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Opening a textbook today might seem like a thing of the past, especially when swiftly navigates the educational journeys of its users.

Standing out as Italy's go-to online educational hub, provides its users with an abundance of educational resources. 

But it’s not just about the numbers; it's the tailored support that makes a household name among Italian students. 

Recognizing the need for a compass to gauge user satisfaction, turned to Survicate.  The tool has quickly become’s key to unlocking insights, enhancing user experience, and sharpening its edge in the competitive world of e-learning.

Read on to see how they did it.

About is the leading online educational portal in Italy, and it is recognized for its comprehensive support to students across various school and university levels. It attracts over 8 million monthly visits, with being the most frequented portal for organic searches. 

The site provides an impressive repository of more than 100,000 educational resources, including study notes and scholarly materials.'s commitment to improving student experiences is evident through its innovative tools and involvement in educational projects, serving a community of 4.5 million users and facilitating their scholastic and academic journey.

Enhanced reputation

Why chose Survicate sought a survey tool to measure user engagement and satisfaction across its educational platforms effectively. The company required a solution to assess the Net Promoter Score (NPS) for their tutoring services and collect valuable user feedback to inform their product development. 

After considering various options, chose Survicate for its user-friendly interface and integrations with other essential tools, such as Zapier and Google Sheets. This seamless integration allows for efficient data collection and analysis, enabling the team to make data-driven decisions quickly.

Simone Franconieri, Head of Product at, explains the decision:

We needed a tool that simplifies the collection and analysis of user feedback and enhances our ability to act on that data swiftly. Survicate stood out because it offered the ease of use and flexibility we required. Its powerful integrations have allowed us to streamline our processes, turning user insights into actionable improvements across our platforms.
Simone Franconieri
Head of Product at faces several challenges in its mission to provide top-quality educational resources. Survicate plays a key role in helping excel in the following areas:

  • Staying relevant and engaging for students
  • Optimizing user experience 
  • Understanding user needs
  • Building user trust

How uses Survicate

Survicate provides critical insights that guide’s decision-making processes in editorial, product, and marketing teams.

Tracking customer loyalty with NPS

The marketing team uses Survicate to measure the Net Promoter Score (NPS). This metric helps understand user satisfaction and loyalty, crucial for building lasting relationships with its community.

Content tailoring

Survicate surveys help understand the most valuable topics and resources for students. 

Through surveys, gathers student feedback on educational content. This allows the editorial team to create material that resonates with it’s audience's evolving interests and academic needs.

Enhancing user interfaces

The user feedback collected via Survicate helps to refine the user experience on's websites. The product team analyzes responses to make intuitive and beneficial changes to the site's design and features. This ensures the websites are user-friendly and meet the evolving demands of their audience.

Generating new leads

Survicate's surveys enable the marketing team to identify and connect with potential new users. These leads are vital for expanding the reach of and its services.'s strategic use of Survicate employs strategic methods to maximize the benefits of using Survicate.

Targeted survey deployment strategically places surveys where they are most likely to be seen and filled out by students. This includes high-traffic pages and key points in the user journey, ensuring a higher response rate and more valuable feedback.

Regular feedback loops

The company has established a routine of frequent feedback collection. This continuous loop allows to stay agile, making timely adjustments to its content and platforms based on the latest user insights.

Actionable insights focuses on translating survey results into actionable tasks. The company prioritizes changes that have the potential to make the most significant impact on user satisfaction and engagement.

We constantly survey our audience - at least once a week - on topics that concern them, quickly turning the opinions they share into news often picked up by other national news outlets. This way, users know that by responding to our surveys, their opinions are valued and amplified. This creates additional value around our brand and our community.
Simone Franconieri
Head of Product at

Long-term monitoring

Finally, uses Survicate for long-term trend analysis. By monitoring feedback over time, they can spot patterns and predict user needs, helping to shape future strategies and maintain their position as a leader in the educational space.

What achieved with Survicate's implementation of Survicate has led to tangible improvements across the board.'s routine measurement of customer satisfaction and NPS has fostered stronger user trust and loyalty. By acting on the feedback collected, has demonstrated its commitment to its users, enhancing its reputation as a trusted educational resource by +26% among students YoY

Moreover, the Net Promoter Score among the tutors improved by a stunning +130% YoY

PR-wise, has over 5,000 citations per year from the constant use of online research.

In summary, Survicate has empowered to make data-driven decisions that have significantly improved content relevance, user experience, and customer satisfaction, all while expanding its reach and solidifying its position in the educational sector.

User feedback is a powerful tool to push your business forward, so why don't you try it yourself? Sign up for Survicate and start collecting precious feedback today. With our 10-day free trial, you can check all the Business Plan features effortlessly.


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