Use AI To Make Customer Feedback Analytics More Actionable

“ Clear feedback is the cornerstone of improvement. ” -Sir David Brailsford, Leader – Team Sky (British Cycling Squad). While the above statement might have been made by a cycling freak, it’s applicable to each and every aspect of our day to day life. 

AI in marketing

Nothing is static, and in order to improvise, we need to integrate useful insights based on the feedback we have gathered. The contemporary business landscape is not an exception to this notion.

Due to intense dynamism and competition, entrepreneurs have to make sure that they provide customers with a seamless experience that is optimized and personalized to fulfill their specific needs.

In order to satisfy end customers, it’s important to understand their pain points and find fitting solutions. One of the best ways to do this can be evaluating customer feedback to gain valuable insights into customers’ behavior and preferences.

While traditional feedback gathering and analyzing methods remain immensely valuable in today’s world, today’s tech-driven reality demands customer feedback companies to leverage advanced technologies for enhancing the efficiency of their surveys.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning, Big Data, etc. are trending technologies that can help these companies improvise their feedback collection and evaluation methods for getting accurate and useful insights.

Marketing Charts showcased a study which revealed that AI has the potential to transform the market research industry.

According to the study, in the coming few years it can take over complex tasks such as designing survey questions and finding insights from the feedback data. Let’s have a look at the image.

Marketing automation

For enhancing the customer experience it is worth considering leveraging advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation alongside online surveys.

Combined, these tech tools can help you make the most of feedback analytics and figure out unique ways to fill the gaps and improve the experience.

How AI & Automation Are Helping Businesses In Making Customer Feedback Analytics More Actionable?

Along with acquiring new leads, it’s equally important to nurture the existing customer base. To win their loyalty you have to provide them with quality customer support which can be achieved through careful analysis of the feedback.

It helps you to gain an idea of their pain points and requirements based on which you can improvise your future strategies.

Customers give feedback via multiple platforms such as calls, online chat, face-to-face meetings, surveys, social media channels, etc.

But it’s difficult to handle and analyze huge amounts of data which a company receives in the form of feedback. AI-powered platforms and automated tech tools have simplified this process.

Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are two of the most significant subsets of AI which helps in analyzing the feedback efficiently. Also, because of these advanced technologies, the process of making data-based decisions become hassle-free.

Let’s look at a few of the major advantages of leveraging AI and automation with which you can make the most out of your raw and uncategorized data:

Seamless Text Analysis

AI-driven platforms can easily analyze customer interactions and perform text analytics for qualitative evaluation of customers’ thoughts and emotions. Also, these tools can grab the frequency of certain words and assess their emotions.

Sentiment analysis is the best method to gauge customer’s feelings towards your business. It can divide the feedback into positive, neutral, and negative categories based on the words as well as associated emotions.

You can work on the negative reviews and understand the pain points faced by those dissatisfied customers.

Based on the data you can easily find out effective ways to work and perk up those weak sections of your business. In this way, AI and ML are those technologies which can easily help you in winning the loyalty of customers by solving their issues with the motive to increase website conversions.

Also, with the help of these tech tools, you can enhance your digital visibility, grab quality leads, and cultivate a harmonious bond with the existing customer base.

Efficient Categorization Of Issues & Smart Analytics

AI-powered systems work on the principles of pattern detection and Machine Learning algorithms which help them in categorizing unstructured feedback automatically. This task can be quite tedious as well as time-consuming if executed manually.

Advanced AI solutions can classify tickets raised by customers in predefined categories and can solve them instantly or pass on to the customer support reps if the problem seems to be more complex.

These tools can easily identify irregularities with qualitative and quantitative analysis and let the concerned professional aware of the troubling issue. Moreover, AI-driven software products can analyze data and develop useful insights to facilitate data-driven decision making.

One such example is the feedback management solution Survicate has under its umbrella. The platform leverages automation and integration with advanced marketing & product tools to help you in organizing, identifying patterns, and creating customized experiences your end users want.

With the help of AI-powered systems, businesses can analyze the feedback given by their customers on digital platforms. The insights generated can be extremely helpful in formulating future policies for better engagement and brand building.

Conversational Chatbots To Respond To Queries & Enhance Customer Experience

In the market, you can find several feedback chatbots which are examples of conversational AI to enhance customer experience and grab quality leads that can be easily converted.

It helps entrepreneurs to build a sales pipeline that can be streamlined with the help of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for your startup.

Chatbots can be designed to interact with customers in a personalized way just like a human will do. Moreover, a user-friendly and intuitive interface can make it the best companion to listen to and resolve all the queries your customers might have.

Automation Of Mundane & Repetitive Processes For Maximizing Accuracy

AI automation is one of the biggest boons with which it becomes easy to accomplish tedious and time-consuming tasks within a few minutes.

These tools are programmed and can perform without any human intervention and hence they can provide more reliable results.

These automated systems treat all customer feedback in the same manner and therefore the outcomes are completely free from any human bias or partiality.

Moreover, with the help of AI-driven automated platforms you can get the following benefits and make the most out of your data:

  • Automated, timely, and personalized mail follow-ups.
  • Predicting what issues your customers might have and alert your team even before they actually happen.
  • Based on the assessment of the feedback allows you to spot customer behaviors which can be early indicators of their declining interest.
  • Help you in coming up with unique survey ideas through which you can get feedback from customers easily and quickly.
  • Let you find ways in which you can enhance your reach and connect with more customers.


AI-enabled analytics and tools can work on massive datasets which are quite complex and tricky to interpret. With the help of seamless evaluation and useful insights generated through these tools, you can spend your precious time in incorporating them for improving future strategies for maximizing sales.

This will be definitely much better than just sifting through huge piles of raw data and getting lost in the end.

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