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August 2016

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Targeted Website Survey

Morizon creates first real estate One Stop Shop to address consumers’ needs. Survicate surveys are used to verify the new line of action and to implement mortgage leads generation process.


billion USD
total value of Polish real estate market


thousand new apartments
were sold in Poland in 2017

Polish real estate market is thriving. More than 72 thousand new apartments were sold in 2017. The government programs and good economy work in favor of the buyers, causing 17% sales increase compared to the previous year. It made 2017 the most lucrative year for the polish real estate market.

The still growing real estate market in Poland (which is worth around 6 billion dollars) requires advanced selling tools to ease the property purchase process for the buyers. Morizon, with 540 thousand estate listings in February 2018 is the place to go. Over 1,4 million visitors a month make the site the most popular on the Polish market.

Property purchase process simplified is a part of the MZN Property Inc. company. The most prominent independent publisher of advanced real estate services in Poland. In 2017 the company entered Warsaw Stock Exchange showing 26% increase in net profit in just 9 months, compared to the previous year.

To meet the customers’ needs, is planning to launch Poland’s first One Stop Shop for real estate. As Michal Jaskolski, the co-founder of MZN Property S.A. says “one of our main goals is to understand the users. We want to know what properties they search for, at what stage of the purchase process they are, what are their expectations of the market, and what are their preferences. Only by knowing these factors we will be able to develop our products accordingly to their needs.

Tell us what you need

To build a service that meets customers’ needs you need the right tools. Morizon decided to use Survicate’s surveys to discover the demands of property buyers.

One of the main benchmarks Morizon used while choosing the survey tool was the scale on which it has to work. “Survicate’s alternative that we’ve tested couldn’t quite manage the number of our users or were too expensive,” says Michal Jaskolski. He also adds: “Survicate stood out with the simplicity of creating surveys, vast configuration options and possibility to integrate with external tools.

Using Survicate allowed Morizon to introduce new processes into the company’s structure, such as lead generation, content needs research, and service quality control with Net Promoter Score® (NPS®).

We’ll meet your needs

To make the most of the processes, Morizon created their integration with UserEngage. They use it for lead qualification. In this integration, all users’ answers are ascribed to their profiles in UserEngage. This allows for their further usage in sales processes and closing on prospects.

The solution allows enriching customers’ data with information such as stage of property research, their preferences, and financial needs. “Thanks to the users’ data enrichment with the survey answers, we can precisely fulfill customers expectations,” says Michal Jaskolski. Even more, it translates directly into the service’s effectiveness and accuracy of presented real estate listings.

Mortgage guidance

The property financing can be an overcomplicated process and many buyers are getting lost in the labyrinth of documentation and requirements needed for the mortgage. “We‘ve surveyed our users about the problems and doubts they have when it comes to financing and mortgage. Based on the results, we published a series of articles to answer their questions” – adds Michal Jaskolski.

The series of content helped new users to get to know the mortgage offers, check their financial capacity and whether they meet the bank’s requirements for applying for a mortgage.

Are you satisfied?

To ensure the quality of the service, monitors their NPS® through email surveys. The main conversion in the service occurs when a user completes the contact form for the agency. Two emails are sent afterward. First one is an NPS® sent right after submitting the form and measures the customer satisfaction of services. The second one is a non-NPS survey sent after 48 hours after the conversion to check the quality of service held on the agency side.

For us, it is vital to ensure the communication between customer and real estate agency occurs. We want to know what happens after the user fills out the form” – emphasises Joanna Zakrzewska-Slezak, Customer Experience Director at Morizon Sp. z o.o.. Different real estate agencies publish their listings on That is why it is critical to ensure the high level of customer experience also outside the online service.

The standard NPS® inquiry is followed by a couple of questions to pinpoint the reasons behind the score. On average, about 7 of 10 Morizon users answer the open-ended questions in NPS® surveys. As Joanna Zakrzewska-Slezak states, “the collected data guides us to introduce modifications or new features in the service. After analyzing each answer and categorizing them, we get our priority list for the product development.

Keeping finger on the pulse with NPS® allowed Morizon to monitor the customer satisfaction on the user-real estate agency line. It also enabled it to take actions to assure constant improvement of the metric. “The NPS® survey is crucial to us. They directly translate into the changes influencing the growth of the conversion rate” says Joanna Zakrzewska-Ślęzak.

Well organized feedback

MZN Property S.A. is a group whose subsidiaries develop a variety of products. From real estate listing services such as,, or, to financial or B2B tools helping estate agencies in their daily work (, and Thus, it is important to divide the survey activities across the company. “Using Survicate’s Workspaces, we are able to easily manage our surveys and targeting” sums up Michal Jaskolski. Each of the subsidiaries can independently create and manage the settings based on their needs.

In the near future will become the first One Stop Shop real estate platform in Poland. The company is able to adjust their services in accordance with users thanks to active listening to their needs via surveys.

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