survicate web app survey

Precisely targeted web app surveys

Collect feedback within your SaaS product and get valuable customer insights.

  • Uncover in-the-moment insights from your users and customers.
  • Gather an extensive number of answers in a short amount of time.

Embed survey questions in your in-app messages

Paste a single-choice survey into your Intercom in-app messages.

  • Get answers as tags, events, or attributes in Intercom.
  • Use answers to personalize the onboarding experience and communication with users.
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surveys embedded in in-app messages
in-message surveys for Intercom

Trigger surveys to research your user experience and collect product feedback

Uncover in-the-moment insights with unobtrusive surveys that don’t disturb your users.

  • Choose from over 10 types of questions, including Net Promoter Score, single-answer and open-ended questions.
  • Arrange questions in a logical order and ask follow-up questions with skip logic.
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Give your survey a custom look

Make your surveys a part of your product with custom design. Add your logo. Choose where to show your survey: left, right, bottom, top or in the center of the screen.

examples of web app surveys

Set up once
get thousands of
answers every day.

You will be up and running in a matter of minutes. You can launch an unlimited number of surveys on multiple domains, from a single account.


Collect data and build segments

Survicate enables you to collect survey responses and send them to integrated tools like Intercom. Use collected data to build more precise user segments and trigger personalized messages or even use answers in your communication with users.

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build segments in Intercom
library of survey templates

Choose from dozens of ready-to-use surveys

Explore the library of predefined surveys divided into categories. Use them as they are or customize to your needes.

  • Choose from premade templates divided into categories and use-cases.
  • Get instant, actionable tips on how to collect and utilise user feedback.
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targeting based on user behavior

Show surveys to different groups of users…

Create segments of users you want to reach for feedback based on:

  • How often they use your application.
  • Answers from previous surveys.
  • Pages they browsed. Single-page app support included.
  • Cookies and any internal data.
  • Technology or language they use.
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…at the very right moment for asking questions.

Capture the voices of your customers in the context, on the spot, e.g.:

  • After the page loads – to ask how they found your app or what are their goals.
  • When they attempt to leave – to ask why.
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setting when a survey will appear
analytical dashboard

Analyze results with a reporting module

Access your responses in real time with a friendly, yet powerful reporting module

  • Analyze aggregated results, word clouds and NPS scores.
  • Filter, cross reference with answers from different surveys.
  • Export your results to Excel or use reporting API to send your data to any service.
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Feed your inbox with regular email reports

  • Get notified of insights collected with daily, weekly or monthly reports.
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notifications from surveys