How does embedding surveys in emails work?

The Single Answer question has become the third survey question type that you can embed directly in an email.

The three supported survey questions that you can embed directly into the email’s body are:

  • Single Answer Question
  • Net Promoter Score Question
  • Smiley Scale Question

If you’re using a supported question type as the first question of your survey, you can embed it in an email so customers can respond with just one click.

As soon as they click an answer in the email, we’ll automatically record the response. If there are more questions, we’ll send them to the first page of your survey so they can continue taking the survey.

How do I embed a survey in an email?

In order to embed a survey in an email, log in to your Survicate account first.
1. Create an email survey (also referred to as a link survey).
2. Make sure the first step of your survey is either a Single Answer, Net Promoter Score or Smiley Scale question.
[image 1]
3. Head over to Share and copy the HTML embed code.
[image 2]
4. Paste the HTML code into an email editor and send out the survey via your favorite email marketing tool.

Survicate provides templates for over 30 email platforms like HubSpot, Intercom, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, Marketo, and more.

Custom solutions are also supported. As long as your email tool allows HTML, you’ll be able to embed a survey into an email.

Why should I embed a survey into an email?

If you embed a survey into an email, you will be able to:

  • get high response rates, as email embeddable surveys are very engaging
  • identify respondents and follow up with each customer individually
  • pass what you already know about your respondents (type of subscription, event attended, recent purchases) from your system to Survicate to slice and dice data
  • run follow-up marketing campaigns and set up marketing automations based on survey responses and customer feedback
  • connect survey data to the tools you love and use to acquire, engage and retain more customers, and more!

Will I be able to embed more question types in emails?

Survicate is one of the very few survey tools to have as many as three question types embeddable in emails. But, of course, we are planning on adding more question types in the future. Stay tuned!

📞 If you’d like to learn more about how to use email surveys to run personalized email campaigns, feel free to book a demo with our rep.

Nicholas Podgórski

Nicholas is a Product Marketing Manager at Survicate. He loves running webinars and doing videos. Find him on LinkedIn.