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May 2015

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Profile of the client

GetResponse is one of the leading providers of email marketing services, used by over 350 000 clients all over the world. The company offers not only mailing services but also landing pages creator, video conferences software and more. GetResponse is said to provide the easiest to use and the most intuitive interface, as well as world-class customer support.


Similar to almost all companies, GetResponse uses Google Analytics to know who visits the website and what happens there. The problem is that GA can’t reveal many details that are important to the company – e.g. what users think of the product, what features are missing and problems that they meet while using the product. Gathering such data would enable GetResponse to tailor its services to needs of customers and remove obstacles if there are any.


The company decided to run a multi-step survey with questions important to improving its services.

The first step was a message explaining why the company was running the survey and describing the reward. In this case, it was a guide to building mailing lists – something really useful to users. Following questions concerned likelihood of recommending GetResponse to other people, how participants use the product, what features are missing, what are the biggest problems, what other materials they would like to see in the knowledge base etc.

Results of the survey

More than 1800 people took part in the survey (more than 2,3% of all visitors). Their answers allowed the marketing team at GetResponse to calculate their Net Promoter Score, showed that most of the participants are the only users of GetReponse at their companies, gave many ideas how to develop how the product and what problems they face.