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Clear and logical navigation is one of the most important factors when users assess the usability of a website.

If the navigation is unclear, they can’t find desired information or get confused. Such visitors are likely to leave your website and never return. For you, it translates into lost business opportunities and wasted money.

This is why it’s important to run Website Navigation Surveys - they will help you discover possible problems with navigation and resolve them.

What is a Website Navigation Survey

Website Navigation Survey is a survey in which you collect opinions of visitors on your website’s navigation. It’s especially important on websites that have hundreds of pages, like e-commerce. Usually, e-commerce businesses offer hundreds of products in different colors, sizes, and variants. A mistake in designing website navigation and dividing products into groups and catalogs can become a serious problem - when visitors can’t find what they are looking for they simply don’t buy.

Free Website Usability Survey Template

Website Navigation Survey Questions

1. How easy is it to navigate on our website?

A simple question will show you how generally easy it is to navigate on your website. There’s just one catch - it’s not so actionable - a score of 4.8 or 7.9 doesn’t mean anything clear. But it’s a great first step to getting an overview of what you might expect.

2. Did you encounter any problems while looking for products?

Ask a follow-up question ‘What were those problems?’ to those who answer ‘yes’ to the first question. Answers to the follow-up question can open your eyes to mistakes you didn’t even consider. Especially new visitors, who didn’t have time to get used to your website and its navigation, can give you interesting and actionable insights.

3. Do you think this product belongs to this category?

As mentioned, organizing products on e-commerce websites is a huge challenge as often items match a few categories. Ask this question on pages of those products to find out whether it’s the best placement for them. Also, ask a follow-up question where visitors would like to see a certain product.

Best Way to Research Your Website Navigation

The most effective way of conducting website navigation surveys is website surveys. These are offered by most website feedback tools. It helps thousands of companies improve the satisfaction of their customers and boost business. They look like this sample one:

Why are website surveys so effective in researching your website navigation? There are a few reasons, including:

  • The possibility of targeting survey widgets at a certain group of visitors or certain pages to ask targeted questions
  • They are unobtrusive (don’t disturb visitors)
  • They appear in the context and while visitors are browsing the website so their experience is fresh

Key Takeaways

  • Website navigation is one of the most important factors contributing to overall website usability and customer experience
  • Website navigation survey can help you improve navigation on your website based on feedback from visitors
  • Website surveys are the handiest way of running website navigation surveys.

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