Asking questions to get website visitors insights you say? Yes sir! Website traffic can give you a lot of quality data. You can find demographic, geographic and some psychographic data through Google Analytics, but what about measuring qualitative data? Marketers should be focused on finding data which allows them to discover friction points in the prospects’ journey to fill that “Request a Quote” or “Buy Now” button, or tell you the exact reasons why they are not ready to buy from you, yet.

Here are four such pieces of visitors insights that you should extract from your website’s users. A great way of doing that is through micro-surveys, like Survicate.

Discover their intention in coming to your website

People have different reasons for coming to your website. Instead of letting them do the heavy lifting in looking for the right information, you can use micro-surveys and ask them directly. Based on their answer you can redirect them to the right webpage. Once you have sufficient responses, you can see what information majority of visitors are interested in, customize your user experience and other elements of marketing communication to address those needs.

Gather visitors insights with widgets
Placement suggestion: Home page

Finding pain points of your prospects

Once you understand the Why behind your customer’s need for a solution, you can optimize your lead nurturing campaigns, content strategy, call to actions and landing pages. Highlight your product’s capabilities to address these pain points –  increase the quality of engagements and leads from your website.

Visitors insights concerning challenges
Placement suggestion: Home, features or services page

Find friction and the reason they are hesitant to buy from you

Take the guess work out of why your visitors are not converting into leads. It allows you to create better resources which create trust in your product and brand. Also, gives you a deeper understanding of your prospect’s expectations.

Find out what concernes visitors
Placement suggestion: Pricing page as an exit survey

Discover your competitors and their penetration rate

Companies know most of their direct competitors, but have little knowledge about the new ones and that how many of your prospects are actively considering your competitors’ solution. Once you discover the companies against which your solution is actively compared, you can create comparison sheets or blog posts which specify better and/or additional features of your product.

Gather visitors insights with open questions
Placement suggestion: Home, pricing or services page

By now you should be all fired up to get started and get some visitors insights.  We challenge you to be creative, ask insightful questions from your website visitors and utilize them to improve your marketing.

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Photo credit:Bob Jagendorf via photopin cc