Customer Onboarding Feedback Survey Template

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6 Questions< 4 minute to complete
  • Measure if customers are happy with your onboarding experience
  • Identify potential issues and improve the onboarding
  • Achieve higher activation and retention rates


How to Improve Your Onboarding Experience

Want to make your onboarding process intuitive? Here’s how to do it in three steps:

  1. Offer an onboarding session to your new customers
  2. Send a survey with follow-up questions to your customers asking if they liked the onboarding
  3. Turn feedback into action so that you can improve the onboarding experience for future users

Good onboarding begins with the customer. It should be customer-centric rather than product-centric. This is because your customers don’t care about your product as a whole. They care about how the product can solve their problem.

One way to make your onboarding more customer-centric is by asking your customers what they need. You can do it with this free survey template!

If You Can Send This Survey, You Can Offer Better Onboarding

So, you had just finished an onboarding call with a new customer named Paul. You showed Paul around your product. And answered all the questions he had. You also went over all the features your product has to offer.

The onboarding went so well! Or did it? Two months later, your new customer is no longer your customer.

If you had sent Paul this Customer Onboarding Feedback survey, you would have discovered his problem was not solved. And you would have been able to help Paul achieve his goals with your product.

With the Customer Onboarding Feedback survey, you can:

Better Onboarding Experience, Higher Retention Rates

You probably know by now how difficult it is to get a new customer. Luckily, it’s a lot less expensive to keep a current customer than to get a new one. Why not use every chance you have to keep your current customers?

Better onboarding means less churn. It’s as simple as that! Optimizing your onboarding is a great first step to making customers better understand your product.

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