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Anyone who is interested in using what your business sells is called a lead. Naturally, the more leads you have, the better. We’ve come a long way from print ads and billboards; nowadays, most lead generation processes happen online.

Having a website and a product or service to offer is not enough. To help you get a head start and convert more visitors into leads, you’re going to need some help. Today, we’ll list some of the best lead generation tools you can use to get more leads from the traffic that’s already on your website.

How Survicate can drive your lead generation campaigns

Sometimes, asking your website visitors what they think and implementing their feedback is the quickest way to increase your leads. And with Survicate, you don’t have to wonder what to ask. With more than 125 survey templates for all touchpoints and stages of the sales funnel, you’ll be able to pick something to suit your needs, including: 

  • Customer feedback survey template
  • Lost customer survey template
  • NPS survey template
  • Demographic survey template
  • Software evaluation survey template

On top of the templates available, you can create your own survey from scratch. The visual editor is easy to use, and you can customize all survey elements to suit your brand guidelines, including the questions and the design. 

With Survicate, you can gather continuous customer feedback across the entire user journey with surveys anywhere you like, including your website, emails, social media, live chat, or mobile app.

And once you’re done collecting your answers, you can just send the data to one of the many Survicate integrations, such as Salesforce, Hubspot, or Mailchimp.


Have you ever wondered how users behave on your website? With Smartlook, you can eliminate the guesswork.

Lead generating tools - Smartlook
Find out what visitors are up to on your website with Smartlook

This tool allows you to look into visitor sessions in the form of recordings to discover what’s happening under the hood when your customers browse your website. No need to worry about privacy, though, as Smartlook does not collect sensitive information such as passwords or credit card data.

The tool also comes with heatmaps that show which areas of your website get the most attention and where user engagement stops. The more time visitors spend in a particular area, with clicks or mouse movements, the “hotter” the heatmap. 

While it won’t exactly let you generate leads on its own, Smartlook can definitely help you increase your conversions. Thanks to funnel overviews, session recordings, and heatmaps, you can find out where visitors get stuck and which pages are causing friction in the sales process.

This data can give you more optimization opportunities, increasing your conversion rate.

The free plan comes with 1,500 sessions per month, which shouldn’t last long for a website with high traffic volumes. Paid plans start at $39 monthly for 5,000 sessions. The only issue is that data is stored for one month only, so if you need larger storage, you’ll have to upgrade to a higher plan.


The most notable aspect of the Woorise app is the contests and giveaways. With a few clicks, you can create a campaign and collect entries from your website visitors. What’s more, you can give them extra entries if they, for instance, post about your brand on social media. 

Lead generating tools - Woorise
Run quizzes and other interactive content formats with Woorise

If that’s not enough, you can also use the built-in editor to create landing pages to increase your conversions and easily collect leads from your website. 

And that’s not all—you can create quizzes and surveys. However, this is not where the tool shines, as both surveys and quizzes lack templates and modification options. 

The free plan lets you collect up to 200 entries per month, which is enough to give you a taste of what the tool offers. Paid plans start at $23 monthly, giving you 2,000 entries, making it a great deal considering the variety of content you can create in Woorise.


Love them or hate them, the fact is that pop-ups work and deliver results. We’ve come a long way from the spammy pop-ups from the early 2000s, and HelloBar is one of the best-known modern tools for this type of lead generation.

Lead generating tools - Hellobar
Engage your visitors with popups from Hellobar

In simple terms, the tool lets you engage the visitors on your website, making sure that more of them convert.

It helps you capture your visitors’ attention and contact information using a variety of formats: bars, modals, alerts, sliders, and entire page takeovers. Thanks to advanced targeting, you can set display rules for when visitors see a pop-up. HelloBar promises up to 83% more conversions while using the tool.

There is a forever free plan with up to 5,000 monthly visits, which should be a good starting point for many website owners. When it comes to paid plans, the cheapest one is $49 per month, giving you up to 150,000 page views monthly.


Landing pages are the bread and butter of lead generation and most marketing activities. They’re specifically created to make your customers interact, and if you’re great at creating them, you mastered a huge part of marketing efforts. However, if you can’t create good landing pages on your own, you can use Unbounce.

Lead generating tools - Unbounce
Create and split test landing pages with Unbounce

Unbounce allows you to create beautiful, high-converting landing pages. You don’t need to be a designer, developer, or conversion rate optimization expert to be able to use Unbounce. With the drag-and-drop builder, you can move around page elements to create an experience that encourages visitors to convert.

With Unbounce, you can also create popups and sticky bars, so even if the landing page does not convert, you can still capture your visitors’ attention before they leave.

And like most tools nowadays, Unbounce offers an AI assistant that writes copy for your landing pages. To make sure you beat the computer (and yourself) in your lead generation efforts, you can use the built-in split testing feature to see which version of your landing page performs the best.

A free trial is available once you decide to give Unbounce a go. Paid plans start at $90 per month, which gets you up to 200 conversions and 20,000 visitors.


Have you ever wondered how many customers are browsing through your website and how many potential deals you missed out on? With Leadfeeder, you don’t have to guess anymore.

Lead generating tools - Leadfeeder
Find out exactly which companies are browsing your website and reach out to them with Leadfeeder

This lead generation software was built for B2B companies. What it does really well is linking your website visitors to companies so you know where your visitors come from. You’ll also discover how long they stayed and which pages they visited. Moreover, the Leadfeeder Connect feature can help you find the most suitable person in that company to reach out to. 

To go one step further, Leadfeeder helps you qualify your leads based on their behavioral patterns. For example, if someone from a target country spent some time on your pricing page, they would be pushed higher on your lead list.

The free trial retains data for a week, which means you won’t get a full picture with it. The paid Premium plan, which will set you back $79 per month, comes with unlimited users and identified companies. 


Chatbots used to be something that most website owners were wary of as they were feared to decrease conversions and eliminate the human touch. Nowadays, tools such as Smartsupp have taken chatbots and live chat to new levels.

Lead generating tools - Smartsupp
Chat with your website visitors thought Smartsupp

This tool allows you to interact with your website visitors in two different ways. They can start off the conversation with you through a chatbot or with a live chat representative from your business. Either way, the communication goes to the same inbox, allowing you to keep tabs on all of your company's interactions.

You can also use Smartsupp as your central inbox, combining the live chat and chatbots with emails and your Facebook Messenger. 

Just like Smartlook, Smartsupp offers video recordings. You can take a peek at what visitors do on your website, and for the best effect, combine live chat and chatbot sessions with video recordings to see what prompted a visitor to reach out.

Naturally, you can also use video recordings to improve your user experience. For example, when you see that someone struggled to navigate your website, you can use this information to improve your UX and UI.

The free plan provides 100 conversations per month, which you may run out of very quickly. Paid plans start at just $19 monthly, giving you unlimited conversations and all the above features for up to three agents. 


Let’s be fair, Zapier is not a lead generation tool by any means. However, with Zapier by your side, you can automate literally anything in your marketing and sales processes. 

Lead generating tools - Zapier
Connect more than 5,000 different apps with Zapier

The power of Zapier lies in having more than 5,000 different tools that it can connect. For example, you can send new Mailchimp subscribers to a specific list in your CRM or add your Unbounce leads to an ActiveCampaign list, so they automatically get drip emails.

The sky is the limit with Zapier, and the more you experiment and research, the more time you can save on your lead gen efforts.

The free plan sounds like a good idea, but in practice, you’ll run out of the 100 allotted monthly tasks very quickly. Paid plans start at $19.99 per month, giving you 750 tasks and 20 Zaps (connections).

Wrapping up

Lead generation is one of the most important activities for any business, and it’s not limited to the marketing department. Without fresh qualified leads to pursue, sales will flatline. 

With just one or a combination of the tools on this list, you can keep the leads flowing and your sales team thriving.

If you’re unsure which tool to start with, why not give Survicate a go? Thanks to its 125+ survey templates and a range of native integrations, including HubSpot, Zapier, and Intercom, you’ll be able to collect valuable feedback from your leads and customers alike. 

Join Survicate's community of feedback enthusiasts. Sign up for a free account and explore essential features during a 10-day trial. Also, check out our pricing.