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April 2018

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We spoke with Ailinne G. Espinoza, the Senior Digital Project Manager of 3Shape, a Denmark-based company that develops 3D scanners and produces software solutions to dental and audio industries.

Ailinne is responsible for her company’s digital strategy. She also manages the website and evaluates every digital initiative that the company intends to pursue.

What challenges led you to start looking for a survey platform?

Ailinne G. Espinoza: We started because I wanted to get insights on a new website we’ve launched, and I picked up this project last year. When were mapping out the strategy we had to run a lot of surveys to understand who our audience was and what they were looking for. I evaluated different platforms. We used HotJar before, but it’s very limited in terms of flows it offers. I then test out quite a few other platforms but Survicate was the one that was the easiest to use. Ease of use is extremely important to me. Survicate also offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to survey conditional logic. It lets you decide which questions should come next and when. Understanding how to add questions also was very easy, as was creating a survey.

I was also happy with the service and how responsive the team was. We needed a tool that integrated with Segment and Google Sheets, and your solution ticks all the boxed for me.

What kind of surveys are you running with Survicate?

A.G.E. We wanted to understand what are the demographics and traits of our website visitors. We asked questions such as “Are you a first-time visitor?”, “Are you a repeat visitor?”. We sell through distributors, and we wanted to understand if the website is more targeted to actual end customers, or is it more for resellers. We knew that it was probably targeted better to end customers. We are a B2B business, but our website is more B2C. So we wanted to understand how many people are coming in as potential customers, how many people are existing customers, and how many are distributors visiting our website or people looking for job opportunities.

We sell to two different segments. We wanted to understand what were the proportions of each segment. We also need to uncover if visitors were looking for product-specific or use-case specific information. We also knew that people really want a demo when evaluating tools, which we didn’t provide, so we need to find what other ways to learn about our tool they’d prefer.

Any insights you discovered thanks to surveys that were particularly interesting?

A.G.E. We are a digital dental vendor, so we asked users how familiar they were with digital dentistry. And what we found out is that they were a lot less familiar than we thought. We knew which direction we should follow on our website and that it should be more targeted at first-time visitors. It was clear our website should cater to people that are early in the funnel.

What did you like the most about Survicate?

A.G.E. I really like filtering capabilities and the ability to tag users. When they respond to a survey, I know who my respondents are. I can exclude certain people so as not to ask them twice about the same thing. What I like most about Survicate is how precisely you can target which visitors should see a given survey. I also use tagging to trigger follow-up surveys to those responded to the original survey.

Being able to exclude mobile visitors is also helpful. I can do the filtering conveniently, in one place.

How was your overall experience while using Survicate?

A.G.E. I think support is one of the most critical aspects when I evaluate a product. Nowadays we need answers right away, I don’t want to talk to someone on the phone, I don’t want to send emails. It’s good to have a chat inside an application like you do. I sometimes talk with the same people and I feel we have a good relationship, you’re very responsive. Support is one of the biggest selling points I pay attention to.

I know you are constantly launching new things and I find them very useful. I like Feedback Hub, I visit it every day. It allows me to manage my feedback easily.

What do you think we need to improve?

A.G.E. Survicate’s has worked fantastic for us so far, but we’d like to be able to group surveys into folders. When you run between 40 and 50 surveys like we do, it gets tricky to manage them. I need to use a very specific naming convention to understand the different groups of surveys. But I hear this feature will be introduced soon, so I can’t wait!

Maybe it’d be useful to be able to replace Feedback Button’s Smiley Scale with something more serious. We sell to dentists and they tend to be more advanced in age. I’d prefer a visual scale of either stars or numbers, not smileys.

As you can see, Survicate is a perfect match when you want to understand your website traffic better and make better-informed business decisions.