Usability questions

What task did you want to accomplish on this website?

Essentially – people come to your website for some purpose. Ask your visitors about their intentions on your landing page. Maybe you have chosen confusing keywords or people didn’t fully understand the nature of your services?

You can’t expect users who came to your website by mistake or who have been misled to convert.

Were you able to find the information you were looking for on our website?

find information

Another website usability question dealing with customer’s expectations. With the rising popularity of content marketing, it is getting more and more important to deliver value and precisely targeted content.

If you promise something with your blog post (5 ways to lower your electricity bills for example), make sure you give visitors what you promised.

If someone is looking for help or Q&A, provide them the best way you can. You want to provide visitors with all they need – if you manage to do that they will not leave your website unsatisfied and are more likely to return.

How clear is our website?

Your customers don’t know your services as good as you do. Be prepared that something fully clear and comprehensible for you may be not clear to customers.

Are your visitors are complaining about issues with the clarity of your website? Then you should consider usability testing and redesign. Listen to the voice of customers – they pay your bills.

How can we improve our website?

An open website usability question to crowdsource valuable tips to improve your website. There is always room for improvement and website optimization is never-ending, ongoing process.

But after dozens of tests, you can get stuck and simply get rid of all ideas what you can change on the website to improve its usability. So ask your visitors about it and turn their ideas into tests.

If your visitors can openly write what you can make better, you can expect to get interesting insights and surprising tips.

Why have you decided to exit our website?

There are many reasons why users leave your website. They might have accomplished what they wanted, got bored or have not found what they were looking for.

This simple question can help you discover their reasons and act if it turns out that your website doesn’t meet expectations. If users exit after accomplishing their goals and are satisfied with your services – good for you!

Tip: use exit intent surveys to trigger a survey when a visitor is about to leave the page.


Now you know 5 crucial website usability questions. Answers collected with a tool like Survicate will make website optimization easier.

With insights about user experience collected directly from customers, you can quickly eliminate pain points in the conversion process.

And let’s finish this post with an example of a website whose usability might be questionable. Make sure your website doesn’t look like this and its usability is better.

Owner of this website should ask visitors some usability questions

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