Add a feedback widget to your website

Let your Customers share ideas, bugs, concerns and love with minimal effort.

  • Give your Customers an easy way to report bugs, suggest improvements or share ideas.
  • Easily adjust it to your website design and customize it the way your want.

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sample customer feedback widget
sample email notification from feedback widget

Get the feedback straight to your inbox in real time

Get the voice of your Customers straight to your inbox in real time.

  • React to their problems and suggestions straight from your inbox.
  • Avoid visitors fatigue by allowing them to contact you from every single page.

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Share feedback with your team on Slack

Coming soon. Integrate Survicate with Slack to share incoming feedback with the rest of your team.

  • Keep everyone updated with what your Customers think of your website and your brand.
  • Act on feedback in no-time.
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feedback widget integrated with Slack