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Table of contents

This is a list of actions that we are putting in place here at Survicate to help Ukraine defend itself from Russia.

More importantly, this is a list of actions to inspire you about what your business could do to help Ukraine. 

Finding ways to help can be difficult or at least not-so-obvious. So if a version of any of these actions can be applied by your business please consider helping.

What is Survicate doing to help Ukraine defend itself from Russia?

  • We are donating 25% of the revenue from all new customers. We’re doing this starting the 24th of February when Russia invaded Ukraine
  • We are redirecting the revenue from all customers in Ukraine to charities, starting the 24th of February when Russia invaded Ukraine
  • We are donating to Also, here is a list of other approved charities in Ukraine, in case you’d like to support different organizations
  • We are adding an extra paid holiday day for anyone in our team who gets involved in helping Ukraine
  • Since Hungary won’t provide weapons to Ukraine, we will redirect revenue from Hungarian customers to charities that support armed forces in Ukraine

Additionally, with much regret, we're taking the following actions that follow the sanctions imposed by the EU and US on Russia and Belarus:

  • We are banning Russian and Belarussian vendors, customers, users, and new signups. We will keep the ban in place as long as the EU and the US keep their sanctions in place
  • This year’s revenue from Russia and Belarus will be donated to charities in Ukraine

How are other companies helping Ukraine in the war against Russia?

  • Ahrefs: For any amount donated to Come Back Alive or another approved charity in Ukraine, we'll extend your Ahrefs subscription for double of that. Please check the list linked above and send proof of your payment to
  • PANEK CarSharing: We’re providing for free 1000 cars to transport the people in need from Ukraine (link to the full announcement in Polish and Ukrainian)
  • CD Project Red: In solidarity with all victims of this act of aggression, the CD PROJEKT Group has decided to support humanitarian aid efforts by donating 1 million PLN to the Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH) (link to the full announcement in English)
  • Inglot: We will enable people coming from Ukraine a recruitment process shortened to a minimum as well as cover the full costs of housing for the first month once hired (link to the full announcement in Polish, Ukrainian and English)
  • Airbnb: is funding short term housing for up to 100,000 people fleeing Ukraine. We support our refugee guests regardless of nationality, race, ethnicity, or how they identify.You can help by offering temporary stays for free or at a discount through, or donating to fund stays. Link to the full announcement in English.
  • TechToTheResscue: We deliver digital services
    on a pro-bono or low-bono basis. Thanks to this program, Non-profits can receive support from Tech Companies.
    Link to the full announcement in English.
  • Tidio: We decided to:
    🔹 Donate 40k PLN (10k USD) of aid to Ukraine as well as double the money being collected in the fundraising launched by our employees
    🔹 Give free access to Tidio with no fees charged for at least 12 months for all our current clients from Ukraine
    🔹 Support all NGOs that help Ukraine in any way by giving them access to our product free of charge
    🔹 Open recruitment for people from Ukraine - we'll take care of any formalities needed for you to start working with us
    🔹 Support all our employees from Ukraine by:
    – offering access to psychological care for their families
    – giving a non-refundable loan of 5k PLN for people who have family in Ukraine
    – supporting them in every way that they'll request and we'll be able to fulfil

Link to the full annoucement in English.