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April 2017

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We spoke with Abhishek Patodia, the head of Product at CarWale, an India-based automotive research and shopping website that assists users in comparing local listings for used and new cars, and contacting sellers. Abhishek is responsible for the development of the product and its design.

Why did you first start looking for a survey platform?

Abhishek Patodia: We started using Survicate about a year and a half ago. The main purpose was measuring NPS. We evaluated quite a few tools, and the biggest decision-making factor was online reviews. We’ve read positive reviews about Survicate in terms of your product and service. We also liked that Survicate was extremely easy to implement and affordable. When we combined all those factors, choosing Survicate was the only reasonable solution.

What kind of surveys are you running with Survicate?

A.P. Our first use case was to measure NPS among our customers. When they start using our app, we know what they do, but don’t know how they feel about the experience. Do they like it, and if so, then what? If not, what can we do to improve? Is there something bothering them? That’s why we decided to gauge NPS. We don’t keep the NPS survey running all the time. It would be overwhelming to receive so many actionable insights every day. We wouldn’t keep up with the amount of feedback. We do make sure we run NPS at least for a couple of days every single month. This allows us to follow up with each customer individually and act on feedback. We’re able to compare the score over time.

We also use Survicate to run other surveys, depending on the project. Sometimes we need to improve the understanding of our users and their profiles, for instance by asking about their pain points. I’d say those are two main use cases we achieve with Survicate.

Any insights you discovered through surveys that were particularly surprising?

A.P. In most cases, we were able to validate our assumptions. Survicate is a tool that allows us to validate our hypotheses. We kind of understand our clients pretty well, but it does help to ascertain our assumptions are right. When it comes to NPS, we were able to find what were the drivers for satisfaction and dissatisfaction. We roughly knew what those factors were. Then we analyzed the data to make sure we were right.

What do you like most about Survicate?

A.P. It’s so easy to create a survey. And as soon as we send it out, responses start flooding in and we can even do a quick snapshot analysis in real-time.

What should we improve?

A.P. When we ask open-ended questions, sometimes people tend to leave irrelevant or meaningless feedback, or are not being objective at all. It would be useful to do sentiment analysis with Survicate and differentiate between valid and invalid feedback. Otherwise, Survicate’s been great so far, especially due to its ease of use.

What’s been your overall experience with Survicate like?

A.P. We haven’t had any major problems yet. Even if there was an issue, we were able to quickly reach out to your team and get it sorted. The experience has been pretty smooth both when it comes to the product and the service.

If you’re looking for a tool that will help you understand your customers better, look no further. Survicate has got you covered, as CarWale confirms.