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Why you need a new customer form?

Registration is the perfect moment to collect information from your new customers. A beneficial new customer form will help you to understand their demographics, needs, and goals. It will also help you derive other types of feedback that may be detrimental to your product. This new customer form template will eliminate the guesswork and can be used to provide a more personalized onboarding experience. In the end, knowing your customers well is simply a necessary element to growing a business.

Discover what you have to work with

A new customer form template will enable you to learn from your users. What have they heard about you? Are they using your services for personal or business use? What is their industry? You’ll know what matters to your customers, and you’ll also know how to adjust in competitive times without having to continually ask.

It’s amazing how many customers are responding to our surveys. For every dollar we spend on a Survicate subscription, we generate about $25 in additional revenue.

— Michael / Head of Marketing at Looka

When you obtain all of this information upfront through a new client form, you’ve eradicated the need to constantly ask for new information. This is a great move because clients often grow tired of continually providing personal information.

Skyrocket your customer service with new customer form

Customer service is the name of the game. The companies with the best customer service boast the best business. The data collected in this form will allow you to enrich your customer profiles in your CRM, or customer relationship management, and marketing automation tools (just to name a few). When your team has relevant information in its CRM, you’ll be able to provide better customer support and send out much more effective email campaigns.

The demographics and goals that your clients provide will specifically allow you to segment your list more effectively. When your newsletter readers receive an email that is specifically targeted towards them, they are more likely to get something out of it, and you’ll see a return in your business.

Customize effectively

What’s more frustrating to a client than answering a long questionnaire that doesn’t apply to them? When you have an effective new customer form template, you can make sure that you only ask relevant questions. You can set separate follow-up questions to questions that your customers answered differently. For example, if a customer said that she heard about your company from a media outlet, you can ask her which one. However, you can skip that question for a customer who heard about you from a peer.

New customer form benefits everyone

The best part about a new client form? Everyone benefits. The client and your entire team. Your customer success team will now be armed with correct and useful information that they can utilize during any client requests. Your marketing team will be more aware of customer goals, and they will know how they can make their messaging more attractive to prospective clients. Finally, if you’re a SaaS, your product team will also gain insight into who your users are, and it can help you to create user-friendly products that will take your business to the next level.

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