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How a Website Design Survey Can Help Improve Your Customer Experience

In the competitive online business world, companies need to go to great lengths to attract clients and win against competition. One of the ways a business can win against other players on the market is creating amazing customer experiences.

Take our word for it – there’s no other way to wow your prospects and clients than by providing a great website experience. A first impression better be a good one!

One way is by ensuring a flawless user experience on the webpage, and the other – closely intertwined with UX – is by ensuring the website design is both user-friendly and pleasing to the eye.

In fact, website design has skyrocketed as companies understood nothing is equally frustrating to their clients as having to interact with a chaotic design or logically flawed navigation. Would you yourself want to do business with a company, who’s online page was confusing? How many times have you lost your way while trying to find the right information on a product or during payment? Have you ever abandoned a shopping cart just because you’ve felt frustrated with using a website?

It’s amazing how many customers are responding to our surveys. For every dollar we spend on a Survicate subscription, we generate about $25 in additional revenue.

— Michael / Head of Marketing at Looka

These and other questions give you a great overview of why website design is more important than ever before.

Simply put – badly designed website experiences are a source of unnecessary frustration that should be avoided at all costs!

For you, as the creator of the product/owner of the company, cart abandonment or low conversion from your sales’ pages has a grave outcome.

So why is it worth investing in website design? It’s simple – here are just a few things that can be dramatically improved if you know which areas are underperforming:

Need we say more?

You’ll love our website design survey template, as it will be a great starting point to ensuring you’ve got a great online presence!

Keep reading to learn how you can further personalize and craft your website design survey to make the most of user insights.

Website design survey template

This website design survey template allows you to reach out to your users and ask for their opinion on interacting with your site. Such a survey requires only a few questions and can be really simple.

What you’re looking to understand is how your product is being represented and how you can enhance what people think not only about the website itself, but also your entire brand. Good website design survey questions give you insights on:

Learning more about what makes up a good web design

The questions above are just some of the topics you can inquire about. It doesn’t mean you need to resort to these questions. You’ll especially love the flexibility of this survey template in setting follow-up questions to each and every question on the lost.

For instance, by asking a supplementary, open-ended question, you’ll learn about the reason your website design might be underperforming. You may be positively surprised to see how small updates here and there can make a big difference to the overall website design evaluation.

Take your survey results further

As you can see, website design surveys are a great way to uncover improvement areas for your website and brand. Once you collect answers from respondents, you’ll get to analyze the results to learn how you can prioritize and put things into action.

Your product and design team will walk away with invaluable user insights (i.e. everything they need to make your website a worthy representative of the services you offer!).

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