targeted online website survey software

Targeted Website Survey Software

  • Get feedback from your most important markets gathering an extensive number of survey answers within seconds.
  • Uncover in-the-moment insights from your website visitors with powerful statistical analysis built-in.
  • Integrate surveys with your favorite marketing tools in an easy way.
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Choose from hundreds of ready-to-use surveys

Discover over 50 survey templates and explore library of predefined surveys divided into categories. Use them as they are or modify to meet your needs.

  • Choose from premade templates divided into categories and use-cases.
  • Get instant, actionable tips on how to collect and utilise feedback on your website.
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image of library of predefined survey templates

Add your logo and change colors to make surveys a part of your website with custom design

targeted online website survey software with custom design

Show surveys on different pages to uncover insights in the context like:

  • Is the pricing clear to you?
  • Was this help article useful?
  • What were you hoping to find on this page?
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targeting surveys anywhere on website pages
targeting website surveys based on customer segmentation

Create different segments of visitors you want to reach based on:

  • How often they visit.
  • How they got your site.
  • Answers from previous surveys.
  • Pages they browsed and browsing time.
  • Cookies and any internal data.
  • Technology or language they use.
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Get feedback of your customers in the context, on the spot, e.g.:

  • After the page loads – to ask about visit purpose.
  • When they attempt to leave – to ask why.
  • While reading your blog – to ask about their opinion.
  • When they hesitate – to help them move forward.
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targeted website survey software to get feedback of your customers
analytical surveys dashboard

Analyze survey results with a reporting module

Access your survey responses in real time with a friendly, yet powerful reporting module

  • Analyze aggregated results, word clouds and NPS scores.
  • Filter, cross reference with answers from different surveys
  • Export your results to Excel or use API to send your data to any service.

Set up your surveys once and get thousands of answers every day.

Launch an unlimited number of surveys on multiple domains, from a single account.

setting up targeted online website survey software

Integrate surveys with your favourite marketing tools

Survicate integrates seamlessly with the most popular marketing applications – no technical skills or 3rd party connectors required.

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Get live chat support. Even on the free plan

Access a world-class customer success team and gain a partner that is there every step of the way.

Email us anytime 24/7, chat right in your Survicate account to get rapid assistance, or call us during regular business hours to receive enterprise-level phone support.

Arrange ad-hoc Customer success sessions to work on your survey challenges together with our experts.