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Why you need product testing survey?

When you introduce a new product or want to introduce changes to an existing one, it’s imperative that you follow up these changes to your product line with a product test survey.

When you gain insight into how your current customers and those new to you (but an ideal customer for your product) feel about your new product, you’ll be better able to tailor your changes to serve these people.

Test their initial reaction – the one that sticks

First impressions are everything. A product test survey gives you the ability to test your customers’ initial reaction to the reveal of your new product or changes and get unfiltered insight into their views.

It’s amazing how many customers are responding to our surveys. For every dollar we spend on a Survicate subscription, we generate about $25 in additional revenue.

— Michael / Head of Marketing at Looka

Were they wowed by your changes? Underwhelmed? Do they think the new product is ugly or looks difficult to use? What did they think about the price point? These are all important questions you can get answers to with this product testing template.

With this insight, you can create a product that responds perfectly to your clients’ needs, is at the right price point, and delivers upon all the promises you made in your marketing messaging.  

Understand how they feel about all aspects of your product

This product testing template will allow you to learn:

Add follow-up questions for detailed answers

It’s not always enough to understand how they feel about an aspect of your product, but you also often want to know why.

This is especially helpful when you ask a question which uses a scale or provides the respondent with a limited number of choices, as if they answer “strongly dislike”, to how they feel about the aesthetics of your product, you need to know why. This product test survey will allow you to do just that.

You can choose to add follow-up questions to any question in your product test survey so if a respondent reacts strongly – whether negatively or positively – you can find out the why behind their reaction.

Easily analyze your product testing survey results

Our dashboard makes it easy to analyze your respondents’ answers at a glance to create a better product for your target customer. You can easily analyze if your new direction is the right one, or what you can do to tweak your product so it is perfect for your target market.

This insight will help you refine your marketing message so you touch on all the most important selling points of the product for your ideal customer, and not make promises the product cannot live up to.

This information will help your marketing teams excel, and ultimately sell more products and reach new customers.

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