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In the realm of customer insights, surveys are invaluable. Their potency multiplies when paired with a robust CRM like HubSpot, allowing you to capture and act on feedback effortlessly.

But with a multitude of options out there, which survey tools truly shine alongside HubSpot? Dive into this post as we spotlight the top 10 HubSpot integrations, ensuring your feedback loop is both seamless and powerful. Let's uncover the best tools to enhance your data-driven strategies!

run NPS surveys with Survicate

Top pick: Survicate

Survey tools should be effective, intuitive, aesthetically pleasing, and rich in integrations. And that’s exactly what you get with Survicate. This leading survey tool has been installed over 2,000 times on the Hubspot app marketplace, making it one of the best survey tools you can add to your Hubspot marketing ecosystem.

🔑 Key features

  • embedding surveys into HubSpot emails
  • unlimited users, questions, and surveys
  • numerous survey templates and ideas to choose from
  • customer segmentation based on HubSpot data
  • triggering HubSpot workflow (+more native and Zapier integrations)
  • various types of surveys that we can customize to your brand

📚 Find out more about this integration here.

Why Consider Survicate as your Hubspot Survey Tool

It would be difficult to find a better price/quality/feature ratio than this on the survey tool market. Survicate also integrates with other marketing, customer service, and sales tools, allowing you to create your tech stack incorporating surveys. With its HubSpot integration and many built-in features, you'll be able to design customized and advanced surveys on the spot. 

💸 Survicate Pricing

Several pricing plans are available, including a free trial that offers access to over 30 native integrations and up to 25 survey responses.


Typeform is another tool that made it to our list, thanks to their survey maker. As the name indicates (a little, at least), Typeform specializes in forms, but surveys are also part of their offering.  

Top 10 Survey Tools that Integrate with Hubspot - Typeform
Pretty but functional surveys embedded in HubSpot - with Typeform

🔑 Key features 

  • predefined templates for surveys
  • mapping questions to a HubSpot property
  • creating and updating contacts in HubSpot

Why Consider Typeform as your Hubspot Survey Tool

Typeform wouldn't be on this list if it weren't a good survey tool. While it offers a survey maker, it's limited, e.g., CSAT or CES survey templates in Typeform. Moreover, it doesn't provide web surveys like Survicate, limiting the survey experience. Nevertheless, it helps create simple surveys. 

💸 Typeform Pricing

The free plan has limitations of 10 questions and 10 responses per month. Paid plans start from $29 a month. 


SurveyMonkey lets you create surveys online. The platform is easy to use and has many features, making it a popular choice among businesses and individuals. 

Top 10 Survey Tools that Integrate with Hubspot - SurveyMonkey
A bit dated but it gets the job done in HubSpot - SurveyMonkey

🔑 Key features

  • dozens of quiz and survey templates
  • easy to use and navigate through
  • HubSpot integration (works only with paid SurveyMonkey plans, though) to leverage data from SurveyMonkey directly in HubSpot

Why Consider SurveyMonkey as your Hubspot Survey Tool

This survey tool has many features contributed to its inclusion on our list. It’s not without its flaws, though. 

Since customization is limited, you may be better off using another tool if you need nearly white-labeled and beautifully designed surveys. Moreover, SurveyMonkey is said to have insufficient reporting, which isn't ideal if you need immediate data analysis. SurveyMonkey can still work well with HubSpot if you're not concerned about the abovementioned details.

💸 SurveyMonkey Pricing

Starting from $25 a month per user for a paid Team plan, you need to use HubSpot integration in full. 

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a tool mainly helpful for building advanced WordPress forms – advanced to the point that you can use some of them as surveys. 

Top 10 Survey Tools that Integrate with Hubspot - Gravity Forms

🔑 Key features

  • customizable forms in terms of length and copy
  • conditional logic to limit the number of form fields
  • HubSpot integration works with all plans, allowing for data transfer between both apps

Why Consider Gravity Forms as your Hubspot Survey Tool

Gravity Forms will fulfill your needs if you rarely use surveys and don't need a complex and advanced design. It comes with a basic yet customizable wizard for creating surveys and integrates just OK with HubSpot. Even though the basic bases are covered, it lacks some features that many tools on our list have.

💸 Gravity Forms Pricing

Gravity Forms does not offer a free plan. There are paid plans starting at $59 per year per site you can embed surveys at. 


Among Hotjar's behavior analytics tools is its heatmap feature, probably their most popular. However, their creator also lets you create on-site and external surveys now. 

Top 10 Survey Tools that Integrate with Hubspot - Hotjar
Hotjar, the heavyweight champion in session recording and heatmap software, integrates with Hubspot

🔑 Key features: 

  • various forms of surveys are available
  • a question bank to use for surveys
  • pre-built templates for surveys

Why Consider Hotjar as your Hubspot Survey Tool

Should you, though? HubSpot CRM users can automatically review Hotjar Survey responses in their contact timelines with the HubSpot integration – and that’s great. However, let’s not forget that surveys are only part of Hotjar's offering. As a standalone survey maker, it provides fewer features than other survey software on the market. 

💸 Hotjar Pricing

It's impossible to purchase access to just the survey maker - it's part of the Hotjar system. Paid plans start from $39 a month. 


The Outgrow platform lets marketers create personalized content such as surveys, quizzes, forms, chatbots, and more. The integration with HubSpot is heavily stressed, and both tools seem to work well together.

Top 10 Survey Tools that Integrate with Hubspot - Outgrow
Create personalized content for your visitors with Outgrow and Hubspot

🔑 Key features

  • variety of trending templates
  • pop up surveys
  • gamification
  • easily navigable dashboard

Why Consider Outgrow as your Hubspot Survey Tool

Considering that Outgrow can easily integrate with HubSpot lists and workflows, it is a worthwhile option to think about. Additionally, the fact that you can customize the plan according to your needs is a big plus. Yet, many basic features are paid extra so the final price can be quite high. 

As a result, it might not be a good choice for smaller businesses. Also, users have complained that the tool is not updated frequently enough to fix all the bugs.

💸 Outgrow Pricing

Each of the four plans has a different range of form types. Starting at $22, their monthly fees go up to $720. There is a possibility to create a customized plan and choose just the features you need.  


The SurveySparrow platform facilitates omnichannel customer experiences. This software enables you to create forms easily and enhance the overall user experience. It is compatible with all HubSpot plans.

Top 10 Survey Tools that Integrate with Hubspot - SurveySparrow
Create an omnichannel customer experience in HubSpot with SurveySparrow

🔑 Key features 

  • smooth interface
  • capturing new leads from your website
  • payments forms
  • updating the HubSpot ticket field

Why Consider SurveySparrow as your Hubspot Survey Tool

Besides being compatible with all HubSpot plans, the tool also integrates fairly easily. It is important to note that it does not work on both sides. The HubSpot integration is unavailable for all SurveySparrow plans (personal plans are excluded). In addition, the tool lacks some customization options that might be important for your brand, especially if you pay attention to a coherent brand image.

💸 SurveySparrow Pricing

Several pricing plans are offered by SurveySparrow, including a free plan (with very limited features). The plans range from personal to business, with the basic one starting at $19 per month. You cannot view the pricing unless you provide your data, which includes your name, phone number, and business email address.

Formstack Forms

With Formstack Forms, you can easily create surveys without much of a learning curve. Its clutter-free design simplifies its usage a lot. But how does it work with HubSpot? 

Top 10 Survey Tools that Integrate with Hubspot - Formstack Forms
Easy to use survey and form tool for HubSpot - Formstack Forms

🔑 Key features 

  • creating and updating records
  • in-depth form analytics 
  • great control over the submissions
  • drag and drop dashboard

Why Consider Formstack Forms as your Hubspot Survey Tool

Formstack Forms is a tool that lets you collect data and send it directly to HubSpot CRM without much effort. The integration takes no more than a few simple steps, but... Well, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

Setting up logic in surveys doesn’t always work as expected. If you require detailed analysis, it may not be ideal. The tool isn’t suitable for complex integrations.

💸 Formstack Forms Pricing

Three paid plans are available, with prices varying based on the number of forms (from $59 to $249 per month). It is also possible to customize a plan for enterprises. A free plan is not available.


Our list is rounded up by ConvertFlow, an easy-to-use solution for building eCommerce funnels. Its no-code visual builder promises to make creating popups, quizzes, and surveys a breeze. Let's check that out. 

Top 10 Survey Tools that Integrate with Hubspot - Convertflow
The ideal survey tool for ecommerce brand using HubSpot - ConvertFlow

🔑 Key features 

  • HubSpot templates available
  • flexibility and customization options
  • mapping ConvertFlow fields to HubSpot custom fields
  • powerful segmentation

Why Consider ConvertFlow as your Hubspot Survey Tool

ConvertFlow is a tool worth considering while choosing a HubSpot survey tool. However, there are some limitations to be aware of. The tool is quite hard to master and doesn’t provide much, especially when it comes to personalization. Even though the integration is fairly easy to set up, the tool occasionally has minor bugs. 

💸 ConvertFlow Pricing

The monthly cost of ConvertFlow starts at $99 and goes up to $2,000. If you have more than five users, the monthly fee is $300. A free plan is available. The trial period is 14 days.


InMoment is a software package with a wealth of features designed for all aspects of creating digital experiences. Among their features are surveys, which are also integrated with HubSpot.

🔑 Key features 

  • NPS, CSAT, and CES micro-surveys
  • adding customer data to survey responses and automatically categorizing topics
  • language-specific surveys

Why Consider InMoment as your Hubspot Survey Tool

It is undeniable that InMoment is a powerful solution for improving customer experience. This tool allows you to create micro surveys and distribute them. Still, if you just need surveys, it may be better to use another solution designed for surveys and deliver more dedicated features. 

💸 InMoment Pricing

Pricing is not disclosed publicly, and you need to book a demo to try the platform and find out more about its price. 

collect and analyze customer feedback in one place - banner

Send surveys in HubSpot with Survicate

Survey tools that integrate with Hubspot can help you gather and expand customer feedback and take your business to the next level. 

When choosing a survey tool, though, make sure it integrates not only with  Hubspot but also with your other marketing tools. This will allow you to get the most out of your survey data and avoid any headaches down the road whenever you feel like you need to expand your tech stack. 

Survicate solves it with one of the market's most comprehensive integrations with Hubspot. With Survicate, you can create beautiful surveys in minutes and distribute them as you please. 

Plus, Survicate integrates with hundreds of popular marketing software tools (with the Zapier integration, the sky is the limit!), so you can use your survey data however you want. Sign up today to get started!