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How Pranamat Automates Its NPS Collection and Grows Brand Advocacy With Survicate

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Pranamat surely knows how to deal with your pains. Literally. As a manufacturer of premium acupressure mats, the company takes great care of soothing its customers' aches. 

Pranamat is an example of a one-product company that builds the whole business around brand advocacy. Word-of-mouth has great power, and Pranamat knows that nurturing ambassadors can strengthen its relationship with customers, increase their customer base, and drive revenue growth. But before this can happen, it has to meet the needs and expectations of the target market.

That’s why they decided to measure customer satisfaction with Net Promoter Score (NPS). They had a bumpy start doing it manually—it took too much time and simply wasn’t consistent. Luckily, they’ve come across Survicate, which offered a native integration with their main marketing automation tool—ActiveCampaign. It relieved the pain of choosing the right software.  

With Survicate, Pranamat automated its brand advocacy efforts, facilitated leaving a positive review on Facebook for satisfied customers, and—consequently—raised its rating. 

Read on to see how they make it work!

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Measuring Brand’s Sentiment with NPS

Pranamat’s marketing relies heavily on its affiliate program built around the top customers and influencers. A successful brand advocacy strategy requires a customer-centric approach. That’s why it needs reliable brand sentiment data across different markets. 

To make sure it’s alright, Pranamat continuously measures NPS. In this way, they can notice any fluctuations and react immediately.

The beginning of the journey wasn’t as smooth as they expected. Pranamat tried measuring the NPS manually, but it turned out to be inefficient and unreliable. Aleksejs Krūmiņš, a growth marketing expert now responsible for the brand, admits:

“Before, [measuring NPS] was not automated at all, and it was really terrible because we needed to calculate everything by hand. It was totally unpredictable and inconsistent.  It also took too much time for all our managers to launch NPS. Now it's fully automated, and we are really happy with the solution.”

Pranamat uses ActiveCampaign as their main marketing automation tool. Dependable integration with this tool was essential for the NPS survey software. Their marketing team tested different systems, and finally, after this trial and error period, they discovered Survicate.

Making our customers happy is fundamental for us. We’ve tested different NPS software, and the problem was that none of them could easily integrate with our email marketing solution. We currently use ActiveCampaign as our main marketing automation tool, and we found that Survicate integrates perfectly with it. For us, it was critical because we send NPS this way for all our clients in all our markets.
Aleksejs Krūmiņš
Head of Growth Marketing at Pranamat

So, how do they use it to automate and grow brand advocacy operations?

Making Net Promoter Score Actionable

To get continuous customer feedback, Pranamat uses an NPS survey. Survicate connects with ActiveCampaign via native integration— seamlessly, with one click, and with no code required. A native integration allows collecting data to just one database, making it easy to create and navigate custom fields inside ActiveCampaign. 

Pranamat embeds the survey into the post-purchase email campaign. It’s triggered 15 days after delivery. By automatically linking survey responses to recipients' email addresses, Pranamat can discern how each individual responded.

Depending on the score, the customers fall into one of the automation flows.

Promoters’ Flow

“When a customer turns out to be a promoter, we ask them to join our affiliate program,”

comments Aleksej. Apart from that, the survey also encourages the clients to leave a product review.

“If this review is positive, we simply copy it to email, asking the customer to copy it to Facebook. So it's also really easy to copy-paste and share it.”

Reducing clicks and simplifying the process of sharing opinions with the world for happy customers pays off - they hit 4.9 out of 5 on the official Facebook page

Detractors’ Flow

When the score is lower—a client gives a passive or detractor score, the Customer Support team reaches out, asking about their experience or potential flaws in the product. This way, they can collect valuable feedback and turn some detractors into promoters. 

You can learn more about the detractors from our video ⤵️

Boosting response rate with Survicate

With Survicate, we can see a much higher NPS result because we are using it inside the ActiveCampaign emails. People just need to click and immediately get the second question, so it works nicely. It makes the NPS conversion rate much higher."

Aleksej confirms embedding the survey's first question into the email is a simple trick that increases the response rate. 

Why does it work? 

It shows directly in the email, again reducing the number of clicks and making people more eager to interact

Pranamat set the NPS question as the one that shows after opening the email, and as Survicate collects even partial responses, it doesn’t matter if the customer follows the rest of the survey. Pranamat receives the NPS attributed to a particular account. 

These features give Pranamat +90% to the overall survey completion rate. Not bad for just using the tool. But it’s not just that.

The most important and interesting thing for us is that we see growth in our affiliate network because we automatically invite all these promoters to become our ambassadors and promote our product. We also ask them to leave reviews on Facebook if there is a high promoter rate.
Aleksejs Krūmiņš
Head of Growth Marketing at Pranamat

Painless data analysis

Data collection is the first step in measuring customers’ sentiment toward your product. You need to perform an in-depth NPS analysis to make the raw information actionable. 

Aleksej doesn’t have good memories from before he and his team started using the ActiveCampaign + Survicate combo. 

“Before, we needed to calculate everything by hand, and it was totally unpredictable and inconsistent. It took too long for all our managers to launch the NPS campaign.”

Measuring the NPS can get complicated if your data’s messy. Survicate provides an all-encompassing analytics tool that shows all necessary information, including graph and bar charts visualizing rating scale questions responses.

“We use the built-in analytic tool. It perfectly shows our rating, and we can immediately react, for example, if we see one of our markets gets a lower score. We measure NPS country by country, and it’s really easy to track with Survicate.”


A good market strategy doesn’t require complicated measures but a strong alignment with the business model. And then choosing the right tools for the job. 

Pranamat went with Survicate, and their Growth Marketing team made the most of it: 

  • Using the native integration let them enrich ActiveCampaign data with Survicate’s custom fields
  • Embedding the NPS question directly into the email’s body raised the completion rate to over 90%
  • Creating two flows for the respondents helped in managing promoters and detractors, and consequently, 32% of survey promoters became program affiliates
  • Helping happy customers add a Facebook review with automation spiked Pranamat’s rating to 4.9/5

In a broader picture, it helped refine their brand advocacy strategy. By adding the thoughtful automation flow powered by ActiveCampaign and Survicate to the affiliate program the company already had, they can grow consistently. Without headaches about a low number of reviews or new brand ambassadors. 

See for yourself—start your own survey with Survicate. Collecting feedback has never been that effortless.


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