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July 2015

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Profile of the client

NN Investment Partners is an asset management company active in more than 18 countries. The brand has been introduced in July 2015 after being spun off from ING, but its history stretches back 170 years. The purpose of the company is to provide its customers with financial stability and help them secure their financial futures.


The company decided to use rebranding to introduce changes on its website to make it more modern-looking and useful. One of the crucial elements of the website is a page containing listings of investment funds. It is the most visited section on the website. Employees of NN IP gave some feedback on the new website, but they might have been biased. To make sure that the new design performs well, the company decided to ask visitors how they like it. As Tomasz Pietrzak, the Digital Marketing Manager says, NN IP wanted to collect opinions of users to avoid ‘corridor testing’.



NN Investment  Partners used Survicate widgets to ask visitors how they assess the new design and usability of a page with listings of investment funds. After an invitation to taking part in the survey, visitors were asked a simple question ‘Do you like the new design of this website?’. Those who chose a negative answer were asked to write what they dislike. Their responses, heat maps and data from Google Analytics were used to determine whether the design was good or it needed some improvements. To make analysis easier and more effective, NN IP used Survicate’s Google Analytics integration that sends responses as events to GA.

Old design (before rebranding)

Results of the survey

The survey confirmed the “gut feeling” of the company – the new design was no good. 85% of participants (over 900  people) didn’t like the changes. Over 500 of them wrote why. NN Investment Partners found out that the new design was generally confusing and difficult to read. It is worth to mention that a vast part of customers are kind of traditional users and do not like changes at all.  Some respondents pointed to details like the order of columns or the width of rows containing listings and those detailed answers were priceless.

New design (after rebranding)

Business implications of collected data

Collected responses combined with data from Google Analytics left no doubt – NN IP had to work on the new design to make it more appealing to visitors. That’s exactly what the company did. In 3 weeks, they created a new version of the website and put it to the test. NN IP used A/B test as well as Survicate to investigate the usability and satisfaction of visitors. This time, only 30% of participants reacted negatively, which was a satisfying result.

New design (after rebranding and customers feedback)