Instead of searching through tons of content, we’ve decided to get first-hand information from business experts including CEOs, Marketers, Customer Success Specialists, and Product Managers, and share it with you in our newest content series – Discovering Customers  (you’re welcome).

What we’re going to talk about?

New brands spring up like mushrooms, competition is fierce, and customers become less forgiving. Discovering Customers will provide you with insights and tips on staying close to your clients & prospects in the digital era.

Our guests will talk about:

  • The processes of learning about their customers’ needs, expectations, and goals
  • The biggest challenges they’ve faced
  • Mistakes they’ve made
  • Turning points in their careers
  • And more!

How often can you expect new content?

Since we put quality over quantity, we’ll publish one article a month. We’ll start by talking to marketing experts and as the series develops, we’ll invite leaders from other departments to share their knowledge.

Irrespective if you’re a marketer, a customer success specialist, or a member of the product team, you’ll be able to find something for yourself.

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P.S We’re open for cooperation, so if you think you have something interesting to share, then get in touch with us at anna@survicate.com. Tell us why you think we should feature you in our series.

Stay tuned!

Kasia & Anna


Anna and Kasia

The invincible content team at Survicate.