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How Agendor keeps improving their product with Survicate Website Surveys, and how a Product Management NPS® Survey can be used to improve the work of the entire company.

Agendor is an Online CRM with web and mobile solutions for sales professionals. The company offers all the essential sales tools through an affordable and accessible platform that is easy to use.

Tulio Monte Azul, CTO and Product Manager at Agendor, reached out to Survicate. He says that “As a Product Manager, I needed to be closer to our customers in order to listen to them, recognize good ideas, and improve communication”.

The best survey tool for the job

Initially, Tulio collected feedback from customers simply by sending regular emails. He did not, however, gather an acceptable response rate. Tulio was also concerned with the quality and fidelity of the feedback. “A lot of users were carefully choosing their words, sometimes omitting important aspects to make sure they weren’t offending anyone” he says.

Tulio tested Typeform for some time, but admits that its email targeting capabilities were insufficient and he couldn’t catch feedback in the right moment. “So, I moved over to Survicate Website Surveys, and I love it!” says Tulio.

Survicate Website Surveys are displayed directly in Agendor’s web app. The response rate rose significantly, because now surveys pop up when customers are active in the panel. Most importantly, the honesty of the answers grew. As Tulio points out, “If they love or hate something, they write it down, which was unlikely to get from a regular email conversation. Therefore, what convinced us to switch to Survicate were, in fact, advanced Website Surveys that can be triggered at the right moment.”

Survicate Website Surveys allowed him to provide a much better survey experience for his customers. “I started my first survey, and in less than 30 minutes I got more answers than I needed,” Tulio says, “which was awesome.”

A product roadmap on the right track

One of Tulio’s main jobs is to prioritize the product roadmap. Hence, the first survey he launched was a Website Survey displayed in Agendor’s webapp, asking what other software customers used. “We wanted to figure out which integrations with Agendor our users would be interested in,” says Tulio. While some users pointed to very specific softs, Agendor decided to go with the most requested one to cater to the needs of a large user group.

Survicate Agendor Case StudyThe process of collecting feedback allows Tulio to engage customers in shaping Agendor’s future. He also uses Survicate Website Surveys as a tool to collect feature requests from users. “When I see a significant spike in feature requests I prioritize them in line”. Once the requested feature is ready, customers receive an email notification informing them about the latest addition. Moreover, Tulio also invites the “requesters” to participate in beta tests of the features they were interested in. Conveniently, Tulio doesn’t have to ask users to provide their emails before the survey, as they are already logged in to the Agendor app. Survicate automatically combines the user data with their answers in one report.

User experience beyond product

Agendor’s primary survey, however, is NPS® sent via Website Survey and displayed inside the website application. Agendor uses NPS® surveys to stay on top of the potential issues and errors customers might encounter in the service. As Tulio explains: “I was looking for product feedback, but what I got was much broader than I expected.”

The NPS® survey is displayed to Agendor’s entire user-base after 7 and 90 days from their first login. Previously, the email was targeted only at account owners, who, in practice, often didn’t use the app themselves. This, in turn, resulted in a low response rate and inaccurate NPS® data. “Once we launched the new survey and broadened the target group to entire teams that use Agendor, our response rate increased significantly. This also boosted NPS® score and response rates, as actual users finally got to voice their opinion”. As a result, Agendor customers gave the overall score of 49.75 and 51.33 after 7 and 90 days since login, respectively.

Customers, however, surpassed expectations and treated the survey holistically, giving feedback regarding their overall experience with Agendor. “For example, we found out that customers expected a much faster response from our customer support team,” says Tulio. Results from the product survey were shared with the entire company, so that user feedback influences other teams and improves their processes.

Mobile app

Survicate Agendor Case StudyTulio also set up a second NPS® Website Survey in the Agendor Panel — this time, to check the score for the mobile application.The question was simple: “Would you recommend our mobile app for its synchronization features?”

Astonishingly, the score was much lower than the overall company score. Once Tulio examined the results, aside from learning a big deal what should be improved for a better NPS®, he also found out the majority of customers didn’t know the mobile app even existed.
By adding the survey itself, their mobile app noted an increase in installation. As a result, they realized their onboarding activation needed improvements — a gap revealed by the Survicate Survey.

With Survicate Surveys, Agendor not only tracks ever-changing user needs, but also uncovers the direction the product needs to evolve in to fulfill customer expectations. Using Survicate Website Surveys allowed Agendor to provide an easy-to-use, coherent way for users to give feedback. This, in turn, comes at great benefit to the entire company.