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May 2018

100+ employees

Survicate features used:

Targeted Website Survey

Profile of the client

Colorescience, is the only premium “all-in-one” makeup for women who don’t want to compromise health for lasting beauty. Colorescience sets the standard for 100% healthy color cosmetics. Their curated collection of breathable, glowing colors are formulated with exceptional sun protection and skin-nourishing benefits.  Colorescience meticulously refines their minerals, pigments, and nutrient dense ingredients to include enough natural zinc & titanium dioxide to protect even a baby’s face. No compromises, now or ever.


Beauty products are not easy to sell without physical interaction. Customers need to be sure that the product matches their skin and the color is right, otherwise, they simply don’t buy. The company assumed that shoppers might have problems with that and decided to run a post-purchase survey in order to test it. The results were to be used to redesign the website if needed.


Survicate widgets were used to run a post-purchase survey asking what was the one thing that almost stopped shoppers from buying.

Widgets appeared right after completing the purchase to draw customers’ attention when they were still focused and remembered the process and experience very well. How did the survey perform?

Results of the post-purchase survey

The survey gathered more than 2800 answers with a response rate of 31%. To Colorescience’s delight, the most popular answer (over 45%) was “Nothing, everything was great!”. However, other answers signalized possible problems. As the company expected, the most popular of them, with over 35% responses, was “Not sure what color matches my skin”. The third the most popular answer, “something else not listed here” was followed by a contact form asking users to leave their email addresses and phone numbers. 10% filled in the data and the company was able to contact them asking for more information about problems that they encountered.

Business implications of collected data

As Jason Yau, Director of Marketing at Colorescience says:

‘Selecting the right color has been the leading issue for customers since we started the survey. We were already in the process of redesigning our site, so we used the data to build a Foundation Finder that makes it easier for customers to select the appropriate foundation color and format (liquid, pressed mineral, loose mineral) for their skin by selecting from a gallery of models.

After the launch of our new site, the post-purchase survey was able to show the gains that we had made in helping women select the ideal foundation shade, while also telling us that it was still an area of opportunity for other products on the site. Based on that, we designed color selection charts for the other products on our site to further address the issue.

With Survicate’s survey technology, we’ve made big strides in improving the customer experience in this and other areas’.