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How Agendor Uses NPS Surveys to Boost Customer Experience and App Performance

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Net Promoter Score surveys can be a goldmine for every SaaS. But only if you run them right.

Many online businesses struggle with pushing their surveys out at just the right time and place. Because of that, they suffer low response rates, low feedback quality, and a lack of actionable insights.

So how to make sure your NPS surveys hit the jackpot? Our advice is: learn from others who did it right before you. For example, Agendor.

Agendor is an online CRM with web and mobile solutions for sales professionals. The company offers all the essential sales tools through an affordable and easy-to-use platform.

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Tulio Monte Azul, CTO and Product Manager at Agendor, knew that he needed to be closer to the customers “in order to listen to them, recognize good ideas, and improve communication.”

Enter: Survicate.

Tulio told us more about:

  • How Agendor keeps improving their product with in-product survey
  • and how a well-distributed NPS survey can help the whole company

Read on!

The best survey tool for the job

Initially, Tulio collected feedback from customers simply by sending regular emails. But he couldn’t reach a satisfying response rate.

Tulio was also concerned with the quality and honesty of the feedback. “A lot of users were carefully choosing their words, sometimes omitting important aspects to make sure they weren’t offending anyone,” he said.

Tulio figured out that an in-product survey would solve his problems. Here’s why:

  • All Agendor customers hang out in the web app, but not all of them are interested in opening emails from the company.
  • The website and app are where their customers are at their most engaged
  • Unlike email surveys that require multiple clicks, website surveys are effortless to fill in.

On his quest to find the right survey software, Tulio tested Typeform. But he found their email targeting capabilities insufficient. He also struggled with capturing feedback at the right moment. 

“So, I moved over to Survicate in-product surveys, and I love it!” says Tulio.

The team decided to display Survicate surveys directly in Agendor’s web app.

The response rate rose – as surveys popped out right when customers were active in the panel. Most importantly, the honesty and quality of the answers improved.

If [the users] love or hate something, they write it down, which was unlikely to get from a regular email conversation. Therefore, what convinced us to switch to Survicate were, in fact, advanced website and in-product surveys that can be triggered at the right moment.
Tulio Monte Azul
CTO, Agendor

Survicate surveys also turned out to be super easy to make and take. “I started my first survey, and in less than 30 minutes, I got more answers than I needed,” Tulio says, “which was awesome.”

A product roadmap on the right track

One of Tulio’s main jobs is to prioritize the product roadmap.

The first survey he launched was an in-product survey displayed inside Agendor’s web app, asking what other software customers used.

“We wanted to figure out which integrations with Agendor our users would be interested in,” says Tulio.

After gathering many different responses, Agendor decided to go with the most requested tool to cater to the needs of a large user group.

Another use of survey that benefits the product team is engaging customers in shaping Agendor’s future. 

Agendor has been running surveys that collect feature requests from users. “When I see a significant spike in feature requests, I prioritize them,” Tulio says.

Free-to-use product survey template

Once the requested feature is ready, customers receive an email notification informing them about the latest addition. 

Moreover, Tulio also invites the “requesters” to participate in beta tests of the features they were interested in.

How are the email notifications and invitations possible? That’s because Survicate automatically combines the login data of app users with their answers.

Digging into the customer experience with Net Promoter Score

Agendor’s main cause for using Survicate is Net Promoter Score surveys. They’re displayed inside the web application.

Agendor uses NPS surveys to stay on top of the potential issues and errors customers might encounter in the service. As Tulio explains: “I was looking for product feedback, but what I got was much broader than I expected.”

Free-to-use Net Promoter Score survey template

The NPS survey is shown to Agendor’s entire user base after 7 and 90 days from their first login, which is possible thanks to Survicate’s targeting options.

The previous NPS email surveys were targeted only at account owners, who often didn’t use the app themselves. This, in turn, resulted in a low response rate and inaccurate NPS data. 

Once we launched the new survey and broadened the target group to entire teams that use Agendor, our response rate increased significantly. This also boosted our Net Promoter Score and response rates, as actual users finally got to voice their opinion.
Tulio Monte Azul
CTO, Agendor

As a result, Agendor customers gave the overall score of 49.75 and 51.33 after 7 and 90 days since login.

But Agendor’s customers didn’t limit themselves to just providing a score. They started giving detailed feedback about their overall experience with Agender in the open-ended questions. 

“For example, we found out that customers expected a much faster response from our customer support team,” says Tulio.

Results from the survey were shared with the entire company. User feedback now influences other teams and improves their processes.

Optimizing mobile app onboarding 

Tulio also set up a transactional NPS survey in the Agendor panel — this time, to check what score the respondents would give to their mobile application.

The question was simple: “Would you recommend our mobile app for its synchronization features?”

Astonishingly, the score was much lower than the overall company score. The results were filled with suggestions on what could improve the mobile app. But it also turned out that most customers didn’t know the mobile app existed at all!

The survey led to an increase in the mobile app’s installation. Agendor realized their onboarding activation needed improvements.

Wrapping up

With Survicate Surveys, Agendor keeps track of the ever-changing user needs.

They managed to:

  • Discover which direction the product needs to take to fulfill customer expectations
  • Improve the onboarding process
  • Gather feature requests
  • Improve response rates
  • Improve Net Promoter Score

Survicate is a flexible tool that works for all use cases – from general NPS to in-product microsurveys. It combines simplicity with razor-sharp targeting and trigger options.

Ready to see how Survicate surveys can help your software? Try out Survicate today—check out all the Business Plan features for 10 days and grow with customer feedabck.


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