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How likely are you to recommend the product/brand to your friend?

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is the easiest and fastest way to assess customer loyalty to a company. The answer to this simple question provides deep insights into customer satisfaction.

This piece lists the 10 best survey tools for NPS for your business. Discover them all to create a survey that your customers won't ignore.

#1 Survicate

The thing about Survicate is that once you start using it, you won't want to stop. It’s easy to use and flexible, and creating NPS surveys is like a walk in the park. You can quickly choose one of the ready-made templates or create your own from scratch. 

Best NPS Survey Tools - Survicate
Survicate, an NPS survey tool with a large number of survey templates

Put your survey in your email, in-product – or anywhere else along your customer journey to increase your chances of getting them to respond. With Survicate, anyone can create a great survey, even without coding experience.

Moreover, Survicate provides you with automated reports daily, weekly (or as often as you wish). You can also get real-time notifications about responses via Slack or MicrosoftTeams.

And don’t forget to connect Survicate with other tools you use in your daily workflows, such as HubSpot. You can use these integrations to create even more powerful customer insights. Do you need any more from the NPS survey tool?

NPS survey features

  • Flexible design editor with endless customization options
  • Drag & drop questions
  • Smart surveys with skip logic, re-directs, and custom actions
  • Email, website, web, and mobile app surveys are available
  • Ready-to-go templates for NPS and other survey types: CES, CSAT, and many others
  • Advanced integrations with, e.g., Google Analytics, Intercom, and HubSpot
  • The ability to import feedback from other sources
  • Real-time notifications and automated reports
  • Easy to set and run Mircosurveys
The 10 Best NPS Survey Tools for Deep Customer Insights Banner 1


Paid plans in Survicate are divided into four main categories – Feedback Starter ($89/mo), Advanced Researcher ($129/mo), Feedback Automation ($179/mo), and Team Insights ($269/mo). 

It depends on how many active surveys and how many features you need. A customized plan is also available (best for websites and apps with many active users) – the price starts at $299 per month.

Visit this page to learn more about Survicate pricing. 

Free plan

✅Yes, Survicate provides a free plan perfect for running quick surveys. It includes an unlimited number of responses and 125+ survey templates designed by experts

#2 Hotjar

Hotjar is a product for creating simple surveys and collecting customer feedback. It provides on-site and external questionnaires to capture customer answers during specific journey moments.

Best NPS Survey Tools - Hotjar
Hotjar, a tool most famous for its heatmaps and session recordings

In truth – the setup process is simple, and creating surveys is fairly straightforward. It isn’t cluttered with unnecessary features that you wouldn’t use anyway. It’s worth noting that some more advanced design options (such as branding removal) are put behind a paywall.

However, creating conditional logic for survey questions is quite challenging and might limit you in a certain way. Therefore, unless you don't require any complexity in your NPS surveys, Hotjar Ask should be a good choice. 

NPS survey features

  • Easy installation - just copy and paste one line of code
  • No storage limits for survey responses
  • Customizable survey designs 
  • Question bank and pre-built templates are available


Hotjar offers three paid plan options. The prices start at $59 per month, depending on the number of responses. A business plan for analyzing survey performance begins at $79 per month. A scale plan is also available.

Free plan

✅Yes, Hotjar provides a free plan.

#3 Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback Form & Survey Builder is another NPS survey tool worth a closer look at. The software offers white-labeled surveys, forms, polls, and quizzes that (as promised) can be created in minutes. So what does it look like in reality?

Best NPS Survey Tools - ZonkaFeedback
ZonkaFeedback - when you want more than surveys

Even though the interface is straightforward, creating a more detailed NPS survey is tedious. Instead of dragging and dropping premade open-ended questions, you must manually type each one. In addition, the animation between questions is a bit clunky. 

However, a good option is the ability to create quick micro surveys that can save you time. The availability of multiple languages is also a nice touch. 

NPS survey features

  • Real-time survey preview
  • Screen design for introductions and exits
  • Pipelining answers from one question to another
  • Multilingual surveys


Zonka Feedback offering is divided into two main purposes – Personal and Business. The vendor provides a 15-day free plan and demo. As for professional use, there are four plans available – Professional ($99/mo), Growth ($199/mo), and Enterprise ($499/mo). The price varies depending on the number of emails sent and website visitors. There is also a custom plan available.

Free plan

⛔️Zonka Feedback doesn’t provide a free plan.

#4 Nicereply

Nicereply promises that it will never let you miss an opportunity to grow and improve your business. There is no denying that this survey software provides an interesting rating feed that makes tracking the feedback a little easier.

Best NPS Survey Tools - NiceReply
NiceReply - a comprehensive tool for improving the customer experience

The tool provides handy filters that streamline segmenting the results. It also has a user-friendly interface that should be accessible to beginners.  

There is one thing we should not overlook. Nicereply surveys will not surprise you. They are simple, without special effects. It begs the question – is it enough to capture your customers' attention?

NPS survey features

  • Charts, time filters, and comparisons
  • Customer dissatisfaction highlights
  • Rating feed to track your NPS score easier


Try the product for free for 14 days and see a demo. Four plans are available. Their monthly fees vary from $49 to $299. The number of responses is limited depending on the chosen plan.

Free plan

⛔️Nicereply doesn’t provide a free plan.

#5 AskNicely

AskNicely isn't precisely a survey builder but rather an experience management platform. Among the appealing features of AskNicely is the ability to set up follow-ups for a particular use case or disable automation altogether. 

Best NPS Survey Tools - AskNicely
AskNicely, another tool for companies looking for a broader customer experience solution

The tool is not easy to learn from the start-go. It might not be the best option if you need to create surveys right away. For beginners, the more advanced features might be overwhelming.

NPS survey features

  • Getting feedback via email, SMS, or web
  • Sharing customer feedback in real time to the right screen (TV, mobile app, PowerPoint)
  • Rule-based automation that triggers emails or integrations


AskNicely has two pricing plans: a platform that lets you create surveys and Add-ons to upgrade the experience with features designed for enterprise customers. Unfortunately, the vendor doesn't provide further pricing information. A demo is available upon request.

Free plan

⛔️AskNicely doesn’t provide a free plan.

NPS survey banner 2

#6 Qualtrics

If you need survey software that handles complex research projects and you have developers on hand, Qualtrics might be the option for you.

Best NPS Survey Tools - Qualtrics
Qualtrics, an enterprise solution for customer satisfaction, employee engagement and more

Its online survey software covers all aspects – from creation to analysis. You can choose from many different graph types (limited since you cannot create anything dynamic) and export the data to external files.

What makes Qualtrics reputable is artificial intelligence that powers survey creation and gives personalized survey design recommendations. This add-on works reasonably well and can help get better-quality data.

A crucial point to note is that Qualtrics’ drag-and-drop menu is limited in its capabilities. So if you don't know Python or another programming language, adding more custom options or complex logic will be challenging.

NPS survey features

  • Creating and testing surveys in real-time
  • Predictive intelligence and statistical analysis built-in
  • Personalized survey design recommendations


This vendor does not provide pricing on their website or anywhere publicly. 

Free plan

⛔️Qualtrics doesn’t offer a free plan.

#7 Simplesat

Simplesat, in line with its name, provides a survey builder that lets you create simple and intuitive surveys. You can also use it as a plugin for a ticketing system (without knowing much about the code). 

Best NPS Survey Tools - Simplesat
Simplesat, a truly simple customer feedback solution

The tool is easy to use and master, as it doesn’t provide any features that might confuse you. While it streamlines the workflow for quick surveys, it could also be a barrier if you need to conduct more complex and detailed research. 

Therefore, it's a friendly tool for collecting basic customer insights but doesn't provide much else.

NPS survey features

  • Provides support for multiple brands in one account
  • Responsive survey design
  • Support for nearly any helpdesk through dynamic placeholders
  • Automated follow-up emails to remind customers to complete the survey


There are two options: A standard plan with unlimited users, customers, and surveys for $99 per month; or a Pro plan for $249 per month, which includes custom survey design and multi-brand support.

Free plan

⛔️Simplesat doesn’t provide a free plan.

#8 Delighted

The Delighted tool is powered by Qualtrics (mentioned earlier here). In terms of overall customer experience, Qualtrics is more robust and provides more complex features, while Delighted is explicitly designed for surveys. How do they differ?

Best NPS Survey Tools - Delighted
Delighter, the Qualtrics sister tool dedicated to surveys

This survey builder should work well if you need to create a basic survey without any outstanding tweaks. It also provides an " over-surveying feature,” which protects your customers from getting too many surveys.

Unfortunately, the solution is quite expensive compared to other entries in this list. Further, it binds you for a year without the possibility of the monthly payment. 

NPS survey features

  • Additional questions powered by conditional logic based on the survey response.
  • Delighted API to automatically trigger surveys based on customer journey touchpoints
  • Personalized thank-you messages to engage customers 
  • Keyword-specific search results


The tool offers two paid plans – Premium ($224/mo) and Premium Plus ($449/mo). The plans vary mostly by the number of team members and survey limits. A plan tailored to enterprise customers is also available.

Free plan

✅Yes, Delighted provides a free plan.

#9 InMoment

InMoment, formerly known as Wootric, provides a pretty good survey solution. It is relatively easy to create and send surveys customized based on the events that you define, regardless of what language they are in or what customer segments they are targeting.

Best NPS Survey Tools - InMoment
InMoment, an enterprise tool for capturing customer feedback insights

InMoment filters are easy to use and allow you to understand customer behavior deeply. Furthermore, you can customize them to your needs.

Among its shortcomings – currently, it is impossible to set an expiration date for the survey link once it has been sent. There are also instances in which customers can rate the same survey more than once, leading to inaccurate results.

NPS survey features

  • Engagement Engine powered by AI to conduct real-time conversations with customers.
  • Survey frequency monitoring
  • Micro-surveys for ad-hoc research queries


The vendor doesn’t provide any pricing information. You have to get in touch to get a quote.

Free plan

⛔️InMoment doesn’t offer a free plan.

#10 SatisMeter

SatisMeter didn’t impress us with anything in particular, but we must admit that setting up the account and creating a survey was a breeze. Since most of the work is automated, no special skills are required.

Best NPS Survey Tools - SatisMeter
Satismeter, a great overall tool for customer feedback

Unfortunately, the SatisMeter survey design isn’t highly customizable. You can only change the color (which doesn't mean much, especially in comparison with other entries here). You can't count on any unique templates, either.

Implementing integrations is tedious, and they don't run as smoothly as they should. You can get fundamental customer insights through this tool, but for some more detailed research, it's not going to be the right choice.

NPS survey features

  • Unlimited projects, team members, and surveys
  • Survey throttling and sampling to prevent survey overload
  • Multilingual support
  • Targeting by user attributes


There is just one ready-made subscription plan available – for $199 per month, limited to 1,000 responses and 10,000 active users. However, there is also the possibility of arranging a custom plan.

Free plan

✅Yes, SatisMeter provides a free plan, limited to 25 responses per month.

Take action now

There is nothing to wait for. Creating NPS surveys is no longer rocket science, thanks to many of these great tools. You can start collecting and managing feedback today - it’s that easy.

These adjectives describe the NPS survey tools listed above: easy, fast, and simple to implement. 

Haven't you decided yet? Start from Survicate and see your NPS survey response rates explode. 🚀Sign up for free. Also, you can foster your decision making by checking our newest ranking of best website satisfaction tools.

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