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2 years

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Profile of the client

UBT is a global enterprise spanning 19 countries. They support their clients with Business Advisory and Group Buying services to help businesses maintain their competitive edge. Their Business Advisory services consist of corporate training, consulting and facilitating leadership and excellence for their client’s in their respective industries. UBT nurtures mutually beneficial relationships between member businesses and world-leading providers of business goods and services. The outcome is a “win, win” for small-to-medium enterprises and big business alike.


UBT has used the Net Promoter Score (NPS) system for some time, to measure customer satisfaction. In December 2015, UBT decided it needed to extend Net Promoter Score data collection to its website. They were going to use collected results to improve the website customer experience wherever possible. The company had a clear goal from the start of 2015: to achieve an NPS 50 by December 31st, 2015.


UBT decided to run a simplified Net Promoter Score survey on the website using a smiley faces website survey. The sad icon represents detractors, neutral passives and the happy one represents promoters. Why did UBT decide to use such scale instead of a traditional 0-10 scale? Smiley faces require less effort to answer and thus provide higher response rates with similar informational value. The survey appears when users log in to their accounts. The next step is a question for the reasons of such answers.


Surveys report response rates between 18% and 27%, depending on a month. The goal of achieving Net Promoter Score 50 by the end of 2015 was easily surpassed so the company set a more ambitious goal for 2016 – NPS 80.

The number of happy users is constantly growing: from 60% at the beginning of the year to 78% in May (Net Promoter Score over 70). Between 10 and 15% of participants leave comments – valuable hints to the company what they should improve or what users like the most about the website. It’s also clear from the comments that the website is improving, with users pointing to specific
details like search function or overall
better experience.

UBT creates a new survey each month to
clearly see trends in answers and
compare results over time.

Business implications of surveys

The first survey, conducted at the end of 2015, showed that most of the users (60%) were satisfied, but it also showed a big opportunity for improvement. Additional comments given by respondents showed what to focus and which elements work well. Minor changes on the website lead to constant improvements of Net Promoter Score, which increases the likelihood of customers to stay and encourages more users to become customers.

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