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January 2018

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Intercom Integration
NPS® email surveys

Droplr Survicate Case Study

With over 530 000 users worldwide and is featured in the top 3 of fastest growing Slack apps of 2018, Droplr still manages to listen carefully to their users. Using Survicate Intercom integration Droplr collects valuable user feedback and puts the business on a new trajectory.

Droplr is a native desktop app enhances productivity and enables users to solve complicated issues quicker and easier. The app allows creating and sharing a print screen, gif, a large file or even a screencast to simplify communication inside and outside the team.

“We discovered that verbal communication ceased to fulfill its role,” says Filip Zaleski, Growth Marketer at Droplr, “people often get caught in the knowledge trap or are unable to explain something over a distance. But when using images instead of words, things get much clearer.”

Clear communication in and out

To create clear communication between their customers, Droplr uses Intercom as its main customer contact point. “All the customer support and communication happens there,” adds Filip.

It is hard to guess what triggered specific user behaviors only by looking at the data. As Filip further explains, “users are very keen to give you feedback, but they won’t share it unless you ask them. And when you do, the insights can be enlightening for your company.” To get these precious insights Droplr uses Survicate integrated with Intercom.

“What convinced us to use Survicate was the Intercom integration. The answers are effortlessly transferred and incorporated into our database in Intercom,” Filip states. Droplr transfers survey data to Intercom as Tags and Attributes and uses them to personalize content for users (mainly tips and guides on how to use Droplr). However, for Filip, the biggest value is the fact that he can convert the qualitative data into quantitative data. It allows him to quickly see what the tendencies and patterns appearing among users are and act accordingly to the results are. “By surveying our users, we’re discovering some crucial business issues. We couldn’t point to them on our own,” Filip says.

Net Promoter Score® surveys

Droplr uses surveys in two distinct ways. First, they measure NPS® to know what their users think about the app. Second, they survey inactive users to find out what are the reasons behind it.
Survicate Droplr Case Study

“We want to know how satisfied users are with our app and what exactly makes them happy,” Filip emphasizes, “that’s why we started to use Survicate.” Droplr targeted the NPS® survey to the users who reached a certain level of activity and were using the apps for at least 30 days. As a result, Droplr’s Intercom is enriched with information about who among their customers is a Promoter, Passive, or Detractor.

The feedback from Survicate NPS® survey allowed Droplr to launch different Intercom campaigns targeted at specific customer groups. For example, Promoters, as a highly satisfied user group receives an email asking to leave a review and mention Droplr to their friends and family. The emails targeted specifically to Promoters reached 70% open rate and over 25% click-through-rate. Thanks to this effective campaign, Droplr increased the number of reviews over 16 times since they started sending surveys. Droplr also uses reverse engineering with answers of satisfied users to find out how to help the ones who are not seeing the app’s value yet.

Passives’ and Detractors’ answers, were pointing to some issues they encountered while using the app. “By listening to their feedback and fixing their problems, our less happy users became much more satisfied with Droplr,” says Filip. ”We read all the feedback that we receive. Each comment is valuable to us, and each teaches us a different lesson.”

User Activation

Survicate Droplr Case StudyDroplr also wanted to find out why specific users send twice as many files in a week than others in a month. They started to survey the inactive users by simply asking “Did you have any problems after signing up on Droplr?”. “Survicate enabled us to quickly and easily find out what are the reasons behind our inactive users. We discovered that some of them got lost in the product, or their on-boarding didn’t go that smooth, or it was hard for them
to see value in our solution,”
Filip explains.

Based on the results, Droplr started to educate inactive users. By sending guides, tips and case studies, they were able to show customers what can be done with Droplr, how to create the most effective communication with visual messages.

Customers know what they need

At one point Droplr decided to kill their iOS app due to low traffic and moved their focus towards desktop and web app. “It turned out that our users think a bit different,” says Filip. Unfortunately, they’ve noticed that the highly active users of the native application stopped using it.

Survicate Droplr Case StudyLater on, when they launched the NPS® survey, it turned out that the small group of iOS app users were the most active users of Droplr, and they couldn’t imagine not having the mobile companion.

Droplr reached out to these users to find out what features iOS application needed. As a result, they started working on a new, more advanced version. To please these pro customers, new app will include top features requested in the NPS® survey such as file sharing between mobile and desktop. “Knowing what your users think about the product makes it easier for you to win them for life,” points out Filip.

Droplr Survicate Case Study