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How BPS World Uses Net Promoter Score to Promote Their Services

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We spoke with William Geldart, a Marketing Manager at BPS World, a UK-based global recruitment company.

William is responsible for a global marketing strategy and promoting BPS World's services to businesses that deal with recruitment. BPS World aims to make the recruitment processes around the world easier.

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What challenges led you to look for a survey platform?

William Geldart: Net Promoter Score is part of a business strategy and helps us measure customer engagement. We wanted to give it a try to measure how our customers rate the experiences we provide. Seeing as NPS is a widely recognized metric, we thought why not try it out? For marketing that’s great, because we can boost our high NPS score of over 50. I think it’s an excellent score.

In terms of why we chose Survicate, we tried other platforms such as SurveyMonkey. I wasn’t involved in the process from the beginning, but my understanding was that we picked Survicate over SM for its integration capabilities. We wanted to integrate with Mailchimp and create an automated process.
William Geldart
Marketing Manager, BPS World

What kind of surveys are you running with Survicate?

W.G. We use Survicate right now for a very specific purpose and that is for Net Promoters Score. It lets us measure customer experience and satisfaction. We use it to send surveys to the candidates that we interviewed and hired for the businesses that we represent. Also, we use it to survey the hiring managers of those businesses as well.

We do that in three regions: the UK and Europe, Asia-Pacific and the US. I work with our Business Intelligence manager who feeds all that data into Microsoft Power BI and it represents an NPS score in a visually-appealing way.

As far as our process goes, we have a tracking system, an ATS – where the information about all our candidates and hiring managers is stored. Then we flow that information into Mailchimp. We send out an email with the survey link that leads to Survicate and collects responses from there. Then the data is passed to Microsoft Power BI, and used to calculate the score.

How do you normally use the feedback you gather?

W.G. We use it mainly for marketing purposes. We promote our services to other businesses and our NPS score lends credibility because it’s very high, which means we deliver a good customer experience.

We also use it for internal marketing purposes. As an example, when people respond to our NPS surveys, they mention specific people from our company who helped them out. We use it for employee recognition and team celebration.

Any insights you discovered through surveys that were particularly surprising?

W.G. We track 3 key groups. We have people who apply for permanent jobs, people who work on fixed time-basis projects (contract candidates), and hiring managers. What we found out is that contract candidates are generally less happy. This is due to several reasons. Since they’re not our regular employees, they often speak their mind about things such as our service, interviews we run, how we manage their payroll, and everything. And it’s good for us to be able to capture that feedback and make improvements.

By segmenting our customers and being able to spot trends among those segments, we’ve been able to considerably improve our experience.

What do you like the most about Survicate?

Survicate integration capabilities are great and that’s a big part of the appeal. And the platform itself is very innovative and it’s so easy to set up surveys.
William Geldart
Marketing Manager, BPS World

W.G.  I’ve used SurveyMonkey before. In fact, it was a bit clunky, not as user-friendly. They didn’t have the capacity to quickly create content-rich surveys and capture responses easily. It’s very important for us to be able to quickly send out link-based surveys. In terms of analysis, Survicate does the job well, too.

What do you think we need to improve?

W.G. Survicate’s been great so far. One thing that comes to my mind is the ability to send email notifications at a specific time, so I can decide when to receive them.

As you can see, running NPS surveys with Survicate has quite a few benefits. Want to check it out for yourself? Sign up for Survicate today!


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