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An NPS survey can help you measure customer loyalty and predict company growth. This customer satisfaction survey yields high response rates thanks to its simplicity and customer-centric approach.

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The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is one of customer satisfaction metrics measured with the following question:

“How likely are you to recommend us to someone like you?”

The NPS question is usually followed by an open-ended one that allows respondents to expand on their rating. Have a look at our template to see how it works.

In this blog post, I’ll walk you through taking the first steps of measuring your customer satisfaction with the most popular survey type in customer and market research - the NPS survey.

How to create an NPS survey?

First, choose an excellent customer satisfaction tool. This will make the design, distribution, and analysis much more efficient. 

When you sign up for Survicate, you can have your survey ready for your customers in a matter of minutes. The whole process happens inside our convenient dashboard, from choosing a template to analyzing your results.

Let’s go through the process of launching and conducting an NPS campaign.

1. Set up a free Survicate account

Head over to our website or straight to the signup page. You can provide your information or use a Google account. You’ll be able to start editing your NPS template the moment you sign up.

Survicate integrates with dozens of third-party tools, including Mailchimp, allowing you to automate the survey experience.

2. Choose a distribution channel to go straight to the NPS survey template

You may decide to start from scratch. Choose to distribute your survey via email, website, or mobile. You don’t need to code anything. The Survicate dashboard offers five tabs to fine-tune your survey.

Survicate dashboard

But it’s best to start with a template. Survicate offers over 125 of them, optimized for the highest response rates and contextual feedback. 

3. Modify the NPS template if needed

After you click on the NPS survey template in our library, you can 

All within the first “create” tab.

Survicate NPS questions

You can set up survey logic. This way, promoters, passives, and detractors will always receive an appropriate next question or response. The “analyze” tab will also sort their answers accordingly, so it’s easier to interpret the results.

Moreover, Survicate offers advanced customization beyond fonts and buttons - you can create your theme that will be available for future survey campaigns. Use the Unsplash library to create a professional look.

Survicate theme options

One of our recent product updates also made it possible to serve your customers with a survey in their preferred language. Survicate multilingual surveys allow you to run one campaign in more than one language at a time. Your customers will see the language chosen in their browser settings. 

4. Configure your NPS survey

After you are done with the microcopy and appearance of your survey, you’ll be able to configure the output. In the configure tab, you have the options to

  • Set up respondent identification
  • Decide whether your respondents will be able to retake your survey
  • Enable or disable your survey
  • Set a response limit
  • Set up an end date for your NPS survey

5. Connect with your favorite tools

The connect tab is centered around Survicate integrations. At the moment, 23 of them are native, one-click integrations. 

Use them to 

Of course, there are many more benefits to integrating Survicate with your favorite tools, including advanced respondent identification. This mechanism will help you contextualize feedback and close the feedback loop

6. Distribute your NPS survey

You can run multi-channel NPS surveys with Survicate. The distribution options include email, website, app, and Intercom messenger. 

The “share” tab will provide a link to test your survey and an HTML code. Paste the code into your email service provider such as Mailchimp to show the first NPS question inside the email body when you connect with your customer.

Launch your Survicate NPS survey within your EMS

Embedding the first survey question in the body of the email is a great way to boost response rate.

7. Analyze NPS results

Sample NPS results as seen in the Survicate dashboard.

NPS analysis can be made easy with Survicate. In real-time, you’ll get information such as

  • The total number of responses
  • The date of the last response
  • The total view count of your survey
  • And more

But most importantly, Survicate has a built-in NPS calculator. A visual report will appear in your “analyze” tab, showing your Net Promoter Score and distribution.

How to calculate your NPS score?

The formula for calculating your net promoter score is as follows:

Subtract the percentage of your NPS detractors from the percentage of your promoters

Promoters are respondents who gave your ratings of 9 or 10. They are loyal customers and prospects of brand advocates.

Passives are those who rated their loyalty at 7 or 8. These scores are disregarded when calculating the NPS. Nonetheless, following up with those on the verge of churning or becoming promoters is a good idea.

Detractors are those who rated their loyalty at 0 to 6. You can count these customers as unsatisfied. They may even spread bad word of mouth, so it’s a good idea to reach out to them and find out whether their bad experience is something you can fix.

You can also supplement your NPS campaign with a Customer Effort Score survey to nail down where the issues lie with closed-ended, contextual questions.

NPS survey best practices

To run a successful NPS survey, you should:

  • Use the best survey tools, such as Survicate
  • Distribute the survey to your audience’s preferred channel
  • Show the survey on the most appropriate customer journey touchpoint
  • Launch the campaign regularly, like every six months
  • Close the feedback loop to make your customers feel valued and heard

Run Net Promoter Score (NPS) campaigns with Survicate.

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