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There is no better place to communicate with your customers than via Intercom, on your website.

It's intuitive, customizable, and efficient – everything a customer service rep needs to keep their customers happy.

But what if you want to step up your Intercom game? We've got some integrations to help you out!


Survicate + Intercom are a match made in heaven. 

Send a feedback form automatically after gathering feedback. Conduct CES surveys after onboarding, CSAT surveys after ticket closure, and NPS surveys to predict repurchases. Limits do not exist here.

To create professional, converting surveys, you don't need to be a coding expert. The Survicate builder is so intuitive and well-designed that you will have no trouble getting the outcome you want in no time.

Cool factors

🖌400+ expert-designed templates that you can use right away

👀You can use the integration even with a free plan on Intercom

🎨Flexible survey design and high customizability

🔗1-click, native integrations with many other popular tools such as HubSpot, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Slack

📊Easily accessible reports that let you analyze your survey results

Best for

Quickly created responsive and appealing email, link, website, in-product, and mobile surveys. Speeding up the research process and getting customer insight in real time. 


Survicate offers a 10-day free trial with all Business plan features, including 30+ native integrations, advanced attribute targeting, and multilingual surveys, as well as many other features. A Business plan starts at $117 per month, and an Enterprise plan is also available.

✅A free plan is available.


Salesforce is a powerful CRM that anyone can use, no matter their needs. It has tons of integrations with other programs, and its user-friendly interface makes it easy to manage any business process anywhere in the world.

Intercom integrations - Salesforce
Salesforce lets you automatically sync your Intercom data

With the perfect customer experience in mind, this tool provides everything from collaboration and communication tools to sales features.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or work within a larger company, this is the solution that will help you manage your customers better and communicate with them effortlessly.

Cool factors

🤖Automatic, one-click lead creation

🔗Continuously sync lead data from Intercom to your chosen Salesforce field

👀A complete view of every lead’s journey

🗺Intelligent routing of conversations

Best for

Keeping data up-to-date while creating support cases, converting more leads, and optimizing campaign targeting.


Salesforce's pricing model is very complex – it depends on the cloud type, the module, and all the features included. Pricing begins at $25 per user per month, but costs increase as functions are added.

⛔️A free plan is NOT available.


Klaus is a quality management solution that helps companies drive revenue through excellent customer service.

Cool factors

🔗A plug & play solution, offering a wide selection of integrations and instant access to AI-powered insights

🤖Uses AI & AutoQA to make sense of your support data, pinpoint problematic cases, and highlight what needs your attention

Best for

With Klaus, you can identify gaps in your customer experience before they become a problem. The tool allows you to use AI to pinpoint where agents are falling short, and resources are going to waste – then fix what isn’t working.

It's also great for automating quality assurance across agents, teams, BPOs, and countries as well as collecting and analyzing customer feedback through a customizable AI-powered CSAT solution.


Klaus offers three plans: Growth Suite, AI Suite, and Enterprise Suite. To get a pricing offer, you need to get in touch with the Sales team.

⛔️A free plan is not available.


Integrating Intercom with Zendesk is a fantastic way to have all of the contexts you need when solving support issues quickly. You get live customer data from Intercom, right to Zendesk, without even lifting a finger. You decide what you want to see.

Intercom integrations - Zendesk
A quicker way to solve your customer experience problems - with Zendesk

With an Intercom system, you can communicate with your customers personally and at scale. You can see what they're doing in your product that gets their attention and then chat about it via email or social media.

Cool factors

🛠️Creating new tickets in Zendesk directly from Intercom conversations

👀Access to live Intercom customer data in Zendesk

🤖Automatic responses powered by AI

💬Web, mobile, and social messaging

🔗Integrated ticketing system (Facebook, email, Tweets)

Best for

Connecting customer communication experience across all channels. Providing seamless, fraction-free support. Maintaining constant communication throughout the entire business, providing personalized experiences, and helping agents stay productive.


To integrate Intercom, you need one of the four Zendesk subscription plans– ranging from $49 to $150 a month. There is also a free trial available.

⛔️A free plan is NOT available.


Switching between dozens of different tools and platforms might be exhausting. But thankfully, Slack lets you connect Intercom so that you can convert prospects into leads without even leaving the chat app.

Intercom integrations - Slack
A quick way to get notified about all new Intercom messages - with Slack

The tool provides such features as smart routing, which enables you to send different conversations into Slack channels based on Intercom inboxes. What’s more, it also allows for closing these messages within Slack too.

Intercom and Slack go hand-in-hand to make managing customer conversations easy.

Cool factors

🪐Dedicated channels that help to organize work topics and streamline collaboration between team members

🔄Converting leads within the Slack dashboard

🦺Two-way sync, preventing double replies

📖Extensive knowledge base and Slack help center

Best for

Streamlining communication between colleagues – inside and outside of the organization. Responding to leads without leaving the app. 


The integration with Intercom is included in all plans, even the free one. Slack is affordable for companies of all sizes– the prices start at $7.25 per user per month and go up to $12.50. 

✅A free plan is available.


Here's the next great integration alert. By combining Mailchimp data with Intercom, you can identify which lists your customers are on and get the big picture of their account and the entire customer journey. (You can even adjust their subscriptions right from the inbox with just one click.)

Make more of your subscriber list with Mailchimp + Intercom

And also, using subscription forms in conversations will allow your team never again to miss a marketing opportunity to grow your lists.

⚠️There is no native integration between MailChimp and Intercom. It must be connected using a third-party platform, such as Zapier. ⚠️

Cool factors

➕Adding Mailchimp subscribers to Intercom as leads

🛠️Creating Mailchimp subscribers from Intercom contacts

🖌Drag and drop email templates

🤖AI-based analytics to get insights into campaign performance

Best for

Creating and conducting automated email campaigns. Exchanging data between two tools. Using Intercom contact information to create Mailchimp email lists.


You pay based on the number of contacts you have. Various paid plans are available, starting at $11 per month and rising to $1,300 per month. A custom plan is required if your client base exceeds 250,000.

✅A free plan is available.


Jira is an issue management software that allows you to control issues in a systematic way, track them, release them, and report them quickly. You have all of these on one board– manageable chunks, real-time, and visual data.

Get live updates on Jira issues with Intercom

One-click connects any Jira project to any Intercom workspace. Move seamlessly from chatting with a customer in the Intercom to creating and processing Jira issues.

With this combo, you can streamline your team’s workflow, keeping your data safe and secure.

Cool factors

⏯Reopening closed conversations and getting live updates on Jira issues

💬Reading linked Intercom conversations without leaving Jira

➕Creating, linking, and commenting on Jira issues without leaving Intercom

Best for

Combining customer communication with issue management. Improving workflow efficiency. Keeping customers up-to-date.


For small teams, up to 10 users, Jira is free of charge. The paid plan range from $7.75-$15.25 per user per month. There is a tailored pricing option available for enterprises.

✅A free plan is available.


With Productboard, your team can stay on the same page and build the right features for your customers based on data-driven decisions. 

Intercom integrations - Productboard
Improve your product with real-time information from Intercom

The Productboard app takes your customer's feedback and consolidates it all in one place, so you can see what they think about every touchpoint of their experience with the company. 

Best of all, this centralized platform keeps track of everything and prioritizes which features get built next to maximize your product's value.

Cool factors

➕Adding tags to all your Intercom conversations in Productboard 

👷🏻‍♂️Generating feature ideas based on user pain points

🐞Tracking bugs

🔗Linking insights from customers to the feature ideas

Best for

Creating audience-specific roadmaps that are interactive and live. Involving your customer community in your product development.


The Intercom integration is available from the Pro plan, which costs $90 per month. Productboard offers customizable plans as well. A free trial version of the tool is available.

⛔️A free plan is NOT available.

Campaign Monitor

In just a few clicks, you can create and send emails that your customers won't want to miss. Create eye-grabbing templates with customizable themes in minutes using Campaign Monitor's simple interface– it's as easy as pie!

Intercom integrations - Campaign Monitor
Grow your subscriber list in Campaign Monitor effortlessly

With its integration with Intercom, you’ll be able to capture new email subscribers right from the Intercom dashboard to follow up with your contacts along the customer journey. Additionally, you can synchronize them with your existing Campaign Monitor mailing list.

Cool factors

🪣Capturing new email subscribers directly in the Intercom Messenger

🛠Drag-and-drop builder and email templates available

🍰Simple integration set-up, no coding required

Best for

Capturing new email subscribers. Creating appealing email campaigns easily. Sending emails at the perfect time by automating email journeys.


The cost of CampaignMonitor depends on how many contacts you have in your email database. Starting at $9/month, the plans go up to $149/month. 

⛔️A free plan is NOT available.


Zapier is a one-stop shop for connecting Intercom with thousands of the most popular apps, so you can automate tasks and have more time on hand. Without the need for coding or developers.

Intercom integrations - Zapier
Connect more than 5,000 tols with Intercom through Zapier

With Zapier and Intercom, you'll be able to automate a wide range of day-to-day tasks with ease, freeing up the time of your team. Send info easily between Intercom and other apps you use, like Zendesk, Facebook Ads, or HubSpot.

You should definitely choose this option if you wish to integrate more than one tool with Intercom.

Cool factors

🌍Linking Intercom to all the other apps you use

🚀Triggered and actioned events happen in the products you use

👷🏻‍♂️Building your own app integrations

Best for

Combining all tools into one complex system.


Zapier can integrate with any Intercom plan, regardless of whether it's free or paid. Depending on the number of tasks and Zaps, and the number of minutes of update time, the prices range from $19.99 to $799 a month.

✅A free plan is available.


Schedule your events with Calendly using all the tools and features it offers. Aside from receiving automated notices of available time slots, you can also book high-value meetings in seconds and speed up your sales cycle.

Intercom integrations - Calendly
Book new meetings in Intercom with Calendly

Let Calendly do its magic work by figuring out when the prospect wants to book a meeting with you. By connecting Calendly with Intercom, you’ll be sure that you don’t miss out on any opportunity to get to know your future customer better.

Cool factors

📬Sending Calendly invitations via conversations, a bot, or even the Intercom home page

🤖Setting up automatic flows to schedule only qualified leads

🗓Maintaining a back-and-forth scheduling process with prospects

Best for

Scheduling meetings directly in Intercom Messenger. Easily booking a meeting on Intercom's dashboard.


The Intercom integration is available from the Professional plan that costs $12 per month per seat (paid annually). Monthly subscriptions for teams that include collaboration features are $16 per seat per month.

✅A free plan is available (but doesn’t contain Intercom integration).


Give your support team the best tools to keep you up-to-date with what's happening in real-time.

Intercom integrations - Statuspage
View your current website status in Intercom with Statuspage

With Statuspage, you can surface critical incident information right on a customer’s home screen, so they are always aware of any changes and when things return back to normal– all via Intercom Messenger.

Cool factors

👀Viewing the current status of your system from the Intercom inbox

💬Sending updates directly to customers in conversations

Best for

Reducing conversation volume by allowing customers to subscribe for status updates. Alerting users to critical incidents in Messenger.


Statuspage pricing starts at $29 to $1,499 per month. Subscribers and team members determine the price difference.

✅A free plan is available (but doesn’t include the Intercom integration).

Integrations make Intercom powerful

There is no problem finding the perfect match between the tools mentioned above and Intercom. There's just perfect chemistry between them. 

Don't miss out on Intercom integrations, and plug them in now. 🔌

What’s your first move? Start with Survicate + Intercom. Gather information about your customers and get to know in which integration you need to invest next. Sign up for your free trial today!