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Are you tired of feeling like your customer journey mapping process is stuck in a black hole?

With customer journey map tools, you can easily and effectively monitor every touchpoint in the customer experience without being lost. From identifying common pain points to optimizing communication strategies, you’ll be able to upgrade your customer journey mapping process. 

What are customer journey mapping tools?

Put briefly, customer journey mapping tools are platforms that allow you to create visual representations of customer journeys. They show all the points of contact with your brand, which can include online, offline, in-store, and mobile interactions. 

For example, a customer journey mapping tool may help you identify the steps in an online checkout flow. By charting out each stage of a user's experience with your product, you can gain insights into how to optimize their experience and shorten the path to the purchase.

The benefits of customer journey mapping tools 

Marketers are increasingly relying on customer journey mapping tools. It's no wonder since they offer numerous perks.

Identify customer pain pointsWith a customer journey map, you can identify the steps that cause customers to drop off or struggle to navigate your website.

Improve user experience
By knowing where users encounter difficulties, you can improve these parts of their journey to make it more enjoyable.

Create targeted campaigns
Once you know your customer's journey, you can create targeted campaigns tailored to their needs and preferences.

Optimize communication
You can use customer journey mapping tools to monitor interactions across channels and optimize communication. 

Improve customer loyalty
By understanding how customers interact with your brand, you can build on this knowledge to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Prioritize issues
Quickly finding trouble spots allows you to address and resolve them more efficiently.

How Survicate can support customer journey mapping

As soon as you start creating a customer journey map, you need to consider how to engage with users and collect feedback at every touchpoint.

Customer Journey Mapping tools - Survicate
Use surveys to effortlessly capture all types of customer feedback with Survicate

The tool that can make it happen is Survicate. It’s easy to use, comes equipped with event-triggered surveys, and lets you capture qualitative data at each stage of the customer's journey.

Survicate is not designed to create customer journey maps. But it’s an extremely helpful add-on if you want to get a big picture of how customers feel about your product or the service you provide. It helps you to collect the insights that you can use with any of the mapping tools we describe in this article.

Survicate comes with plenty of customizable features and 300+ ready-made templates. It's also useful for testing new product ideas or marketing campaigns to help you ensure that your customers have an even more enjoyable experience with your brand.

If you run a customer-centric business and want to know your customers' experiences inside out, you have to gather feedback on a regular basis. And Survicate is your best partner to collect continuous feedback and analyze it.

🔑 Key features

  • In-product, website, email, link, and mobile surveys
  • Drag & drop survey builder (powered with many customization options and guided building)
  • 300+ survey templates designed by experts (responsive and visually appealing)
  • Unlimited users and feedback collection time
  • Rich targeting options, e.g., custom attributes and actions
  • Email-embedded surveys
  • Survey stats, filters, reports, and alerts
  • Automated workflows

💸 Pricing

With Survicate, you can easily gain valuable insights into your business without breaking the bank. Its 10-day free trial offers all Business plan features, including 30+ native integrations, advanced attribute targeting, and multilingual surveys, as well as many other features.

Business and Enterprise plans are also available.

#1 Heap

Whether you're a SaaS whizz or just starting out, and you're looking for the ultimate tool for journey mapping, give Heap a try. 

Customer Journey Mapping tools - Heap
Powerful customer analytics for businesses of any size with Heap

This powerful customer analytics solution allows businesses of all sizes to discover trends in user behavior and track what drives customers from each interaction. With features like automated tracking, funnel optimization tools, and segmentation analysis, Heap makes it simple to drive smarter marketing and increase ROI.

Plus, you'll have more time to focus on nurturing leads instead of constantly crunching the numbers!

🔑 Key features

  • Pinpointing hidden friction points and opportunities
  • Complete data science capabilities for uncovering data correlations
  • A quick way to discover the most relevant patterns and trends
  • Integrated session replay to get a full context of your customer journey
  • Over 100 integrations across the stack

💸 Pricing

Plans are available in four different price ranges, and you can get the exact prices upon request. Heap also provides a free plan with standard analytics and up to 10k monthly sessions.  

#2 Miro

Miro is a tool that can help you track and understand your customer journey from start to finish. Mastering each customer contact point has never been easier with this intuitive, user-friendly design platform.

Customer Journey Mapping tools - Miro
Get creative and capture your customer journey in a visual way with Miro

With its practical workspace for teams to collaborate and create visually appealing maps in real time, Miro can get you insight that leads to increased customer retention. 

In addition to traditional mapping capabilities, the tool also offers unique visuals, such as flow diagrams and canvases, which help organizations unleash creative ways to meet customer needs.

🔑 Key features

  • Building interactive journey maps and workflows diagrams
  • Uncovering experience gaps 
  • Whiteboards for brainstorming new updates and features
  • Analyzing and compiling insights into user personas

💸 Pricing

As Miro's price ranges between $8 and $16 per user per month, it's a fairly affordable solution. There is also a free plan available, as well as a tailored solution that is suitable for larger businesses. 

#3 Lucidchart

Mastering every touchpoint in the customer journey is no small feat, but the right tools can make it a much simpler task. Lucidchart is one of those helpful tools that you should not overlook.

Customer Journey Mapping tools - Lucidchart
Customer journey maps are just one of the many content types you can create in Lucidchart

It provides an easy-to-use visual framework to seamlessly create customer journey maps while making sure that you’re tracking every single step along the way.

With support for integration with popular software such as G Suite and Salesforce, Lucidchart makes mapping out customer journeys even easier by helping you access and visualize important data quickly and efficiently.

🔑 Key features

  • Intelligent diagramming that captures the customer experience
  • Streamlined collaboration with other departments and stakeholders
  • Dynamic sharing options and powerful integrations

💸 Pricing

Lucidchart’s Individual plan starts at $7.95. The one suitable for teams—from $9 per user. However, there is also a free plan with three editable Lucidchart docs, 60 shapes, and 100 templates available. 

#4 Gliffy

When it comes to customer journey mapping, there's one more tool that stands out from the competition—Gliffy.

Customer Journey Mapping tools - Gliffy
Find out where customers get stuck in their journey with Gliffy

Gliffy provides a simple but powerful way of mapping out your customers' unique pathways and uncovering points of friction or delight. With a combination of advanced analytics and editing capabilities, you can quickly create detailed customer journey maps that are accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive.

Want to get creative? The intuitive design tools allows you to annotate each step with icons and other visual elements to give a graphic depiction of the entire customer experience. With Gliffy, managing every stage of the customer journey is a breeze!

🔑 Key features

  • Diagram templates and drag-and-drop shapes
  • Collaboration options—editing, viewing, and commenting
  • Zero learning curve

💸 Pricing

The cost of online diagramming depends on how many people use it. For nine or fewer users, the price is $9; for up to 60, the price is $6 per user, paid monthly.

#5 Smaply

For those already familiar with customer journey mapping, Smaply is a great option. Its comprehensive, user-friendly platform simplifies the process of discovering insights that will help you shape unique experiences for each person interacting with your brand. 

Customer Journey Mapping tools - Smaply
Smaply: an intuitive way to collect feedback and create customer journey maps

By allowing companies to visualize the customer journey, and identify problem areas and points of engagement, Smaply gives marketers the know-how to optimize the customer journey.

Plus, the team at Smaply offers great support, so when the time comes to take a deep dive into your customer journey map, you can rest assured you have a knowledgeable resource by your side.

🔑 Key features

  • Categorizing journey maps into different stages
  • Text descriptions to highlight the most important details of each step
  • Storyboards to connect and empathize with the personas’ experiences
  • Image gallery to add images and pictograms

💸 Pricing

Smaply is certainly one of the most expensive solutions on our list. Prices start at $20 and go up to around $30 monthly per user. For simple journey maps, a free plan is available. 

#6 UXpressia

UXPressia is a revolutionary customer journey map tool that provides businesses with an easier and more efficient way to gain valuable insights into their customers’ experiences.

Customer Journey Mapping tools - Uxpressia
Create dynamic customer journey maps with UXPressia

Not only can you create dynamic maps that help illustrate the customer’s journey, but you can also customize their journeys based on the customer segment, channel type, or touchpoints.

With its intuitive design, easy-to-use interface, and beautiful color schemes, UXPressia is quickly becoming the go-to resource for companies seeking to understand their customers better.

🔑 Key features

  • Real-time collaboration to work together with colleagues and stakeholders
  • Visualizing customer emotions
  • Branded export to scalable print-ready files
  • Browser-based presentation mode

💸 Pricing

Depending on the integrations and features, prices vary from $16 to $36 per user per month. UXPressia also offers a free plan, which is suitable if you want to create a single map and don’t need more advanced features.

#7 Custellence

Whatever your goal is, whether it’s increasing loyalty, improving conversions, or developing relationships, Custellence can help you take your customer journey mapping from good to great.

It takes the hassle out of understanding customers and makes it much easier for companies to craft strategies that offer stellar experiences every single time.

Customer Journey Mapping tools - Custellence
Create customer journey maps and improve your customer experience with Custellence

With Custellence’s special features, including service blueprints and experience maps, you will receive actionable insights that will allow you to unlock the secrets of a truly remarkable customer journey.

🔑 Key features

  • Sub-lanes for multiple levels of detail in maps
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Upload data, images, links, or documents
  • Highest data security standards

💸 Pricing

The tool is $30 per member per month. A standard free plan that includes many advanced features is also available. There is also a plan tailored to the needs of individual businesses. 

#8 OmniGraffle

OmniGraffle shines by offering clarity and insight into customer journeys thanks to presenting all the data in an easy-to-digest graphical format.

As one of OmniGroup’s tools, it simply breaks all boundaries in taking actionable steps toward optimizing the customer experience.

Customer Journey Mapping tools - Omnigraffle
A direct competitor to Miro and Lucidchart, OmniGraffle lets you create diagrams and maps with ease

From mapping out concepts visually to creating easy-to-follow diagrams, OmniGraffle makes customer journey mapping smarter, faster, and more intuitive—all without sacrificing any of its professional appeal.

🔑 Key features

  • An extensive set of graphical features
  • Tools for intelligent grouping, snapping, and aligning
  • SVG import and paste
  • Document scale

💸 Pricing

The OmniGraffle tool for Mac costs from $150 to $250. It is also available for iOS ($60-$120). There is also a free trial if you want to test it out first.

Get the insight you need with surveys

Surveys are an integral part of the customer journey mapping process. They provide insight into customers’ experiences, motivations, and touchpoints. When you conduct the right surveys (and, with Survicate, you will do), you'll be able to identify the key areas where your customers interact with your brand, discover their preferences, and understand their feelings about the whole experience. So, in short, everything you need to make better-informed decisions.

Plus, it’s worth mentioning that Survicate can be integrated with HubSpot, Intercom, Zendesk, Mailchimp, and dozens of other solutions. Combined with any of the tools above, it can be your right hand when mapping.

Get the insights you're looking for by using Survicate surveys to map customer journeys without getting stressed out.

➡️See all the templates Survicate  offers

Your destination is in sight

By now, it's clear that you need the right tools to create customer journey maps.

It's easy—just combine Survicate with any of the other eight journey map tools above, and you'll have a great starting point for mapping out your customer journeys.

You'll be able to get the data you need, understand customer mindsets and motivations, and identify pain points. This power suite will make it easier to create personalized experiences that your customers are waiting for. Sign up for Survicate's 10-day free trial and get access to all Business plan features today!🚀