clients how long the survey will take, include the type of questions, the number of questions, and the average length of time it takes to complete.

This will give them a better idea of how long it may take for them to complete rather than saying it’s 10 questions when closed-ended versus open-ended questions can take quite a different length of time.

#5. Conclude your survey thoughtfully

Just as starting off correctly by telling your customers who you were was crucial, concluding with something that makes them remember you are important. Conclude thoughtfully.

Don’t forget to say goodbye and thank you as well! Make your respondents see that you’re reflecting on their insights and will include it in your future interactions.

Regardless of your industry, if they reported a leak in the ceiling at your concert hall, used your software and experience an issue, or dined at your restaurant and said your cheesecake was overbaked, never stop using their insights to improve your products and services.

It may seem challenging at first but to be able to constantly reflect and improve and communicate this effectively to your customers is a note you always want to leave on.

Survey Introduction Sample

Wondering what this might look like when you actually put pen to paper? Here’s an example of what an email with a survey invitation might look like. It helps to introduce clients to the company, the goal of the survey, and all the elements that help get your customers on board.

“Hi, Carol!

Thanks for being our customer! We love having people in our community like you and value your partnership every single day.

We know that the best way to understand our products and how to improve them is to hear from the people who use them every single day—people like YOU! As a grocery store that values fresh, tasty food, we want to know your experience. It’ll take no more than 5 minutes, and your answers will be used to help improve your store experience as well as our new online marketplace that allows you to pick up curbside. We want to personalize your shopping and make us a better partner.

What do you say? Your answers and information will only ever be used to improve your experience and never sold to others. We’ve got you.

Thanks for everything you do, and we hope to see you again soon!

Your favorite grocery store.”

For a more academic take on the subject, you might also like a breakdown by Dartmouth College of what a good survey introduction should look like.

Final Thoughts

A good survey starts with a solid and clear introduction. Get your consumers at hello with a survey introduction that tells them exactly what’s coming.

Who are you? Why are they taking this survey? How long will it take them? How will you protect their privacy?

These are all crucial questions and answering them all can improve your response rate in no time.

Stay ahead of your competition and get going on your survey introduction now!

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