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Derma med spa is a world class cosmetic clinic passionate about helping people look and feel beautiful about themselves.


As the company grew, it wanted to keep its sales process well-organized and generate leads on the website to constantly increase sales. These are crucial factors in the process of growth of a company so it needed to choose the right software.


Derma med spa decided to choose Pipedrive CRM as it’s easy to use and cost-effective.

Then the company started looking for a website survey tool to generate leads on the website. Derma med spa initially chose one of the Indian providers of such tools but then decided to switch to Survicate. The most important reasons for changing the provider were: more flexible pricing tiers, ease of use, and a direct integration with Pipedrive. How do Pipedrive and Survicate work together?

Visitors to the websites see a widget asking them what they would like to know more about (pricing details or book an appointment).

The next step is a question how they want to be contacted (by phone or book an appointment online). The last step is a lead from to fill out a phone number for those who want to be contacted by phone or a redirect to a page where

they can book an appointment online by themselves if they chose this option. When a visitor submits a form with a contact number, data is sent to Pipedrive. An anonymous website visitor becomes a sales lead. The sales team contacts a lead with adequate information to either move them down the pipeline and convert them into customers or disqualify the opportunity.

Business results
of lead generation forms

On average, more than 16% of visitors answer the first question. More than 90% of them complete the second step (i.e. choose how they want to be contacted). 35% of them either fill out a form with a contact number or decide to book an appointment online. It gives a conversion rate from a visitor to a lead of over 5%. For a chosen period of time, it translated into more than 600 visitors who started a survey and over 200 leads sent to Pipedrive. This resulted in more than 30 customers who generated joint sales of over $12000.