E-commerce with
51-200 employees

Survicate customer for:

2 years

Survicate features used:

Profile of the client

As Jordan Lejuwaan, owner of the company says, “RaveNectar is a crazy clothing company that partners with independent artists to print their creations all-over clothing. Artists get 20% of each sale and our customers get clothing perfect for music festivals or just walking around town”.


The company sells shirts and hoodies and wanted to test if visitors are interested in purchasing other clothing as well. Expanding offer could result in higher sales and attracting more visitors to the website.

What is more, the company wanted to check if they can improve the website to make purchasing easier. The website was clear to RaveNectar, but they wanted to check if visitors agree and can buy without a struggle.


RaveNectar started looking for on-site polling app in order to run both surveys. Why did the company choose Survicate? As Jordan says, “Initially we went with Survicate because it was by far the most affordable on-site polling app. Then we fell in love with the easy to use interface and the sexy widget design. We wanted to provide a fun way to answer some of the most common questions from our customers that would hold them back from making a purchase”.

Survicate widgets are being used to run a survey asking visitors what other products they would like to see in the store. Participants can choose more than 1 answer. All visitors see the survey after a few seconds on the website so everyone can participate and express opinions. The next step is the question about factors that prevents visitors from buying.


Over 11000 people have participated in the surveys. The most popular answers to the question asking about expanding offer were: hats (over 3700 answers) and pants (roughly 3300 answers), followed by leggings (over 2800 answers). It provided RaveNectar with a solid understanding what visitors expect from them.

Business implications of collected data

RaveNectar used collected insights to guide their next product rollouts, including yoga mats and leggings. The survey asking about factors preventing from purchasing led the company to make the website clearer and make details about shipping cost and time easier to find so visitors are more likely to place an order.