Surveys for Intercom

Advanced surveys integrated with Intercom. Collect users’ responses and add them to Intercom as tags, events, or attributes.

  • Survey different groups of users and customers.
  • Use the collected answers to segment users in Intercom.

surveys embedded in Intercom Messenger

Survey users via Intercom Messenger

Take advantage of the Survicate application for the Intercom Messenger and run quick, contextual surveys.

  • Make surveys an integral part of your communication with users or customers.
  • Send surveys during conversations or add them to the home screen.
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Embed surveys in your automated email campaigns

Paste Survicate surveys to your automated communication and get valuable insights from specified groups of users.

  • Segment customers based on their NPS® scores obtained with NPS surveys designed specifically for Intercom.
  • Find out why users churn, don’t activate, or how they assess trials.
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surveys sent in automated Intercom e-mail campaigns
analyzing results of intercom surveys

Uncover the magic behind the data

Take advantage of real-time, user-friendly survey analysis to discover the ‘Why’ behind answers.

  • Use advanced filtering to focus on crucial answers and take action.
  • Observe trends and quickly spot changes.
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Collect data and build segments

Survicate enables you to collect survey responses as Intercom tags, events, or attributes. Use them to build more precise user segments and trigger personalized messages or even use the answers in your communication.

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build segments in Intercom