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Have you ever wondered if your vendors are truly satisfied with the outcome of your cooperation? As a company, when you work with vendors, its because you know beautiful things come out of partnerships. A happy vendor is one who will be rooting from your solution and market it to clients if the right situation arises.

No wonder than most companies that go into partnerships go to great lengths to ensure the cooperation is flourishing. Ask any vendor partnership manager, and he’ll tell you that the trick isn’t just having a large number of vendors spread around the market. It’s establishing genuine relationships that satisfy not only you but the other party as well.

This vendor satisfaction survey will help you make sure you’ve created long-time partnerships and find out if there’s anything underperforming in the way you cooperate.

After all, let’s face it, the only way you’ll ever know is if your vendors tell you.

This survey is the best possible way to collect opinions from multiple vendors. One of the advantages of collecting answers this way is that you can choose a survey type that anonymizes answers. Hence, if there’s something your partners aren’t telling you straight to your face, they’ll have the opportunity to do so online.

Keep reading to learn how this vendor satisfaction survey can improve your business relations.

Find with surveys the key to a flourishing business partnership

One of the questions this survey asks is about how your vendors originally heard about you. After all, you work very hard to get your company name out there, so it makes sense to see which channels are most effective. You will love finding out that 10% of the many vendors who work with you have come to you, one way or another, through a conference last year. Looks like an activity you’d like to repeat, like? Conversely, if your email campaigns are underperforming, you’ll get the chance to take a closer look and see how they can be enhanced to deliver more partners.

Another super important thing from a vendor program perspective?

A clear and comprehensive listing. After all, it’s the very essence of which vendors operate. Imagine how much harder it would be if this survey would reveal that there are issues with the listing no one has told you before of!

Or maybe they have, but your vendor/partnership team did not resolve the reported issues in a timely and effective manner? This won’t go unanswered with this vendor satisfaction survey either.

It’s amazing how many customers are responding to our surveys. For every dollar we spend on a Survicate subscription, we generate about $25 in additional revenue.

— Michael / Head of Marketing at Looka

Making the most from your vendor satisfaction survey

Depending on how a vendor responds to the questions included in this survey, you can ask an appropriate follow-up question to further understand their thoughts and motivation.

Maybe there’s a channel they came from, which you weren’t even considering?

Or maybe now they feel comfortable using your listing, but it’s taken them weeks to get accustomed to, and a lot of frustration?

Use such insights to optimize vendor partnership programs in the future!

Analyze your survey findings

A survey won’t be complete without taking all the answers and analyzing the findings. With our analysis dashboard, you will get to see which answers from the closed-ended questions were most popular. You’ll know where to invest more time and resources and what your company can do to improve vendor relationships.

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