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No matter what industry you are in, the average conversion rate hovers around 2% for years. If you have a page that gets 10,000 views, for example, that means that you can expect 200 conversions from it.

But what if instead of growing your traffic, you could improve your conversions instead? A relatively small increase to 3% could mean an extra 100 paying customers, every month. But where do you even get started?

Conversion rate optimization is one of the most important branches of marketing and today, we’re giving you 14 of the very best tools you can use to increase your conversions and get more revenue from your existing traffic.


Ever wanted to find out what’s stopping your customers from converting? Have you tried actually asking them?

There could be a number of things wrong with your website, including the design, the copy, the offer or something else. Simply use Survicate and run a survey to find out what your customers think about any of these things.

Wondering what to ask? There is so much to choose from. Survicate helps you get inspired by offering as many as 300+ survey templates, for situations such as…

And many, many others. If you have any doubts about any part of your website or offer, just ask. You can launch Survicate surveys in many different ways, starting from your website, to a mobile app, through emails, and more.

A large number of integrations is available so you can add your survey results to your CRM, for example, or send out surveys using your favorite email marketing software.

Survicate is a perfect fit for any company and any stage of the sales funnel. For a surefire way to skyrocket your conversions, start with the “why” - and use Survicate. Start your 10-day free trial today!


Just create a page and you have no idea why it’s not converting? You could look into Google Analytics and the goals you set up, but that only gives you the raw data. Sometimes, you need a bit more information to paint the full picture, and this is where FullStory comes into play.

Conversion optimization tools - Fullstory
Track your visitors' behavior with Fullstory

Using this app, you can get access to session recordings from your website users so you can see what is causing them to bounce rather than convert. If you want to get more global insights, tap into user heatmaps to see which parts of your pages get the most engagement. 

FullStory also gives you something called Frustration Signals - signs that something is seriously wrong with your content and that your visitors are not liking it. You can also track funnels and conversions within the app and track your progress in detailed dashboards.

No pricing is available on their website, but a little bit of research shows that the cheapest plan costs $247 per month. This is good for 75,000 sessions a month, which is a great deal. However, your data is stored for two months only.


Landing pages are those pages on your website which are meant to drive conversions, among other things. Using Landingi, you can create beautiful landing pages in their drag-and-drop editor and make sure that you’re one step closer to the sale - at least in terms of design.

Conversion optimization tools - Landingi
Create and test your landing pages with Landingi

But this tool has an extra trick up its sleeve as well. There is an AI tool within Landingi called PageInsider. Just take your freshly built Landingi landing page and run it through PageInsider and you’ll get a quick rundown of what you need to fix. 

There are three main aspects of this tool. One, it will show you the clarity of the page in percentage, so you know how easy it is to understand the content. Two, it shows you the places where customers will pay the most attention. Last but not least, it shows whether your CTAs will be effective or not, all based on AI.

While not a CRO expert, this tool can greatly help in guiding you in the right direction. It comes in any paid plan as an addition that costs $5, which is immense value for money. The cheapest Landingi paid plan is $29 per month.


This is an enterprise customer experience tool that can do many things and conversion rate optimization is just one of them. Within the Intelligence Cloud part of the app, you can use Web Experimentation to unearth precious feedback about your CRO efforts.

Conversion optimization tools - Optimizely
An enterprise tool for CRO - Optimizely

Even though it sounds really complex, Optimizely boils down to a simple A/B testing solution that is well integrated into a larger offering. You can take any aspect of your website, such as copy, design, placement or something else and run it in Optimizely to see what performs better with your target audience.

The problem is that you can’t see the pricing anywhere and you have to talk to a sales rep to find out the costs. A little bit of research we did tells us that plans can go as high as $36,000 per year, so make sure you do your homework first before choosing Optimizely.


If you’re sitting behind a screen, scratching your head and wondering why a page is not converting, it’s time to stop. With UserPeek, you can talk to an actual human being and see what they think about it.

Conversion optimization tools - Userpeek
Get feedback from actual human beings with Userpeek

Similar to UserTesting, probably the most popular product in this niche, UserPeek lets you send a page to a live group of people and get their feedback. You can get insights from people in real time, recorded on video, as they’re browsing your landing page.

The most affordable plan is $195 per month, which gets you 5 tests and 5 opportunities to get real feedback from real people. Although it’s not the cheapest tool on the list, the findings you get this way can be priceless. 


There’s a reason why businesses still send emails in 2022 (and soon 2023): they simply work. Out of all the marketing channels out there, email still holds the throne with the best return on investment. That is, only if you do it right. And this is where Aweber helps.

Conversion optimization tools - Aweber
Flesh out full email marketing campaigns with Aweber

One of the best-known email marketing tools out there, Aweber helps you build beautiful email marketing campaigns while also not neglecting what matters - conversions. Using Aweber, you can split test anything, from images, formats, subject lines, links and more.

You can also connect your website and over time, Aweber will show you which emails drive the most clicks and traffic. Granted, you can do this with UTM tags, but it’s so much slicker with Aweber.

There’s a free version of the tool and paid plans start at $16.50 per month. The total cost will depend primarily on how many recipients you have in your mailing list.


Finding out what customers do on your website is the first step to increasing your conversions. Similar to the previously mentioned FullStory, Heap shows you the data behind every action performed on your website.

Conversion optimization tools - Heap
Watch your customers' session replays with Heap

Session replay is the best-known aspect of Heap, doing precisely what it claims - allowing you to replay user sessions. Illuminate is the second-best feature of the app, and it shows you the exact points on your website pages and funnels where customers drop off or show friction.

Based on their behavior on your website, you can also segment your customers and show their activity through detailed dashboards. Unfortunately, Heap does not provide its pricing publicly so you’ll have to get in touch to get a quote for your specific needs. However, there is a free plan available.

VWO testing

Split testing is easier said than done. And when you want it to be easy, you can use VWO and their product called VWO Testing. You can use it to split test any aspect of your website, down to a single line of code. And the beauty of it is that you don’t need to know how to write a single line of code in the first place.

Conversion optimization tools - VWO testing
Split test just about anything with VWO Testing

VWO Testing uses an intuitive visual editor that lets you drag and drop and click around to change different aspects of your website. This lets you run a series of different split tests of different versions of the same page to check and see which one performs best. 

Much like the competition, VWO Testing is intended for enterprise audiences with deep pockets. This means that you can’t get the pricing publicly and you’ll have to get in touch with them for a personalized quote.


If you already have a pool of engaged customers using your SaaS product, you’ll benefit from using ProductBoard. One of the heavyweights in the product management space, this app lets you collect customer feedback from A to Z. Today, we’re mostly interested in the Ideas portion of the tool.

Conversion optimization tools - Productboard
An advanced tool for product management and CRO - Productboard

You can use Ideas to gather feedback from specific customers on specific pages and ask them how they feel about their experience. For example, you can ask free trial customers what’s preventing them from upgrading or trying out a new feature.

While online reviews generally state that ProductBoard is a bit complex to use and has a steep learning curve, this tool is a powerful way to close the feedback loop for SaaS products. Pricing starts at $80 per maker per month but don’t be fooled - you’ll be spending hundreds of dollars if you want all the features this app has to offer.

Communication is at the heart of marketing and this is exactly what helps you with. This tool allows you to get in touch with your customers using various methods, from live chat to SMS, emails and in-app notifications. All you have to do is set up the app and the rest is taken care of.

Conversion optimization tools -
Omnichannel customer communication with

Where excels is segmentation. Based on the actions your customers take and the information they give you, they are split up into super detailed segments so you can better market to them. In other words, personalized messaging at scale.

If it reminds you of Intercom, it sort of is like that but much cheaper. At $150 per month, you get up to 8,000 profiles in your dashboard, which is excellent value for money. 


Ever wanted to find out exactly what happens in your website and your product? Mixpanel does just that. Set it up and watch as patterns emerge when Mixpanel anayzes your website behavior. You can easily see where customers drop off and the app will throw suggestions your way about what’s gone wrong.

Conversion optimization tools - Mixpanel
Dig down deep into your website data with Mixpanel

Besides analytics, you can also use it for super detailed segmentation based on any attribute you want, from the location of the visitor all the way to the browser being used. You can then use the segmented audiences for better targeting and improving your conversion rates.

There’s a very generous free plan allowing up to 100k sessions per month but you won’t be able to save any reports. Paid plans start at $25 monthly.


Omnichannel customer service is the name of the game in the years to come and Freshdesk is one of the top competitors in this space. It essentially allows you to communicate with one and the same customer across different platforms, seamlessly and all in one inbox.

Conversion optimization tools - Freshdesk
Communicate across channels with Freshdesk

Just set up Freshdesk once and you can chat to customers on the phone, through live chat, social media and email - and more. One contact, all the updates in one place. This not only allows for better personalization and better conversions but also saves precious time for your customer service agents.

There’s a free plan you can grab but don’t worry. Even if you have to pay, the $15 per month per agent is nothing compared to the personalization you can offer to your customers.


There’s a good chance you’ve seen UseProof in action on a website before without knowing it. The basic premise of this tool is that people use social proof as a basis for purchasing decisions. In fact, they promise as much as a 15% increase in conversions with just 15 minutes of work.

Conversion optimization tools - Proof
Send targeted messages to customers with Proof

Proof shows your website visitors notifications based on the rules you set. For example, you can show them how many people bought a product they’re just looking at. You can also show them the locations of customers who recently downloaded a course of yours. In short, any kind of activity that happened on your website can be shown to other visitors as a form of social proof.

Unlike other tools here, it’s not so cheap so you can expect to pay $79 per month for the cheapest plan with up to 10,000 monthly visitors.


Although technically speaking, Zapier is not a CRO application, it can be used for plenty of optimization activities. Your marketing tech stack consists of many apps and maybe some of them don’t have native integrations with each other. This is where Zapier comes into play.

It connects more than 5,000 different applications from different industries and niches and the sky is the limit here. For example, you can use one tool to split-test your landing page and then send the results from your opt-in tool to your CRM with Zapier if there is no immediate integration.

Zapier can be had for free if you run fewer than 100 tasks per month but you’ll quickly run out of that. Plans start at $19.99 monthly for 750 tasks which is a very good deal compared to the amount of time you can save.

Wrapping up

Conversions are the lifeblood of any online business and when you’re not working on increasing traffic, you should be working on improving your conversions. No matter how many changes happen in the platforms or marketing methods of the current day and age, the principles of conversion remain the same, and these tools can help you get more out of the traffic you already have.

Why not start today? With Survicate, you can find out exactly what you need to do to move the needle and get more revenue from your traffic. Sign up for your free trial to get started!