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Employee Performance Survey

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Monitoring Employee Performance

Attracting the very best talent to work at your company is just one of the steps towards creating a productive and happy team.

In fact, from an employer’s perspective, it’s important to find a way to monitor and analyze your employees’ performance – either at scale or in a one-by-one fashion. This relates equally to your newest hires who are on their trial periods, as well as longtime employees.

How do you know whether your employees are at the top of their game?

Are you looking to test any specific employee skill – like communication with the team or proactivity? Or maybe you want to find a way to note any potential signs of burnout among your longtime employees to prevent them from leaving your company?

Regardless of your goals, this ready-to-use employee performance survey will be a great source of information for your employee performance improvement strategy.

Employee Performance Survey Questions

This survey template will help you evaluate your employees at several angles, including:

It also lets your respondents answer, in an open-ended question, which areas the employee is doing exceptionally well in, and which require more work to improve.

Depending on your goals, the survey can be distributed either among co-workers or the employee’s supervisors or clients and takes only 2 minutes to complete.

Ask follow-up questions for more employee performance insights

While this survey template features questions on key performance-related areas like problem-solving skills or proactivity, you can also personalize it any way you please. Apart from adding additional closed-ended questions, you might also find it useful to add follow-up questions.

When will this be useful?

For instance, if you’re evaluating your new hire after his or her first three months at the company, you might want to learn more about specific answers. Knowing on a scale might not be detailed enough.

Say, a co-worker answered that the employee isn’t exactly a team player. What does this mean specifically, though?

Does the respondent feel he/she should contribute more to team meetings or client calls, or does this rating relate to the employee’s willingness to integrate and participate in after-hour events?

Understanding what stands behind specific closed-ended answers can make all the difference for your HR department and help understand the nature of the feedback.

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How to Improve Employee Performance

We recommend that you run this survey cyclically – depending on your needs, either every three months, half a year, or once a year. This way, you’ll be able to measure any differences in employee performance. Specifically, you’ll be able to note any problems that might need addressing or notice an improvement in any of the metrics.

It will also be of great assistance when you’re negotiating a salary raise with your employees.

By using this employee performance survey template, you’ll also get access to a built-in analytics tool in the Survicate panel that will show the employee’s results graphically.

Importantly, you can easily export survey results in a .xls or .csv file, and use the data in your other favorite tools.

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