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How To Improve Your Newsletters

Want to get instant feedback from your readers? Here’s how to do it in three steps.

  1. Add this two-question newsletter feedback survey directly to your newsletter email
  2. Wait for survey responses to roll in
  3. Turn subscriber feedback into action so you can improve your newsletter with each next issue

Even though newsletters are just email and there’s a reply button, most of your subscribers stay silent. That’s because they don’t have the time to hit that ‘Reply’ button. It comes with too much friction.

As a result, you’re missing out on ways to improve your writing. To get feedback from your subscribers, you need to remove that friction. Let me explain how!

Simple Survey = More Reader Feedback

Some readers don’t care about incentives for replying. Even if you explicitly state in the email to reply, they won’t. Your subscribers need a quick and easy way to rate your content.

With this newsletter feedback survey template, the user can rate your newsletter with a single click on a link or a smiley. The rating is recorded instantly once the user clicks on the link:

how would you rate our newsletter - simply survey question
Are you looking for more detailed newsletter feedback? You can also add follow-up survey questions such as “How often would you like to receive our newsletters?”.

Here’s another newsletter feedback survey template. It asks 6 additional follow-up questions. You can use it as an alternative to the plain, 2-question survey:

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Your readers will answer the follow-up questions in a new browser tab. But worry not! You can still achieve completion rates of up to 83%.


Your Newsletter is Awesome, Get The Feedback it Deserves!

So, what makes this newsletter feedback survey template great?

Here’s the Newsletter Feedback Survey embedded into an actual newsletter:

Example of Newsletter Feedback Survey embedded into an actual newsletter

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