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In an age when everything can be tested within minutes, leaving anything up to chance would be foolish. Especially when talking about your business and your revenue.

After all, if a page on your website could flatline or net you a cool $5,000 per day, would you take a risk? Luckily, you don’t have to—there are plenty of A/B (or split testing) tools that can show you how a page is performing and whether the changes you made are for better or worse.

The good news is that we have researched the tools and prepared a handy list so you don’t have to. Here are the ones that can help you step up your A/B testing game.

Why should you use A/B testing tools?

A/B testing is vital in understanding how your customers interact with your website, product, or content, so why wouldn't you want the best tools for the job? This powerful knowledge might just be the breakthrough that takes you from good to great.

With top-of-the-line tools for splitting testing, you can:

✅ easily measure changes in performance

✅ gain insight into every element of your online appearance

✅ get visibility into the stuff that really counts—increasing leads, sales,  engagement, and user satisfaction

In short?

Roughly 44% of modern businesses use A/B testing tools. 

So, if you're looking to get ahead of the competition, investing in a split-testing solution might just give you the edge that you’re looking for. Not only will you beat the competition, but also yourself and your previous sales and marketing content.

How Survicate can support your A/B tests 

Survicate knows that getting the right customer feedback and data can be a challenge—but it was designed to make it easier! It takes feedback collection to another level, giving you an edge when it comes to A/B testing. Get ready for full insights into what's going on in your customers’ minds.

Surveys are a great way to measure how your customers interact with your website or specific offer. They allow you to continuously experiment so you can provide even better user experiences. 

Using survey A/B testing, you will be able to:

  • find out which version of a survey gathers more responses
  • experiment with different incentives 
  • test out different call-to-action examples after taking the survey 

Once you’ve gathered responses, you can easily analyze them and identify how the questions, the survey design, and the answer choices have influenced the results. 

Survicate offers a 10-day free trial that comes with access to all Business plan features, including 30+ native integrations, multilingual surveys, advanced attribute targeting, as well as 400+ survey templates and survey logic.

At $117 per month, the Business plan comes with plenty more features that will help you get your customer insights rolling in. There's also an Enterprise plan available.

🔥Survicate offers pre-made template surveys, as well as the ability to create custom ones from scratch. All of them are highly customizable and adjustable to your company’s branding.

As a final note: You can use Survicate with the combination of the tools below to get a better understanding of how your A/B tests are affecting customer behavior.

#1 Optimizely

A/B testing is a must for any savvy digital marketer, and Optimizely is one of the best tools out there that makes it fun. It's designed to provide deep insights into website performance with the help of powerful UI, simple drag-and-drop visual editing, and advanced, fully custom analytics.

Split testing tools - Optimizely
Optimizely - the best-known enterprise software for split testing.

With Optimizely, you can easily pinpoint which combinations of visuals and technical aspects motivate visitors to take action. Plus, its auto-allocation algorithm makes distributing test variations more reliable than ever before. 

This powerful enterprise tool can help you unlock business success with experimentation and personalization and enables you to tailor winning experiences for your customers. With its industry-leading innovations like exclusion groups that let you run multiple experiments at once, the possibilities are endless. 

Thanks to Optimizely, you can speed up your customer experience testing with edge processing and take away the hassle of latency-related issues. It can also help you to conduct experiments without compromising speed or performance, and make sure users have a smooth journey every time.

Now you can be confident that your A/B tests can be run efficiently with one of the most user-friendly optimization platforms around.

#2 Vero

Vero is another powerful tool for A/B testing that can help you optimize your website, email campaigns, and mobile applications.

Split testing tools - Vero
Set up detailed audience segments and carry out split tests with Vero

With Vero, you get advanced segmentation and target audiences to split up tests effectively. Whether you’re an experienced tester or new to the A/B test game, this user-friendly platform will let you split traffic between variants and measure successes with accuracy in no time.

With a quick and easy setup process, you can create A/B tests to deliver targeted news or tailor campaigns specifically for customers that engage in different behaviors. You can easily see how your results stack up from newsletters to behavioral and transactional testing.

Plus, Vero offers extra features such as progressive reporting and granular insights, which makes spending wasteful time on tedious manual processes a thing of the past.

Vero plans start from $49 to $1,299 per month. Even though it can be more expensive than other tools, the power and precision of Vero’s A/B testing capabilities make it worth considering.

And you use Survicate to run your surveys, we have good news: the tool integrates natively with Vero, allowing you to collect actionable feedback straight from email campaigns.

#3 Woopra

Woopra is the perfect tool for A/B testing across a variety of mediums. This powerful analytics platform allows you to quickly and easily put your ideas to the test.

Split testing tools - Woopra
Capture a wealth of customer data with Woopra

When looking for a split-testing tool, you’re probably after tracking user activities. Woopra can be invaluable in helping you decide which version of your website or product should move forward with, revealing invaluable insights along the way.

Equipped with features such as a multi-touch customer path analyzer, real-time segmentation capabilities, and session replay functions, this tool provides intuitive data that you simply won't find anywhere else.

With Woopra's customer journey platform, you can connect the dots between users' actions and attributes to create a living story of engagement. By understanding each individual’s unique behaviors and preferences across marketing campaigns or product usage, your team will be able to quickly respond—leading not only to increased retention but also higher levels of satisfaction for every user.

The most popular Woopra plan is $999 per month, but it includes all the advanced features you may need. Even though it is quite expensive, if you're looking for an effective way to conduct A/B tests, Woopra may be the ticket to that. The tool also offers a free plan.

#4 LeadPages

LeadPages is a comprehensive tool for A/B testing, making it easy to split-test any kind of page. Testing outcomes are fast, flexible, and accurate, allowing you to optimize your web design and improve customer engagement.

Split testing tools - Leadpages
Design and split test your pages in the Leadpages builder

LeadPages makes it easy to experiment with several different versions of a landing page before launching. Simply set up the experiment and you can compare results based on your desired metrics and objectives.  You don't need any coding knowledge whatsoever to start experimenting.

With LeadPages Pro and Advanced plans, you can have the power of A/B testing at your fingertips. You can also access additional tools such as real-time optimization tips on the fly, comprehensive analytics data tracking pageviews, and more to help measure success rate through time.

That's not all: with just one subscription (price starts at $37 per month, billed yearly, with a 14-day free trial), you can have access to two powerful solutions: a landing page builder with built-in A/B testing capabilities.

With this handy tool by your side, there's no excuse not to keep up with the competition.

#5 Wynter

When it comes to A/B testing tools, Wynter offers all of the features you need with none of the headaches. With its clean interface and easy-to-use dashboard, mastering the art of experimentation is just a breeze.

Split testing tools - Wynter
Split test your messaging with ease with Wynter

Powerful features such as multivariate testing and custom metrics tracking mean you can quickly get to the data that matters most so that you can make decisions with confidence.

Plus, Wynter has a built-in analytics engine that can give you real-time insights into your test results. That way, you’ll be able to quickly identify which variants are performing best and prioritize any necessary changes based on customer feedback.

The tool also provides pre-testing options to help you determine which ads, value propositions, headlines, etc., are most successful, saving time and money while ensuring accuracy. You can upload a few choices and get qualitative feedback on what works best (and why it works so well).

Wynter plans start at $49 per month and go up to $499, making it one of the most affordable tools for A/B testing on the market. So, if you’re looking for a robust platform to help you get the most out of your experiments at an affordable price, Wynter could be just what you need.

#6 Leanplum

Many companies are turning to Leanplum as their go-to A/B testing tool. No wonder. Leanplum allows users to compare different versions of their product, measure user engagement, and make tweaks along the way, all while providing valuable insights into customer behavior.

Split testing tools - Leanplum
Leanplum: a capable tool with a great interface

Its intuitive dashboard and powerful data analytics make it easy to understand what’s working (and what’s not) without having to be a data scientist. 

A powerful tool for creating winning user experiences, this platform equips you with clever metrics and strategies to optimize your interface (both in the app and on the website). With real-time feedback on different UI options as well as message content testing capabilities, it helps to fine-tune messages until they evoke the desired response from users.

And it’s not all—it also provides channel preference A/B testing to better understand which audiences prefer which platforms. By experimenting with different promotions, you can discover what types of audiences prefer and convert the best. 

Leanplum's suite of features makes it worth every penny for those who need a truly comprehensive A/B testing solution. 

Integrate Survicate with A/B testing tools to get even more precise data

Survicate was designed to fit into your tech stack. 

By integrating Survicate with an A/B testing tool, you are able to get the most accurate and detailed data. This means more reliable insights and more meaningful results.

Imagine cutting through the usual guesswork, uncertainty, and missed opportunities for improvements with just a few clicks. No more having to wonder if you made the right decision—simply trust in your data to guide you!

Survicate x Optimizely integration

Survicate and Optmizely integration

Put your experiments to the test with Survicate and Optimizely integration. Get direct insight into what visitors think of each variant—plus, suggestions on how to make them even better. Survicate surveys make it easy and hassle-free so you can start perfecting variants of your tests right away.

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Survicate x Woopra integration

Survicate and Woopra integration

You can now make sure every feedback response you get from website visitors is connected to their Woopra customer profiles. Gather as much valuable information as possible and gain a deeper understanding of who's visiting your site by making customers take surveys that reveal purchase intent, demographics and more, all in real-time. Easily track Survey Answered or Seen events with Woopra, group visitors accordingly, and then act on the insights collected for maximum success.

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But, how can you enable these integrations?

No matter what tool you want to connect to Survicate, the process is pretty straightforward.

Go to the Connect tab of your survey and pick the tool that you want to integrate from the list (Optimizely and Woopra are included). Or, go to Settings > Integrations and click Connect.

How to enable integrations in Survicate
Enabling integrations is a matter of a few clicks

Why settle for less when you can have more? Get started with Survicate today and get the inside scoop on your customers' behavior.

Split-test your way to success

A/B testing can help you fine-tune every aspect of your business, from product copy to website design. With a little bit of practice and consistency, you might be surprised how quickly your results start improving. 

Not sure where to start? Try out one of the A/B testing tools on the list. Survicate will be honored to be the first one on your board. Sign up for the 10-day free trial today!📊.