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Software Evaluation Survey Template

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Software thrives on the success of its users

Any software developer wants to create software that wins over the hearts of users and generates buzz in the industry. But creating great software that your users rave about requires being in tune with their wants and needs.

The best software is developed to make its users’ lives easier and offers an impeccable experience. So how do you find out what your users want? With surveys.

Software evaluation surveys tap into users’ honest opinions

Our software evaluation survey template allows you to question your users to find out what they need, their likes, their dislikes, and features they’d like to see. All so you create the perfect piece of software for them.

The ability to tap into your users’ thoughts and discover what they believe your software offers and what it stands for is invaluable. Those answers are likely the key to being the no-brainer choice over your competitors. Being able to offer your users an avenue to tell you what they really think (through an anonymous survey) means you’ll get no-holds-barred feedback.

It’s amazing how many customers are responding to our surveys. For every dollar we spend on a Survicate subscription, we generate about $25 in additional revenue.

— Michael / Head of Marketing at Looka

You can ask several survey questions strictly related to their experience and usability. This software evaluation template gives you the option to measure your software’s NPS (Net Promoter Score) and discover more about:

Include an open question about how the software can be improved so users can speak freely about their thoughts, needs, and suggest improvements.

Ask follow-up questions for greater insight

Closed-ended questions in your software evaluation survey are a great way to get definitive answers, but sometimes those answers warrant further explanation. Fortunately, this software evaluation template allows you to find out more with automatic follow-up questions.

For example, if a user answers a question about how difficult or easy the software is to use and they select “difficult”, another question about why they answered this way can appear below it. This way, you can gain deeper insight into how you can make your software more accessible – pure gold!

Visualize your survey data within seconds

Now you’ve got all this valuable data, you need to analyze it. With our survey analysis dashboard, your data will be generated into a visual report that will show all the answers to your software evaluation survey questions in just seconds.

Not only will you be able to see data and trends you can act on quickly and share with the team members who need to see it, but you can look deeper into these at-a-glance results with your open-ended question answers where you’ll find a wealth of suggestions that will help your software beat the competition.

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