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Rating scale survey templates and questionnaire examples

Find the perfect rating scale survey template. Customize the rating scale survey templates or use them as they are. Never run out of ideas on what rating scale survey to run next.
Customizable survey templates
Customizable survey templates
Make the rating scale survey templates work for you
Make the survey template work for you
  • Use one of the many rating scale survey templates created by experts
  • Use one of the 125+ ready-to-go templates or create surveys from scratch
  • Change colors, fonts and the layout of the rating scale survey templates with a visual editor
  • Change colors, fonts, and layout with the visual editor
  • Make smart rating scale surveys with skip logic, custom actions and redirects
  • Make smart surveys with skip logic, custom actions, and redirects
  • Select from email, website, in-product or mobile app rating scale surveys templates
  • Select from email, website, web app, or mobile app surveys
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Rating scale survey templates FAQ

What is a rating scale survey?

How many points does a numeric rating scale have?

What point rating scale is considered the best?

What are the advantages of using rating scale surveys?

Are the rating scale survey templates in Survicate's survey templates library available in multiple languages?

Can I customize Survicate's rating scale survey templates to suit my specific needs?

How to interpret results from Survicate's rating scales?

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